Aim of this Blog

Aim of this Blog

There is something very wrong with the world that we are made to see around us. Human Society is not happy, there is
protest, discontentment, poverty, inequality, greed, corruption, Ego, Fanatics’, Agnostics’, natural calamities occurring with frightening regularity and above all Global terrorism which just does not want to call it a day.In short there is chaos everywhere. One word that can describe all this is “Qayamat”. In Jamasphi” and at many places in our Zoroastrian scriptures like“Chithrem Buyaat” prayers, it is mentioned that time is near for Shah Behram Varjawand our Saviour to come in this Qayamat and revive us and our Deen. The Saviours from other religions will also appear and will work together with a common goal for grooming mankind and his spiritual revival.

Today every one wants to die a Martyr's death for Religion, but no body wants to live for the sake of true teachings of Religion. It goes without a doubt that we have let go the true kernel of Mysticism in religion and embraced only the outer shell of a glossy show of Religion. We forget that Religion is not show business but it is a way of living. Your Left hand should not be able to know what Tarikats your right hand is practicing.

The Western Astrology call this as Aquarian age and phenomenon that we see today are occuring with lightening quickness. For we never knew that Communist USSR will disintegrate one day and fragment into many small nations, that Germany will one day be united, the revolution in Egypt, Syria, the fall of dictators, and China a sleeping giant awakening to technological boom are all an indicator that we are very much in this Aquarian age. The transition from the Age of Pisces to Aquarian Age is already taking its toll till we roll into Age of peace and calm. We are looking forward to being Optimistic and not being fatally Pessimists. Please see the link provided:-

More than 100 years before in past when faith was at its lowest Nadir in our community without caring for deep religious significance when there was idle talks about futility of our time tested customs like Dokhmenashini, Rituals, Sudreh Kusti being only a symbol, Avesta Manthra prayers being considered as waste of time, faulty myopic thinking that offerings of sandalwood to Atash Padshah being waste of sound monetary resources which could have been better utilized for betterment of our community, lack of faith was the reason behind these ignorance’s. Ignorance coupled with arrogance was, and still is the main reason stymieing our spiritual progress.

The Zoroastrian hidden Masters in Demavand who are very much concerned about our community’s spiritual progress saw the need of sending a forerunner before the advent of Shah Behram Varjawand Saheb, and they chose Behramshah Nawroji Shroff whom his followers lovingly call him as Ustad Saheb. He brought amongst us Zoroastrian Mysticism called as Zarathosti Ilme-Khshnoom.

The word Khshnoom can be found even in our scriptures, so it is not something alien that is thrust on us. It is the revival of the lost knowledge called as Ilme-Khshnoom that our forefathers had with them that kept the flame of faith burning in their hearts, that Ustad saheb brought for us. The literature is penned down by his chosen and authorized disciples late Dr. Saheb Faramroze Sohrabji Chiniwala, and Late Jehangirji S. Chinwala.

Late Ervad Phiroze Shapurji Masani had for so many years maintained his publication “Frashogard” all under guidance of Ustad Saheb. Today we see that day by day our faith is again going downhill. The need of Saviour can only be felt when all seems to be lost towards Traditional cause. It is to rekindle that hope and faith and iron out unwarranted fear of our religion dying a premature death that this Blog will be looking forward to. The aim for starting this Blog is to translate the majority of Khshnoom literature that is in Gujarati writings of Late Chiniwala brothers and Late Phiroze Masani for the benefit of those genuinely interested in Zoroastrian Mysticism .

When there is too much of chaos nature allows it only up to a certain threshold limit, once it crosses the limits it puts a
full stop to it, for nature has its own ways of bringing Order out of Chaos.

So in mean time what are we Zarathosti Bastekustian supposed to do that will hasten the advent of Shah Behram Varjawand Saheb ? Are we supposed to look skywards and wait for him eternally ? His advent will much depend upon us also.

In nature there is a law of “Supply and Demand”. If the demand is there, supply is guaranteed. In Bible it is said that "Ask and it shall be given to you, seek and you will find it, knock and the doors will open to you." ….. Mathew 7:7 Niv. Unfortunately the much needed knock never seems to happen and everybody is busy enjoying their fun filled moments and warns us to keep off limits of their rights and Freedom. But they seem to forget that behind every right that one asks for, there is a responsibility which is conveniently forgotten.

"RTI" also known as "Right to information"is blatantly misused in today's world of so called Freedom . Some want Freedom to enjoy whatever is appealing to them, but is considered as Taboo in Society. Not before all these false ideology will be swept away by fury of nature and realization of folly will dawn naturally aftermath,nevertheless too late by then, but the road will be paved for introducing Shah Behram Varjawand to the world.

In middle of face-off between two warring sides and Chaos, we will come to know the time of Varjawand Saheb's arrival automatically. As a Mother knows intuitively the time of delivery of the baby, we will feel the desperate pangs of labour like a Mother feels before her delivery.

Right now only a few are longing for his arrival but just as "A lone sparrow does not herald a spring" similarly one requires a collective thought force to set everything in motion. For that I had started a short exercise every 7.30 a.m. in morning but unfortunately we don’t seem to realize its importance. Till we are all vibrating with one frequency, other word is called as Hum Mithra, Varjawand Saheb’s advent will be a distant dream only. The exercise is as under to be followed by a Mithra every 7 a.m. or around that time frame. No need to be very rigid about time. The Mithra is as under:-

What is Hum Mithra:-

Man proposes and God disposes. Hence we requires Dadar Ahura Mazda’s blessings all the time for success and that is known as “Daham Afriti”. Without it we cannot move forward even an inch. But for his Daham Afriti to be assessable to us we require to think with one vibration in Hamoi, only then can we succeed in our purpose. Dadar Ahura Mazda is not happy when there is infighting so how can we receive his Daham Afreeti. This one thought force having selfless single pure vibration is known as Hum Mithra. The Law of cause and effect governs this universe so whatever incidents we see bad or good its cause has to be there. Every action has its reaction. The bad precedent that we are facing now after a crematorium is announced in Worli where innocent public are falling prey to it. Those encouraging Aramgah and such ashmogi are themselves the victims of their own deeds so we have to pity them instead of contempt for them and a calming thought has to be passed by us at a particular time collectively. If love is the language of angels then why should we be harsh to even our so called enemies. For in life there are no enemies, and everything is Karmic. The Bhali Dua is as under:-

Bhali Dua at 0730 am every morning:-

2 Yatha , 1 Ashem Vohu.

Those ignorant brothers and sisters opposing our age old customs of Dokhmenashini and believe in universality of our religion by inviting all to our holy places and Iranshah need our pity and not contempt for they are bitten by the demon of ignorance and arrogance. O Paak Dadar Ahura Mazda shower your choicest blessings upon them that they regain their lost faith and begin realizing that the true nature of religion is humility.

"Let no harm come upon the Traditional Zoroastrian flag and its values which are so dear to us. Let the reformists agenda and their nefarious plans never succeed. Let no harm befall upon Pavmahal of India that is - our Iranshah of Udwada and all Atash Behram, Atash Adran and Dadgah of India. Let not one day pass without Atash Parasti and our reverence towards Holy consecrated Fire(Pavmahal),Dokhmas, Sudreh Kusti, Mathravani which acts as a weapon to thwart evil. Enable us to protect our racial traits of Parsi Panu through Boonak Pasbani. Enable us to maintain our true “Zarathosti Khandani” by not intermarrying and continue with our Aryan Lineage intact. May the advent of Shah Behram Varjawand come soon, and before him may his forerunners arrive at the earliest and grant us spiritual strength to withstand evil around us. Let my Kusti Padiav and my Tarikats be helpful to nature to fight for the cause of righteousness against the evil negative forces of Drujis, and may it protect us all Zarathustis and entire humanity who live by their religion and its tenets. "Phiroj baad Khureh avizeh Vehdin e Mazdiyasnan" - Let the Khoreh of Mazdiyasni Zarathosti deen protect its faithful followers"

1 Yatha, 2 Ashem Vohu

Best regards,

Firdosh K Sukhia

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Why no Entry for Juddin in Agiary, Atash Behram.

The under mentioned article has been written by Late Jehangirji Chiniwala and is translated from Parsee Avaz dated 27 November 1960 Main article Page 1 onwards

It was in the year 1948 to be exact on 18th November 1948 that a session for questions and answers was organized in hope of enlightenment in matters pertaining to what is right and wrong as per our religious practices. The topic to be discussed was can our religious institutions be kept open for people of all faith. In those days Late Phirozeshah N Mehta as Orthodox refused to arrange such a meeting for he was of firm belief that religious matters cannot be based on opinions of an individual, and non-debatable. But in spite of that such a meeting was held and all types of questions were raised. Late Dr Dhalla was asked several questions. One of which was:- Can a Juddin enter a consecrated Atash behram or Adaran. The answer given by him is as under:-
Quote ………“One should be broad minded and not differentiate between any religions of the world. All the religions should be combined and only one religion should be universally followed and then question of not allowing any individual of different faith (Juddin) in our religious institute will not arise at all.”
But he was unable to reply as to what could be the possible reason behind not allowing Juddins in our holy institutions. With one stroke and as per his personal opinion he discarded such restrictions as mere superstition and blind belief. By reading his opinion one can easily understand scant respect he had for Orthodox belief which was followed since ages.

In reply to Dr Dhalla’s opinion, Dr. Maneckji Bomanji Daver M.A. Ph.D ( Berlin) gave a retort in Parsee Avaz dated 28.11.1948 pointing out what could be the reason behind such heretic reply of Dr Dhalla and his reformist mind set so inclined to rebel.

Dr Manekji B. Daver pointed out that Dr Dhalla’s studies and opinions are mainly based on books like 1) Rationalism by Joseph McCabe, and 2) “The Scientific Basis of Morality” by G. Gour. He tries to argue each and every religious matter with his theory of Evolution. Such an explanation becomes very convenient for rationalist minded Rich to suit their beliefs. He seemed to have common and so very convenient answers to all queries and had nasty tendency to discard beliefs and do away with, all that could not be answered rationally and thereby labelling it as mere superstition. Such tangible and faulty thinking can be like poison where faith is the only criteria required here in abundance for matters which requires Mystic outlook. What does Mysticism say? It says that there are many things we never dream of that are under Sun and which cannot be grasped by our mere worldly senses. When religious Mysticism is multi-Dimensional how can we assess it merely by three Dimensional rational mind.
From the above observation by Late Maneck Davar for Dr Dhalla is enough for one to surmise the trend setting up and for coming 5 decades in the beginning of 20th Century. The likes of Dr Dhalla and other reformist colleagues were churning in their mishmash hodgepodge ignorance and remained so enmeshed in their convoluted thinking till the end of their days, and simultaneously robbing others of their faith also. The Parsi Press not knowing difference between right and wrong in fact encouraged such faulty thinking and printed whatever came their way in the name of freedom of speech, not knowing themselves the grave responsibility lying on their delicate head the important role the media plays in making or breaking the faith of the community.

Ustad Saheb Behramshah Nowroji Shroff in the end of first decade of 20th century (around 1910) began his herculean task of spreading Ilme-Khshnoom and the hidden Zoroastrian Mysticism so subtly interwoven in our scriptures, and exposing such knowledge to the community folks so eager to know about it. Those who had zeal to know the Mystic truth hidden in our scriptures and in nature were naturally attracted to him, and thus cobwebs of doubts slowly began fading. But for those whom it was in their destiny for rebel and revolt of “Ashmogi” and “Deen Dushmani” were stuck in their faulty ivory tower, simply without making any effort to try and understand the intricacies and even refusing to acknowledge Mysticism in religion which was the main reason for arriving at such an illogical conclusion by rational thinking alone.
The chapter of Cosmogenesis is very important topic and subject to be fully understood if we really want to understand Zoroastrian Mysticism as everything is holistically connected with one another. So for understanding one topic one has to go back and delve further deep inside for us to get required answers.

Gatumcha Ahurai :-

As per our religion, the Zoroastrian Cosmogenesis explains systematically and in details as to how the omnipotent benevolent life supporting currents descends to us here on this visible and hidden parts of the earth. These life supporting currents comes down as blessings to us from spiritual world of Minoi and Hasti world also known as world of evergreen permanence. These life supporting currents cannot and does not descend anywhere on this earth. For that specially consecrated place of religious institutions are required in seen and hidden parts of our earth and Universe. Before Paigambar Saheb commenced his work of eradicating Daev and Daevyasni adopted by a group of mankind on this earth at that time which was threatening the very earth to extinction, HE (Paigambar saheb) introduced in upper invisible realms of Nisti world also known as not permanent world which is inclined to destruction and its ability to merge with Hasti when it has served its purpose and need for Nisti will not be required at the end of Frashogard and mankind has totally evolved. Much above our earth in Nisti world is a place known as “Gatumcha Ahurai”. In this holy institution of “Gatumcha Ahurai” dwell 23 divine forces of “Ratus” known as “Visperad” that will be implicitly obedient working in unison to Yazatic forces dwelling in Hasti world of permanence. They(Visperad) will be directly under administrative boundaries of Yazatic forces residing in Hasti world. This is done by a Divinity known as “Zarathustra na paach Gatha” or “5 Gathas of Zarathustra” which is manifested into our Paigambaer Saheb. One should note that both are separate but are interrelated with one another. Which means that force of “Zarathustra na 5 Gathas” is visible and inhabitant in Paigambar Zarathustra saheb.

The “sequential connecting link” also known as “Silsila” is from Yazats in Hasti, to Gatumcha Ahurai in Nisti with 23 Visperads residing in it. Now Prophet Zarathustra takes over the charge of Gatumcha Ahurai in Nisti before he descends on this earth for his task and further links Gatumcha Ahurai in Nisti with Batein Iran or “Aivithrishva” or hidden unforeseen Iran. It is here in hidden Iran that our Paigambar saheb first establishes Paav Mahal on this earth itself. The Shoshyant that descends from time to time when Druj or ignorance in mankind flares up to dangerous levels of imminent destruction. These Shoshyants who are authorized by our Paigambar saheb does descend on earth from time to time and show us the correct path.

The word “Gatumcha Ahurai” is an Avesta word and can be found in Gatha Ha 28.5 and such is Mystic explanation of it. But the Philological translations done of the word is “Minoi Jalvo” or Divination of the Divine and is unable to explain the real import or Tavil hidden in it. Had the correct Tavil or its interpretation been available then perhaps the outcome of faith could have been more illumined. But alas such was not the case.
A Bastekustian Athravan however much he meticulously practices tarikats of Ashoi and obtains Ashoi from it, is still unable to establish his direct connection with Yazats and Ameshaspands without outer help. Hence Paigambar Saheb had to make all arrangements as mentioned above before he descends in this corporal world with his Vedaevodat or Vendidad. Paigambar saheb with his special gifts bestowed upon him by Dadar AhuraMazda himself, establishes 23 Visperad or Ratus in Gatumcha Ahurai which is also known as “23 Rathavya Chakras”in our deen. The authority given by Dadar AhuraMazda himself to Asho Paigambar Saheb Zarathustra is known as “Dasturi”. And it is this Dasturi itself that functions as a Rathavya Chakra and this Talismanic force of Dasturi is ever present in Paav Mahal.

23 Ratus of Visperad divine forces are related to 33 Aalats for higher Pavmahal Kriyas:-

It should not be very difficult now to understand that the 33 Aalats that are required in higher Paav mahal Kriyas and their connection is directly related to 23 Ratus of Visperad divine forces.

In Kriya Marg when an Athrawan undergoes Bareshnum and rightfully acquires it ownership known as “Bareshnum na Dhani” then they automatically becomes rightful owner known as “Dasturi na Dhani”. Each and every lawfully ordained Athravan who has undergone Bareshnum thus obtains link with Yazatas and Ameshashpands through Rathavya Chakra or Talisman of Dasturi ever present in a Paavmahal.

From the Athornan Anjuman itself, in good old days during the times of Zarathusti Shahenshat a Dastur was chosen by sovereign ruler of Shah of Iran and also approved by Zarathusti Bastekustian Anjuman public. Such a Dastur having attained Dasturi through highest grade of Ashoi is rightfully given the authority and known as Peshwa of deen or “Deen na Pashwa”.

Today also such practice is followed by us and there is connection between Bareshnum and Dasturi on which all our Rituals and Paav mahal Kriyas are based upon. Our holy institutions of Atash Behram, Atash Adaran are not merely concrete buildings but is consecrated places free from worldly pollution spiritual as well as physical pollution so that it can establish its connection through Kriya rituals and Bareshnoom of an Athravan and create Minoi Talisman and thus establish its contact with Dadar AhuraMazda, Yazatas and Ameshahspands.

A believer of “Theosophy” who can belong to any religion can never accept the belief of a personal and impersonal God, nor can it accept the very existence of a Pav-Mahal, can
never be true to their own religion and its beliefs.

Whatever customs are with us and rituals associated with the customs have been followed and practised by our forefathers since ages and behind every customs followed are Principles of Zarathosti deen. These Customs if followed with due faith does not require any explanation like our forefathers practiced, however no explanations will convince those having limited faith.

The five Religions of the world:-

The basic foundation in our Zarathosti deen teachings is that behind the making of our Cosmos Universe there is law of Asha or law of divine order. That divine order is basic on which this Universe is tailor made for humanity to evolve their deficient soul’s weaknesses and that is a lengthy process of birth, rebirth till all our weaknesses are transmuted into enlightenment. These group of souls reincarnating on this earth have been divided into 5 main groups for the deficiency in all the souls are not identical but vary in degree and intensity, just as our five fingers are not of identical length. These five groups of souls can be classified into 5 Veren or “5 Varna” revolving upon type of faith one possesses, also known as “Panj Takesh” or 5 religions and the “Panj Ratu” or 5 Ratus or leaders that lead those souls are the 5 Prophets of the respective groups of souls considered as the Shepherd leading flock of Sheep to their divine destiny so destined to be. In Yajashne Ha 19 as per divine plan of Ahunavar and Law of Asha that is Divine Order the 5 religion manifest and are for advancement of soul to one final goal of merging with God being One with him, and so this plan is revealed to us in form of Manthra of Yajashne Ha 19 and in itsTavil. This is a very deep import one has to understand it thoroughly before we venture into understanding further our religion and working of all religions in harmony with one another.

In Zarathosti Deen it is explained that there are 5 Gatha or 5 Yazatic forces of Gathas that are behind the making of these 5 religions tailor made for those 5 groups of souls. This is also known as “Zarathustra na Pach Gatha” for it is Zarathustra the Prophet who is assigned the task of manifesting these 5 religions at its ordained time. That is after the advent of Prophet Zarathustra on this earth and after his task is completed of eradicating Daevyasni from the surface of this earth, he makes arrangements for other Prophets of other religions to manifest at right time in nature that will assist to evolve those groups of souls in future. These Prophets are spiritual Doctors knowing the deficiencies and the degree of medicine required for them that are handed to them in form of various Tarikats or means to achieve their goal or final destination.
These five religions are as under:- 1) Zoroastrian 2) Hindu 3) Islam 4) Musai – Jews 5) Isai – Christian faith. Each religion having 1001 stages of evolution or steps in it. Every human being is born in this world with his “Rai” or Wattage of his Soul and is also known as Spiritual Intelligence or Knowledge that he has earned in his many incarnations. He along with his “Rai” and pertaining to that particular religion and its belief inheritant in him descends on this Earth for further advancement in his spiritual journey to perfection. This is fixed destiny that he is born with. Just as he cannot change his parents which is his fixed destiny, similarly the religion in which he is born in is his fixed destiny also that is allotted to him as per his “Rai” or Spiritual awareness he has developed so far. One cannot jump from one religion to another but is a gradual process taking several incarnations to reach perfection. No religion is inferior or superior to another all are different paths leading to one Goal only. Mankind and his beliefs changes at every stage of his life from childhood to death, he is progressing gradually step by step to perfection that is why what we are today it is very difficult to imagine how we were before and our views changes from time to time. The lessons learnt are taught to us by life itself through various karmic interaction with other humans. “The Mills of the Gods grind slowly, but they grind exceeding fine” and thus progress is gradual, and step by step, this being slow taking many incarnations.

In today’s prevailing bad times of Kali Yug or Hashmi Zamanah when one becomes victim of conversion by force therein lies the trials, tribulation and retribution the soul has to undergo for all his collective past Sins or Gunah of “Janam Janmantar”, which befalls upon a person as result of his Past Keshash or Karma. All this happens under Karmic debt which can be of an individual soul or collective karma of group of souls.

Whenever a new religion is to be born, or an offshoot from an old religion is to be established then the souls pertaining to the faith of that new religion are born around that period by law of Asha or Divine order and its machinery. These souls adapts to the new faith and acknowledges it willingness to embrace it even though faith of his/her parents can be different from him/her. There is no retribution of Sins involved over here and that person willingly embraces the new faith. Just as water finds its own level similarly the souls pertaining to the new faith willingly embrace the newly declared faith and his Ratu or Prophet. The souls may find initial difficulties in embracing the new faith but in the end may willingly and with full faith adapt the new religion. Such is the mysterious way the classification of souls operates under Divine Law of Asha or Divine Order that only a authorized prophet or a Ratu understands which is understood in Zarthoshti Mystical Science as “Jhirum”. Note the similarity of word “Germ” in English or “Germination of a seed” with that of “Jhirum”. The word “Jhirum” is a Farsi word with deep religious meaning embedded in it, because it is with its connections of various planetary effects in Astrology that such Jhirum and various branches or offshoots of Jhirum are born. Thus various religions come under various effects of planets in Astrology and is thus known as Jhirum.

Similar to the classification of souls that exists in nature so too humans who are born on this earth pertaining to various religions and the composition of elements or “Anasars” through which a human physical body is made up of, varies in its composition from man to man and amongst various followers of faith.
Brother, stay here Are we not brothers?

So man and man should be; But clay and clay differs in dignity, Whose dust is both alike. ……………… Shakespeare – Cymberline

There is nothing of show or superiority displayed over here but is truth hidden in nature that remains unchanged in any Age. That is why subject of Jhirum is a closed book as far as Divine Masters are concerned.

It is very evident that a human body cannot function without any heat or fire energy in his body and it is only at the time of death his body becomes cold in absence of fire energy. There are different fire energies in nature and these fire energies are activated by various “Zarvan” and “Frado” energies which are related to various planets thus being different from one another. Subsequently various followers of different faiths their fire energies differ too as their planetary Jhirum is different and thus composition of elements and Anasar in their bodies differ similarly.

A human body is made up of four elements – “Anasars”. They are Fire+ Air+ Water+ Earth. These are four basic elements and with various permutations and combinations with one another a human body is finally made up of.

“Rai” or Radiance of a Soul:-

Energy = Radiance

As we are concerned with a Bastekustian Zarathustis who follow Mazdiyasni Zarathosti Deen their Ruvan or souls carries “Rai” or Radiance of a soul measured in “Aspandi” similar as to Wattage of an incandescent electric bulb or Horsepower of an engine is measured Technically in Science. A Zarathosti soul has “72 Aspandi” and above it. {Aspandi= Horse power, Asp= Horse}. And has active or “Savchet” fire energy known as “Atashe- Minokarko” in their body. The other fire energies although in their body are in dormant state. Followers of other four Religions has different Aspandi than ours., and their fire energies are different. The other fire energies active in their Physical bodies are:- “Atashe- Vajishta, Atashe Urvajishta, Atashe- Spenishta” etc. Each pertaining and applicable to followers of a different faith. Apart from one active fire energy, the other fire energies although in their body are in dormant state.

The Science of Zoroastrian Yoga:-

Note that this “Rai” is through his earned “Neki” and directly related to it, passing through several incarnations and this earned Neki is his treasure stored in his 1st Chakra of Lahiyan, also called as crowning glory or scalp which is supposed to be kept always covered by a Cap, this Tarikat is also known as “Sar- Bandi”. The 1st Chakra of Lahiyan is store house of “Panja Zarvikash e Batein” or 5 spiritual senses where Sarosh yazad reside over it, and 5 physical senses of touch, taste, hearing, sight, smell are known as “Panja Zarvikash e Zaher” which makes us experience the physical world having inheritant tendency to lead us astray to “Maya” or “Mirage”an illusion that tricks our eyes and other physical senses. But yet these 5 Physical senses can be channelled in right direction through various Tarikats and self-discipline where Zoroastrian Science of Chakras are involved and can be referred to as “Science of Zoroastrian Yoga”. There are 16 Chakras in Zoroastrian Yoga Science, where as there are 7 Chakras in Hindu Science of Chakras.(1+6=7), but we Bastekustian Zarathustis have to follow our own Zoroastrian Yoga which is a perfect science and has to be understood very thoroughly.

The 5 Physical Senses

The 5 Divine Senses

A Bastekustian Zarathusti who has reached a stage of 72 Aspandis and above belong to “Mazdiyasni Boond of Airi-Chithra” who are required to specially follow Atash Parasti and it is through fire who is considered as son of Ahuramazda that he will be able to connect himself to the blessings of Dadar Ahura Mazda that “Asere Roshni” benevolent currents are attracted towards consecrated Fire of religious institutions of Atash Behram, Atash Adraan, Atash Dadgah with help of Pavi-Cut of established Paav- Mahal. “Pavi-Cut” means certain space cut out by a talismanic ring making it pure ( Pav) and thus not allowing outer agencies of contagion to enter. Thus outer pollution is cut short by Pavis made pure talismanically. To be able to receive such higher forces of Asere Roshni transmitted one requires a special receiver known as Pav mahal, and hence such special care is taken in maintaining Pavi-Cut. Thus institution of Pav-Mahal is the battery to bombard the evil side of Ganamin. The sole object of such bombardment is to bring Frashogard (General and Special) near, which will thus save not only the votary, the race, the humanity, but also the dark side of nature. It is to be remembered that both sides of Nature, that of Spenamino the beneficient and that of Ganamino the destructive have their ceremonial forces. This fact is borne in upon us by the passage in Gatha Ha 32.14. Hence such holy institutions can be erected only by an lawful ordained Athravan having passed through complete Navar and Maratab Kriya and who is observing minutest details of laws of “Bareshnum” and “Khup” thereby segregating outer pollution and maintaining Purity of Ashoi within the permanent talismanic Pavi-cut of Pav mahel. Thus an Athravan is called as “Bareshnum no Dhani”, and whatever an Athravan can achieve is through his Bareshnum which is due to Dasturi.
Also Refer:- Sequence to Essentials of Zoroastrianism by Late Dr Faramroze S. Chiniwalla Page 45

Jadi Rana, Kisseh Sanjan and Zarathusti Atash Parastesh:-

Reverance of fire is mentioned in all religions, and the intensity with which such “Atash Parasti” is followed is as per law of Jhirum only. “Kisseh Sanjan” which is authentic narration of spiritual traits of a Parsi Zarathusti which many modern non-believers would like to discard it as having no historical validity. But if carefully studied by us has many answers to our queries. As is mentioned in Kisseh Sanjan that our Ancestors decided to take refuge on west coast of India. They under leadership of Nar Asho Mobed-e- Mobedan Nairyosang Dhaval decided to establish Holy Pav mahal of Iranshah that will protect the Tola or group of Zarathostis which had set sail from their Motherland Iran and had sacrificed everything for sake of preserving their religion. When the practical question of establishing Iranshah came the then Nar Asho Mobed Nairyosang Dhaval made a very humble request to Jadi Rana the local King for a piece of Land for establishing Iranshah. He further humbly requested Jadi Rana King of not allowing any presence of a Juddin due to the effect of Nirangs be neutralized to null and void thus he will be unable to achieve his end objective of establishing Iranshah.
The classification of Jhirum and Religions attached to it is all based on being conducive to one another for smooth operation and is called as “law of Muafekat” or “Mafak avvu” in Gujarati. Based on this law of Jhirum, followers of varied religion have different Atash and Frado energy within them. The Magnetic Frado energy that emanate from any person’s eyes is known as “Vadhwo Frado” and are different for the 5 Main groups of souls. If magnetic field created by a performed Zarathosti ritual is exposed to a person of other Jhirum having different Frado emanating from his eyes, because both Frados being non conducive to one another will only create disorder and thus neutralize the ritual and its very purpose. In reality such a subject is a matter of faith which our forefathers believed in but has to be brought out in open and explained to community when some faithless western educated so called Parsi Scholar who cannot differentiate from Chalk to Cheese try to poison minds of the faithful.
One should always bear in mind that the Tarikat Marg, Bhakti Marg, Kriya Marg, as shown in zarathosti deen has at its basic foundation law of Jhirum applicable to every thing in consonance to one another as per “law of Muafekat”. To maintain originality of Zarathosti Deen only one way is to be adopted without any hesitation, and that is to follow our long standing time tested traditions and customs known as “ Dareghayao Upayanayao” because running customs like running currency itself is proof of its authenticity and efficiency.

A Dravand and a Juddin are they same ?:-

In those days when a Shawl donning High Priest of an Atash Behram having faith in Theosophy began twisting explanation of the word “Dravand”. According to him playing with the word Dravand, he explains with a fatwa that not all Juddins are Dravands. He further goes on making more mess of his statement that Parsee zarathostis who are Dravand not practicing Ashoi if they can enter Agiary, Atash Behram then surely persons of different faith known as Juddin and who are not Dravand or are pious practicing Ashoi can surely enter Agairy, AtashBehram. With such logic one can shatter the faith of the faithful who are following long standing traditions. Such faulty thinking needs to be exposed and corrected.
Ustad saheb has explained that Avesta words or “Loghat” has nine layers of meaning and can be explained in nine different Mystical ways. Similarly the word Dravand can be explained from different view point in many ways, but a Theosophist will refuse to believe this. As per Philological Avesta Scholars the meaning of Dravand is = “A Juddin not professing Zarathusti faith”, then from where has this Theosophist High priest derived the meaning of Dravand =“as to those who are away from path of Ashoi.” Has he concocted his interpretation of the word Dravand taking help of Ilme- Khshhnoom and then applying his limited common sense over that interpretation? That is drawback of Theosophy taking tits and bits from all religion and then making a mess of its interpretation using their limited common sense.
Finally the high Priest Theosophist has conceded that his interpretation was wrong and as per Zarathosti deen a Juddin cannot enter Atash Behram, Atash Adaran or Atash Dadgah.


Firdosh K Sukhia.

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Zoroastrian Genocide and the Two Zoroastrian Calendars - Fasli and Hushmordi - Part 1

The Genocide of Jews by Hitler, and Persians of Iran is a thing of past. What we see as of today is reflection of what has been happening till now in the past. Some radical groups in Africa claiming to abduct small school girls and selling them as slaves is just a reflection of the past atrocities that has actually happened during downfall of Persia and which we are witnessing now as sort of trailer from the past. For they believe that Western culture, and education are image of materialism which is the root cause of all evil. This may be true up to a certain extent but terrorizing the innocent folks abducting them and making women their slaves and selling them off for a paltry amount is going to extreme. That is why they are called extremists. To put matters in right perspective the western civilization though they may have made genuine effort in understanding the world’s great revealed religions like Hinduism, Zoroastrianism and Islam, have made a mess of the translations of their Holy Scriptures and are unable to grasp the true essence of the mysticism behind every revealed religions of the world. The Irony of it is that they have not been able to understand their own religion of Christianity and Mysticism in it, doubting even the authenticity of Bible itself. Even doubting their own and other Prophets as mere historic philosopher or a herdsman or shepherd influencing the public with their own philosophy.

Putman the balance of life:-

If we want real peace of mind being harmonious with nature, we have to look at every aspect of life with balance. Too much of anything is bad. Even a Nectar like Honey in high doses becomes a poison for us. Similarly a dose of Snake poison if used judiciously in form of Homeopathic prescription for example “Naja”, or Mercury has cure for so many of our maladies. Hence a person with too much Faith without tolerance, one becomes a Fanatics, similarly one with no faith at all becomes Agnostic or a non-believer. One extreme end is called as “Aivibud”, the other extreme end is called as “Frebud” but the in-between path is called as “Putman” – the “Balance”. With Balance everything becomes clear to us and we find peace. One who has achieved mastery on his self when he treads on life path when he sees on one side garbage and on other side garden of roses, does not get disturbed by obnoxious smell of Garbage but remains cool, calm and collected. This calmness he achieves from knowledge lying dormant within him which he has acquired through Ashoi. That knowledge is that each one is progressing at his own speed and level of understanding and we all will finally reach the goal of perfection one day. No denying about that, and we all are governed by immutable law of Keshash and escaping from our “keshash” is likened to a camel passing through an eye of a needle which is an impossibility. Nobody can escape from it. Not even the highly evolved souls like Magav saheb will intervene in Keshash of others. What we take with us from here is only “Neki”, and material wealth is of no use up there, and the rest we have to return it back with interest. All our past “Neki” is stored in our first Chakra which we have to preserve it by covering our head all the time and which remains in jurisdiction of Sarosh Yazad. This achieved mastery over self is known as Path of “Saheb-e-Dilan” or Master of Dil our own consciousness. That is why it is said “Neki Kar Darya me Dal”. Don’t expect any reward for it, just do it and forget about it and you will get reward when we are eligible for it, in its own time and place. That is why in Bhagvad Gita Krishna advices to Arjun not to expect for reward just do your duty or Dharma without any expectations. That is why we see as to why a person who is not leading life as prescribed by our prophet is rewarded by nature. The answer to that is very simple and that is he is receiving fruits of his past actions. The reward or punishment of present action he will get it at its own time and place.

Time will take us to Salvation:-

What has to happen will happen anyway as per Plan of Ahunavar, and we don’t have to react negatively. What we have to understand here is that behind all great upheavals of civilisation the real hidden reason behind all these is that time is not constant and nothing is permanent here. Time is not linear but cyclic in nature, and like a graph there are always ups and downs in it. At one point of time Zoroastrian civilization is at peak at another point there is downfall. What we are talking here is time span stretching up to thousand and thousands of years and is not a History of few hundred years we witness in our life time. The end of one time life cycle meets the beginning of another time cycle. What we are talking here is called as “Hapt Rang e Zaman” or “Tavil e Zarvane Daregho khadat”. Our earth and humanity on it is exposed to seven planetary colours of Zodiac that governs the time and Era we live in. The present time that we live in is the one that comes out of our own past, which will be the future of our own next coming generation. All three are inter-related with one another, that is Past, Present and Future. Then what exactly is this Time made up of ??
Defination of Time:-
“Time is a measured duration, the material of our being, and the index of our progression to Eternity”. ………………Reference:- Pg. 114 Firdausi Tusi Memorial Volume.
Firdausi Tusi says in his Shahnamah Reference:- page 613 Frashogard memorial volume of Firdausi Tusi:-

Na gashteh zamaneh bafsaryadash,
Na az ranjo Timar Bogzaydash.
Na az Zumbesh Aram Girads Hami,
Ne chu ma tabahi Pizard Hami.

Translation:- Zamanah will keep on moving, revolving. And the Celestial Movement in the skies does not get tired or sad or old in its movement and its effects never cease to occur. The era or zamanah manifests as per movement of revolving skies. The movement of the skies is the cause, and its effect is the Zamanah we live in. The movement of skies keeps on moving ceaselessly on and on and it just does not die like us.
Little knowledge more dangerous than having no knowledge at all:-
Firdausi Tusi was emphasising the importance of moving skies movement and how we are helpless to its effects.The above lines Firdausi writes because in those prevailing times the hard liners who had little but not complete knowledge of Astrology and Astronomy branded Firdausi as “Dehri”. This opinion of hard liners comes from ignorance and the Superstitious belief labelling Firdausi as worshipper of the moving skies as some sort of God instead of one God Allah. Dehri= non believer of one god but giving undue importance to the revolving skies as almighty God himself. It takes courage to write such lines when the whole world around you is against you, when he fearlessly writes as below:-

Agar Chasma dari Digar Saray,
Be nezdeh Vali O Nabi Gir Jaye.
Agar Zin Bad ayad Gonah Mansta,
Chuninsta e rasmo rahe Mansta.
Aba Digara Mur marah kar nisht,
Badeshan marah rahe goftar nisht.

Firdausi Tusi says in his lines that “ If you desire to go to desirable place after your death, then make arrangements beforehand and try to go to place where Nabi and Ali dwells. If you, like me are unable to make such arrangements “Bad Ayad”, then just remember the fault is within me and due to my past deeds I am unable to go there. I am not at all concerned with others “Aba Digara” and I am not answerable for others and their deeds “marah kar nisht” . For I do not want to discuss, listen and believe in their fanatical Fatwas or Dos and Don’ts which are driven by superstitious believes.
Thus the hard liners labelled him as “Rafji” or the Heretic. Firdausi Tusi understood the real Mystic part of Islam which others were unable to grasp it. Refer Firdausi Tusi Memorial Volume Page 614
History repeats itself:-
That is why we see history as so repetitive here, when we say as History repeats itself. Even a history of few hundred years is not correctly recorded here, owing to the bias of historians who are writing it. The Greeks and Romans have done so with our History . The reason for their Bias is due to their inevitable defeat on the hands of Persians who they tried to subjugate them with their entire might applied yet with failure. The classic example is the history that goes behind India’s Freedom struggle and how we achieved Independence from the British. What is the Irony of Indian Independence is that although we have achieved freedom from British we have become slaves to their habits and culture. The Hindus have forgotten their own ancient religion, what is said in Vedas and Gita, and have adopted the west and its ways of life. Same is case with every religion here. We Parsees also do not lag behind in not remembering the ancient teachings of our great religion. This is time of Kali-Yuga where all ignorance comes out. This is like a rat in hiding is exposed to materialistic tunes of the Pied Piper. This is nothing short of us falling into ancient trap of Satan which never fails to hit his target with precision. All Satan has to do is lure us into three trap of vices or “The Three Sirens”. The three Sirens are 1) Power, 2) Women 3) Wealth.
After all Satan first works on our thoughts with temptations, so are we helpless ??. The answer is no which will be a relief to many of us. Just as we face problems, so do we have solution for it. As per our Deen the best way to tackle bad thoughts is to speak Truth to break ourselves free from the shackles of Bad thoughts. Druji Buji is prevailing everywhere in our surrounding artmosphere. We follow Meher Patet Traikat, keep our khoreh as much as pure this will set us apart and free us from the shackes. Never to have negative thoughts over our inability to follow Tarikats and continue with our Avesta Mathra. Cleanliness of our inner hidden thoughts – Batein Mithra will keep two third of our khoreh clean, the rest one third Khoreh we have to clean it with druj Parhej Traikats.
Reference:- Parsee Avaz 4.12.1960 page 3

Now let us touch topic of Fasal. Reference:- Firdausi Tusi Millenary Frashogard Memorial Volume Page 132-135.
Difference between Fasal and Rutu ( weather):-
1) Fasal is divine knowledge= Batein, and not worldly knowledge and is based on truths in nature.
2) Fasal is not weather( Rutu)
3) Our Rituals, Prayers and Gahambars as per Bar wakhat ( right time in nature) is not based on weather.
4) Our Rituals, Prayers and Gahambars as per Bar wakhat ( right time in nature) are based on unseen currents of Fasal or “Fasal Khastar” .
5) Fasal are certain and constant.
6) Weather or “Rutu” is uncertain, erratic, and variable.
7) The machinery behind Fasal Is from Minoi world or Jirmani world which is known as Hasti Universe or Immortal world.
8) The reason behind Rutu or weather is Nisti or world which is not permanent and is also called as Arvahi or Jirmani world.
9) Fasal is based on Stoat Yasna.
10) Rutu or weather is based on 4 elements and its combinations with one another. The 4 elements are Fire, Air, water, and Earth.
11) Fasal is based on 12 Zodiac signs which are composed of “27 Manzal”, or 27 Nakshatras, and passing of Sun or “Khurshed” through these
Zodiacs at certain time activate Fasal Currents beneficial for this earth.
12) Weather or Rutu is based on surrounding atmosphere known as “Vayu Upar kairyo”, and Earth’s Geographical positions or its Latitude and
13) The base of Fasal depends solely on Sun and its Movement.
14) The Rituals and prayers in our Zarathosti Deen and its effectiveness or results depends solely on Sun and its movement in the skies.
15) The currents of Fasal falling on any place on earth is of uniform nature and spread evenly on earth.
16) When Sun starts its journey from its own Zodiac sign of Aries first that is on Vernal Equinox near 21st March, and later on when it reaches Cancer Zodiac Sign which is the fourth sign, later to Virgo sign which is the 6th Zodiac Sign, later to Libra which is 7th Zodiac sign, and later to Capricornus or the 10th Zodiac Sign and finally to Pisces which is the 12th Zodiac sign. In the above mentioned Zodiac signs the 6 planets are Sharif( Unch) or in exaltation. At particular time of the year, when sun( Khurshed) passes through the under mentioned particular degree of exaltation, then only Fasal Khastar gets activated and comes down on Earth. That is why Fasal is always at “Bar Wakhat” or right time in nature. In Astrology the Planet in its own exaltation acts as if it was a welcomed guest, having things done for it but not having complete control over the situation. The strength of the Planet is augmented and its virtues are magnified. Refer the table below:-

Courtesy:- This Image is taken from Firdausi Tusi Millenary Frashogard Memorial Volume No. 24 Issue 1- 4.

17) Fasal has got no connection with English, Christian, Hindu, Islamic or Jewish Calendars.
18) Fasal is absolute independent rule governed by Sun moving in 12 Zodiac Signs.
19) As we are supposed to attune with Daena or inner consciousness of our Zarathusti Deen, similarly we are supposed to attune ourselves with Fasal currents and is known as “Ratu-Friti” and “Paiti-Frasao”.
20) The above mentioned names of 6 Gahambars are not any names of “Rutu” or weather, and whenever Fasal currents simultaneously manifest itself at right time in nature on this earth that is time when special Gahambar kriyas can and should be performed. That is what one means when we celebrate Gahambars. The feasting ceremony during Gahambars is only superficial way of celebrating and observing Gahambars.
21) As Mithra ( Thoughts), Mathra ( Spoken words), Yasna ( action, deeds), Asha ( Ashoi), Kharenagah ( Khoreh), Paityoget ( Keshash), Ahu ( Havarashta and Hukhta which is result of Hukhta) Note;- It is through Humata, Hukhata and Havarashta of Yazata that this Universe functions, Khetvodath ( Male and female parts merge and thus forms one whole unit of Ruvan), Stoat ( Various Chanels of Ahunavar working in Nature), Khastar ( There are 81 types of electricity in nature of which Electrical power we see is the most grossest in nature and at lowest level) are all basic and immutable laws of nature through which it functions. Similarly basic laws of Ratu ( Fasal) are exdplained in Ashat Nask ( Pehelvi Pajeh). In other two Nasks namely Dadat Nask ( Pehelvi Hadokht Nask) and Aa Nask ( Pehelvi Husparam Nask) contains details of Fasal and Gahambar. The Pehlevi Dinkard book translated by Late Peshotan Sanjana is analysis of 21 Nasks, and the above explanation of Fasal and Gahamabar can be found in Volume No 8 of Dinkard. But it is just an Analysis whereas actual Tavil can be found from Khshnoomic literature.
22) Just as to understand what is Ashoi one has to actually observe physical purity rules and by observing it meticulously one can understand it later. Similarly the inner Mystic details of Fasal and its real purpose in nature can be understood only if it has been put into actual practice or Amal.From Pahalvi Hadokht Nask itself old Avesta references which are lost can be found luckily in our present extant Pazand prayers of Afrin e Gahambar.
23) High degree of Ashoi is required for one to perform Amal of Fasal and which can be done by none other than an Ashwan of 6 Kash only and not by us. One has to take into consideration the connection between 12 months of our Zarathosti deen from Fravardin Mah to Aspandard Mah and its connections with 12 Zodiac signs of 4 various Zodiac constellations known as Bhachakra.
24) Just as meaning of “Aap” does not limit oneself to waters of well, sea, rain or lakes that we see and that which can quench our thirst, similarly the Atash does not mean the heat producing fire that can ignite the wood, similarly the word “Asp” does not merely mean horse, and so is the case with Gav, which does not merely mean four legged Gospand. Similarly Ratu or Fasal does not merely mean Rutu or Seasons.
25) The source of Fasal and its currents come right from 8th Asman of “Anagra-Raocha” which is even above the 7 eternal Hasti Asmans and it means skies of endless shining lights filled with sparking Stars. Khordad Amesaspand and its jurisdiction is prevailing on 8th Asman who is specially allotted the portfolio of Time just as a minister is allotted a portfolio by Prime Minister, but over here P.M. is dadar Ahura Mazda himself who is himself working in different way as Khordad Ameshpand working on “fasal” currents and “Ratu” so very much essential for upkeep of this Universe.
26) Dinkard, Bundaheshneh, and Afrin E Gahambar has to be studied properly to reach to a logical conclusion.
27) Yaerya and Sared Yazad are two co-workers of Khordad Amesaspand who work on principles of Mazdadat and Ahura Daat as explained in Madayasni Zarathosti deen.
28) In first sign of Aries when Sun arrives on or around 21st March every year as per Sayana Astrology or on 13th April as per Niryana Astrology of Hindus has to be properly understood. “Aspinacha Yavino” as in haptan yasht has to be understood properly. Note:- Yaerya Yazad brings down the Fasal currents on this earth which brings Niyamat , Rutu or seasons and western Ephemeris of Sayana or western Astrology is consulted.Where as Sared yazad brings down Bago Bakht currents down on earth – Keshash of every individual man is brought down and Hindu Panchagna is consulted.
There were/are many Scholars who felt and feel even today that the best calendar is Fasal and not the present Calendar of Hushmordi Shahenshahi Calendar which we are following today. My effort will be in the direction to prove how wrong those scholars of the past were in coming to that conclusion, and by taking help of Dr Saheb F.S. Chiniwala’s and Jehangirji Chiniwala’s writings.

Firdosh K. Sukhia

……………… to be continued

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More on "Suva Ni Nirang" and "Sui uthi ne bhanvani Nirang" and meaning of Hoshbam

This Suva ni Nirang is the 13th Nirang of second group on page 53 titled as “Nirang e Khab Kardan” in Ervad Phiroze Masani book of Pazend Nirang Ba Maen. This book is available on line the link for downloading this book is :-

The Nirang for before going to sleep or “Nirang e Khab Kardan” is as below:-

"Naam eYazad, Naam e Ahuramazd Khuda Avazuni Yaz eYaar, Yaze Gushdaar Kasney Paityaar Meher Srosh Yaar Srosh Gushdaar Kasney Paityaar Ahurem Mazdam Ahuramazd va Ameshaspandaan va Meher Srosh Rashne, Naam e Yazad Naam e ahuramazd Khuda Avazuni.” ………Ashem Vohu (1)

Besides Suva Ni Nirang it is beneficial to pray Ung ma thi Jagrat thai ne bhanvani Nirang which is there on Page 55 of the above mentioned book,the Nirang is given below at the end of this mail.
The best time to get up and pray is before Hosbam. One should get up before Hoshbam and be ready after bath for early morning prayers. Nowadays due to our faulty lifestyle after late night sessions and bouts of merry making and football matches it has become a fashion to go to sleep after late nights and get up after sunrise which is detrimental for our Soul, mind and our body.

Pharsi Monajaat is given as below:-

Sobasta vakteh mohsna, Sobasta vakte del-gush,
Sobasta vakteh Jan Feza, Sobasta vakte Sobahdum,
Sobasta vakteh Ashekan, Sobasta vakte Sadekan,
Sobasta vakteh Natekan, Barkhiz vakte Sobahdum,

Khahi ke agah Shavi, Dar hardo alam sha Shavi,
Khahi ke Marde Rah Shavi, Barkhiz Vakteh Sobahdum.


Bamdad is the most auspicious time, Bamdad is the time when our Consciousness can be aroused or developed further,
Bamdad is the most auspicious time in nature when Ushtan or Jaan can be augmented or developed further,
Hence Bamdad is the time when you should be fully awake. Bamdad is the most auspicious time for those on religious path and ideal for prayers for god fearing and “Khoda na Ashek”
Bamdad is the time for those who want to make their heart pure and for pure hearted Saheb dilan, Bamdad is the most auspicious time for human being who has inner conscious and who can speak.
If one is on the path of self realization and are aspiring for unravelling the inner secrets of Nature, and want to rule like Padshah both the spiritual and earthy realms in nature, for those aspiring to tread on prescribe path as per our religion, then Bamdad is the most auspicious time in nature for achieving all that.

Early to bed, and early to rise makes one healthy, wealthy and wise. The above Monajat is loaded with deep meaning. During Bamdad time the atmosphere is very subtle and peaceful because at that time there is not much human activity and atmosphere is just right enough for vibrations of our prayers recited and our Mithra Stoat to pass through subtle atmosphere surpassing the seven Meher Dakhyus of Nisti and go further even above to other spiritual realms.
Hence as per Vendidad when the male fowl or “Murg” crows during early dawn at Hoshbam one is supposed to get up, take cleansing bath with tarikat and kindle Atash Dadgah fire at home and pray Hoshbam nu Bhantar prayers and then set upon with our daily prayers. We should pass our Mithras in nature and wish for Salvation of entire human mankind and his progress and pray Satoom prayers for our deceased family members.

For the above Mithras to constantly run in our mind one should develop complete humility also known as “Khaksari” and that can be achieved by praying one ashem Vohu immediately when we open our eyes and then on the bed itself pray Spenta Armaiti Mithra which is the 14th Nirang given below of second group on page 54 titled as “Nirang aj Khab Bidar Shudan” in Ervad Phiroze Masani book of Pazend Nirang Ba Maen.

Nirang aj Khab Bidar Shudan

Ashem Vohu 1.
“Humata, Hukhata, Havarashta Sepas dar hom aj to dadar Ahuramazda veh avajuni, Patet hom aj vanah. Avi Guman Hom aj harvastin Yajdan va din va ruvan, va veheshta duzakh vhamar pa sedosh va bdan e astakhiz tan pasin vavasahinashna e Ahriman divan.
Ahureh Mazdao raevato Kharenaghato ameshanam spentanam. Nemo Zarthushtrahe spitameh ashoneh fravashae”………. Ashem Vohu 1
O Ahuramazda may my faith on good religion of Mazdayasni Zarathosti Deen in which I am fortunate to have been born, increase manifold, and may I try to reach the benevolent currents of Humata, Hukhata, Huvarshta of Yazats which run the cosmos
The above Avesta Mathra prayers protects us and negates the attack of Ahriman on ourselves which naturally deteriorates during course of our sleep.
We get down from Bed and do our small Ahuramazda Kusti. That is without Kemna Mazda untie our kusti knot and recite Ahuramazda Khodai ……… and tie our usual kusti knots and then usual Jasmseh avengeh Mazda.

We can then do our other Tarikats like Nirang Abezar by applying Taro three times all over our exposed parts of our body and take Baaj during course of Bath or Nahti vakhat ni Baaj.

Various Baaj are given as PDF attachment

Reference:- 1) Dr Saheb Faramroze Sohrab Chiniwala in his Khordeh avesta Ba Khshnoom Page 802; 2) Pazend Nirang Ba Maeni series 3 By Ervad Phiroze Shapurji Masani Page 40-41.


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Nirang to be recited before going to sleep

This night when I lie down to sleep
I pray the lord my soul to keep,
If I should die before I wake,
I pray the lord my soul to take.

These are Mithra thoughts every Bastekustian should deliver in their mind before going to sleep and also pray “Ungh ma java agav bhanva ni Nirang” or Nirang to be recited before going to sleep. The above thoughts are not displayed without any relevance. Amal wala saheb can do selfless service of highest order in their sleep. They can also receive answers to their questions in sleep which have been tormenting them in their wakeful state and that is called as “Sezda”. What is Sezda. Whatever lies beneath skies and above it are hidden from normal eyes by nature. It is kept hidden. Nature will reveal to us his secrets just like that,it requires some effort from us, and many sacrifices. Those who are on right track and lead tarikat baaj life with Meher patet, Manthra khani and other things can receive answers to all the secrets or “Rumz” lying hidden in bowels of nature through sleep and in Sezda.

Nirang to be recited before going to sleep is to be prayed by us Bastekustian for it protects us from all kind of onslaughts of Ahriman. It is especially in night time that our mind is at rest and is not active as in wakeful state. This is opportunity that Ahriman with his evil workers of dark forces are waiting for to catch us off guard. We can run above thoughts in mind if we are unable to recite Avesta Manthra of Suvani baaj for it protects us from Passionate onslaughts which Ahriman brings upon us in dead of night. By reciting this Nirang the benefits are immense as it will give Tandarosti to our mind and body which will one day fetch us to Satya sangh one day. Or in other words lead us to Truth one day. This Nirang is the 13th Nirang of second group on page 53 titled as “Nirang e Khab Kardan” in Ervad Phiroze Masani book of Pazend Nirang Ba Maeni.

Many Psychological ailments can be cured by getting good rest and peaceful sleep only and no anti-depressants as written below are needed at all:- Quote:- Chronic sufferers can be prescribed anti-depressants to ease the symptoms (though some of the side effects sound just as scary as the sleeping issue itself).

As a good night sleep is so essential for us to keep out Mind, Body and spiritually fit and healthy so too a good sleep will provide us with “Sharirik, Mansik, Atmik Dorosti.”

Nothing is given in our deen without any reasons and behind this Nirang there is a purpose to be achieved by us, which will make our Khoreh pure and make our spiritual progress easy. In this Nirang itself there is Avesta word as “Ahurem Mazdam” which itself is a potent Isum or a very powerful word which empowers and exhalts the latent Adare Froba of Burjishi currents within us Bastekustian, whose jurisdiction lies under control of Sarosh Yazad.

In order to develop our Khoreh Nirang to be recited before and after sleep is very essential. Certain care to be taken before going to sleep and after waking. The place where we sleep on be should be kept clean and pure. Near our head where we sleep we should keep “GaoMij” or “Abezar” in a cooper or glass vessel. As far as possible one should keep the direction of our head in East or South direction only and possibly sleep on the ground itself with Bedsheet below us to protect us from catching cold. In our sleep we receive only half the Ushtan or “Neem- Ushtan” that we receive during our wakeful state and hence the onslaught of “Gasak” is more during night time which is detrimental for developing our Khoreh. These Ushtan reaches us from above realms whose intricate functions are performed by three Yazads namely 1) Rashne Raast Yazad, 2) Meher Davar Yazad, 3) Asho Sarosh Yazad. We remember them in our Nirang prayers that we recite before we sleep. We receive these 3 Yazads protection during our sleep, hence mandatory for us to recite this Nirang before we sleep. The 3 Yazads keep onslaught of Gasak on us in night during our sleep in check. In sleep our Keherp comes out from our body slightly, and it is at that time that evil spirits or Arvahi try to torment us with Bad dreams, or we sometimes begin talking, shouting, or walking in sleep. This Nirang protects us from all the evil effects we are exposed during our sleep.

During our sleep when our sub-conscious level is active, at that time right level of Mithra or “Radih Mithra” is needed. Hence Sarosh Yasht Vadi is to be prayed in Aivisuthrem Geh only and is a mandatory prayers or “Farajyat” for us. In no other Geh Sarosh Yasht Vadi can be prayed except in Aivisuthrem Geh. Finally before we sleep we should do our Kusti prayers and then recite this Nirang before sleep.



Reference:- 1) Dr Saheb Faramroze Sohrab Chiniwala in his Khordeh avesta Ba Khshnoom Page 801; 2) Pazend Nirang Ba Maeni series 3 By Ervad Phiroze Shapurji Masani Page 37-39.


From:KKerawala []
Sent: 05 July 2014 02:12 PM
Cc: TMYZ; TZML; Railings
Subject: [ilmeKhshnoom] Sleep and dreaming remains one of the more mysterious elements of the human condition

Trapped in Bed Under the Weight of Sleep Paralysis
By Gerald Lynch on 27 Jun 2014 at 5:30PM

My eyes are open, scanning the room for the weight that's holding me down. It is night. I've been sleeping. I try to move, but nothing is working – arms, legs, my body is leaden. I open my mouth to call for help but nothing comes out. I scream and scream, in silence. Am I dead?
I've suffered on and off from sleep paralysis for most of my adult life, and if you don't know what's happening to you in the moment when it occurs, it'll be one of the most harrowing things you can experience.
I was around 18 years old when I first suffered from a bout of sleep paralysis, and remember it vividly. I still lived at home at the time and, as a keen reader, had an exposed, shadeless lightbulb dangling just over my pillow so that I could read with ease into the early hours. I don't remember the moment that I fell asleep (do we ever?), but I remember waking up – or more accurately, half-waking. Though the bulb had been left on, I recall a strange shadow enveloping the periphery of my vision, and a noise that felt at once both completely silent and as though a deafening, high-pitched ring were happening somewhere nearby. Initially I presumed it was just an extension of an incredibly lucid dream, and attempted to flow with it. But though it's near impossible to accurately determine how long I was in this strange state, the prolonged experience made me realise that something was wrong. Soon, an immense panic overtook me – I felt locked in place, weighed down by an unseen force, knowing that I was sending from my brain the message to my tongue and vocal chords to scream, but helpless as to why such a simple motion couldn’t be completed.
And then, as though I'd swam up from the depths of a black, viscous pool, I awoke, gasping for breath, heart pounding as if I'd been wrestling an invisible foe for hours. I was so terrified that, for the first time since I'd been a small child, I woke my dozing mother and asked to sleep the night on her bedroom floor.
It was a uniquely frightening experience, unlike any nightmare I had ever slept through. Curious as to what had happened to me, I did what all modern hypochondriacs do – I googled my symptoms. For once, this was a wise move – rather than filling my worried head with all manner of obscure illnesses, I quickly discovered that my experience was far from solitary. Many people before me had suffered from similar symptoms, and being able to give the harrowing spell the name “Sleep Paralysis” proved a massive relief. I wasn't crazy.
The fact I was at university during my first sleep paralysis episode speaks volumes – it was an incredibly stressful time for me. As an English student, I'd be reading late into the night, mulling over my research, waking early for lectures and (predictably) drinking rather heavily. All of these habits aren't conducive to a comfortable sleep at the best of times, but for someone prone to the symptoms of sleep paralysis, they significantly increase the chances of you falling foul to the problem.
Sleep paralysis is actually a hormonal issue. The hormones your body releases to allow your body to sleep peacefully do not fully wear off by the time you wake, allowing you to be both conscious and paralysed at once. This occurs during the REM (rapid eye movement) stage of sleep, when the brain is most active and conjuring up its most vivid dreams. In fact, the body’s naturally-paralysed condition during this stage of sleep is thought to be a means of preventing sleepers from acting out the events in their dreams -- running away from that fire-breathing robot dinosaur in reality while not fully conscious, could have some potentially-dangerous repercussions. Face, meet wall.
This meeting place between the dream world and a paralysed reality often leads sufferers of sleep paralysis to experience what could be described as hallucinatory states. It’s not uncommon for those roused from a sleep paralysis episode to recall figures being present in the room -- even sitting on them. As such, The Nightmare, Henry Fuseli’s 1781 masterpiece, is often considered one of the earliest depictions of sleep paralysis:

Sleep and dreaming remains one of the more mysterious elements of the human condition, but for our ancestors, it at times seemed outright supernatural. In many cultures and religions, sleep paralysis has been linked with belief in demonic possession. Before It's News states that British folklore recalls the “Old Hag”, a witch-like figure who would leave her physical body during the night and sit invisibly on or within the sleeping victim, weighing them down. Similar explanations for sleep paralysis can be found in Finnish and Swedish lore.
Other cultures believe the paralysis is caused by a demonic, devil-like figure. The Phi Am ghost of Thai folklore is thought to be able to inflict bruises during sleep, while Turkey’s djinn attempts to strangle the paralysed victim. Even the phrase of having “the Devil on your back” is thought to have been in reference to sleep paralysis originally -- and it’s still a common descriptor for the sleep disturbance in Nigeria.
In Fiji, it’s a slightly different story: sleep paralysis is known as kana tevoro, and is actually welcomed as an opportunity to converse with recently-deceased loved ones!
Science, however, has been able to isolate more grounded causes of sleep paralysis -- many of which correlate with my own early experiences with the problem. Irregular sleep patterns or sleep deprivation is a key cause of sleep paralysis, while it’s more likely to occur in teenagers whose hormones are running riot. Narcoleptics often experience sleep paralysis, while having a family history of the issue ups your chances of suffering from it too. Around 6 per cent of the world’s population will experience it at some point during their lives.
Thankfully, there are easy-to-implement ways to relieve the likelihood of suffering from sleep paralysis. Setting regular sleeping times and lengths (adults need at least six to eight hours) helps massively, as can ensuring your sleeping environment is at a comfortable temperature and isn’t too noisy. Avoiding drinking alcoholic or caffeine-rich drinks before sleeping also helps, and sufferers should avoid smoking before settling down for the night too. Making time for regular exercise is also said to be useful. Chronic sufferers can be prescribed anti-depressants to ease the symptoms (though some of the side effects sound just as scary as the sleeping issue itself).
And, from my own experiences, it does get easier with every bout suffered. Though there’s still the lingering fear that one day I won’t be able to snap out of the paralysed state, each successive episode comes with the knowledge that it is widely experienced; it is an understood phenomenon and that, however scary it may be in the moment, it will pass. Sweet dreams.
When Gerald isn't writing for Gizmodo UK, he's probably sleeping. Or at least attempting to. When he's awake, he enjoys reading books about pirates and spaceships, watching films about pirates and spaceships, or playing video games about pirates and spaceships.
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Monday, May 26, 2014

Dariyav e Nasihat- Living in present Moment

Akhadda Bedin Kaus

Live in present Moment

Three questions were always tormenting in the mind of a king. He decided to test his wise man, astrologers in the court.
His questions were :-
1) What is the right moment (Chogadiyu/ Muhurat) to start a new venture ?
2) Which person is the most appropriate to start with this new venture ?
3) Which work deserves our priority first and which is important ?
He received several unsatisfactory answers from his Wiseman of courtiers. So he decided to venture out for answers. He encountered a sage who was living in his modest hut. He asked him these three questions but the sage ignored him, and continued with his daily chores. So the king also decided to help him with his daily chores. Finally the king got impatient and told him that sir, If you are unable to answer my three questions please tell me of your limitations and I will search for my answers elsewhere. The sage ignored and refused to enter into any conversation with the king. Suddenly a person came running towards both of them exhausted and in pain for he had a dagger pierced in his body and he was bleeding profusely. The sage and the king helped the man and revived him by first stopping the profuse bleeding and later attending on his wounds. Later when the man came to his senses the king asked him what he was doing in the wilderness. The man replied to the king that he considered the king as his enemy and he all the time was thinking of murdering the king. When he knew that the king was in wilderness, so he decided to take revenge on the king but was stopped by the guards who were hiding in safe place and plunged the dagger in him when they understood the evil intentions of the man trying to murder the king. The murderer was very thankful that the king had saved his life from imminent death.
The king was amazed by hearing answers from the murderer and was flabbergasted by the mysterious way nature worked. How a man who was his sworn enemy became indebted to the king and his kindness by his one good deed. He requested the sage that he his keeping one of his in men in charge of this man’s recovery. Before I depart you please reply to my 3 questions so that my quest is complete.

The sage finally agreed to answer his questions and replied that he still has not understood that he has already received answers to his 3 questions by his own good deed done to the man, his sworn enemy who has reformed himself as his well-wisher.

The Sage further explained to the king that had he not been occupied with the sage with his daily chores and had returned than surely his enemy would have succeeded in taking his life. His service towards Sage with his daily chores was the real moment or Muhurat for any work to be commenced. As the king grabbed the opportunity of helping the sage with his work that was the right time in nature or Muhurat. The sage himself helped in reviving the wounded man to good health, otherwise that man would have died with his ill will and thought of revenge still lingering in his mind. At that time the murderer was the right man for the job. That answered his second question. To serve the wounded man was his immediate priority and required his immediate attention. That answered his third question.

From the above we can easily conclude that the present moment is the right moment and we should grab that moment, and not to let go the chance of being any help to others when needed.

Reference:- Parsee Avaz 19.6.1966 Page 9

Thursday, April 24, 2014

How will you present yourself before going to Atash Padshah of Udwada Iranshah.

Editor's Note:- The under mentioned article How will you present yourself before going to Atash Padshah of Udwada Iranshah. hold good for all Atashbehrams especially Iranshah Atashbehram. How will you present yourself before going to a King. Surely you cannot go before a Atash Padshah wearing Bermuda shorts or jeans with lots of perfume, or your dress code should be decent and not provocative in par with today's fashion but simple dress of white Cotton. This is not a fashion parade or get together meeting place where we laugh, discuss and talk about every thing under Sun, but we go with purpose of paying Homage to Iranshah.

This article has been painstakingly typed in Gujarati font by Kaizad Keravala from Dini Avaz,Vol.10 No.1,Jan.-Feb. 1985,pg.30 to 32.and is taken from Parsee Avaz Editor Late Jehangirji Chiniwala. An addendum is also included from Parsee Avaz dated 4/11/1962, Page 10 written by Ervad Dinshaw Cawasji Sidhwa of Udwada.

ઉદવાડે ઈરાનશાહને નમન કરવા જતા હમદીનો - જેહાંગીરજી સો. ચીનીવાલા

કદીમી તેમજ શહેનશાહી આદર મહીનામાં આપણા હમદીનો મોટી સંખ્યામાં ઉદવાડા ખાતે ઇરાનશાહના પાક આતશબેહરામ સાહેબને પગે લાગવા જાય છે.

ઉદવાડામાં જયારે હાલમાં છે તેવાં સંખ્યાબંધ હોટેલો નહી હતાં, ત્યારે હમદીનો મોટે ભાગે અથોરનાન સાહેબોના ઘેરોમાં ઉતારો લેતાં હતા અને મુંબઈના કહેવાતાં સુધરેલાં જીવન જીવતા પારસીઓ વટીક સાધારણ ચોખ્ખાઈ પાખ્ખાઈના નિયમો ફરજીયાત પાળીને નાહી ધોઈને, અથવા મોટે ભાગે તો નાહન નાહીને ઈરાનશાહને પગે પડવા જતાં હતાં .

આજથી પચાસ વર્ષ પૂર્વે ની વાત ઉપર તો હમદીનો પોતે ઈરાનશાહને પગે લાગવા જાય, તો એક નીયમ તરીકે નાહન લઈનેજ પાદશાહના કેબલા સમક્ષ પધારતાં હતાં. જેઓ નાહન નહી લેતા તેઓ પણ અતરંગ હજામત કર્યા બાદ બા-તરીક્ત નાહી ધોઈને, કદીમ રેવાજ પ્રમાણે તન પાક કરીનેજ ઈરાનશાહમાં દાખલ થતાં હતાં .

સુધારક વર્તમાનપત્રો અને સુધારક દસ્તુરોના તરીકતો સામેના ચાલુ પ્રચાર પછી, અને સામાન્ય રીતે સમય પણ બદલાયલા હોવે, જેમ પારસીઓ મુંબઈમાં નસો પરહેઝવાની તરીકતો પાળતા નથી અને ઘેરમાં દહાડી બોડી બધાને ગમે તેમ અડકીને, પછી નાહીને ઓફિસે અથવા પોતાના ધંધા રોજગારે જાય છે, અથવા કોઈક દાખલાઓમાં ઘેરોમાંથી નાહી ધોઈને સોજ્જા કપડાં પહેરી બાહેર જઈ, કોઈ સલુનમાં દાહડી બાલ કપાવી, પછી પોતાના ધંધાધાપે સિધારે છે, તેજ મુજબ ઉદવાડાના કોઈક હોટેલોમાં બિછાના સાથના કોચ ઉપર બેસી અથવા ખાવા માટેની લાકડાંની ખુરસી ટેબલ ઉપર બેસી કોઈ પણ જાતની તરીકત વગર દહાડી બોડી, તેજ હાલતે સોજ્જા કપડાં મોરીમાં મૂકી, તન પાક કરીને ઇરાનશાહનાં દર્શને જઇને ઉભા રહે છે.

મને દુખ સાથે લખવું પદે છે, કે પારસી કોમના એક ભાગમાંથી દરુજ પરહેઝી અને તેના લગતી ચોખ્ખાઈ પાખ્ખાઈની તદદન સુગજ નીકળી ગઈ છે.જેઓના ઘેરોમાં દરુજીએ બુજીની દુર બેસવાની તરીક્તજ બાનુઓ પાળતા નહી હોય, તે ઘેરોને લગતી ચોખ્ખાઈ પાખ્ખાઈની વધુ વાતો કરવી તે સીર્ફ નીરર્થક છે.

જે હમદીનો તરીકતો માટેનો એતેકાદ નીકળી ગયો છે, તેઓને પોતાના મુંબઈના ઘેરોના કરતાં ઉદવાડાના હોટેલોમાં જુદી રીતે વર્તન કરવા અરજ કરવે, કોઈ તેઓ ચોવીસ કલાકમાં બદલાઈ જવાના નથી.

ઉદવાડામાં હોટેલો વધવે અને વળી તેઓ વચ્ચે ધંધાદારી હરીફાઈ વધવે, ઈરાનશાહને નમન કરવા આવનારા હમદીનો ઉપર અથોરનાન સાહેબોનો કોઈ પણ જાતનો આંખની શરમનો ધાર્મિક રેવાજ માટેનો આંકોશ વટીક રહયો નથી. કોઈક ભલા અને ભોળા શેઠિયાઓ તો એવા હોય છે કે ઈરાનશાહના કેબલાને પગે પડવા દુરદરાઝ વેરથી ઝેહમત ઉઠાવીને ઉદવાડા પધારે છે અને તેઓને સીગારેટ અને સીગાર પીવાની આદત પડી ગયલી એટલે હોટેલોમાં અને બંગલાઓમાં ખુશખુશાલ તે પણ તે ફુંકે છે.ફુંકવાનું વ્યસન થઈ ગયલું હોવે તે મુકાયજ કેમ ?

મુંબઈ શહેરમાં આતશબેહરમ પાદશાહો ઉપર જાણ અંજાણ આજબ પડી રહયો છે. જે કાંઇ જમાનાને આધીન ચાલુ થઈ ગયું છે, તેને કોઈ ફેરવી શકવાનું નથી, જેઓ આતશ પાદશાહોને નમન કરવા જાય છે, તેઓના દીલમાં જરુરજ દીની એતેકાદ તો હોય છેજ અને ખાસ કરીને જેઓ ઉદવાડા ખાતે અફળાતા ઝીકાતાં જાય તેઓને માટે હોટેલોમાં દાહડી બોડવા અને તેને લાગતાં કપડા અલાહેડા મુકવા માટે ઘટતી સગવડો હોય અને તેને લગતી ઘટતી સૂચનાઓ માનપુર્વક તેઓને કરવામાં આવે તો દીનદાર હમદીનો તેટલા માટે તો ઘટતું કરવાને ચુકેજ નહી. ધર્મના રક્ષકો તો ધર્મગુરુઓજ હોય છે પણ આજે ધર્મગુરુ વર્ગજ ભળતી દીશામાં ખંચાઇ ગયો છે અને દુન્યાદારીભરી રીતે ધર્મક્રિયાઓનો ગોયા વેપારજ ચાલી રહ્યો છે, ત્યાં તેઓ સર્વ પાસે કાંઈ પણ વધુ પડતી આશા રાખી શકાતી નથી. અથોરનાન દુન્યાનો અમુક ભાગ ખુદ ક્રિયાઓ કરવામાં અને બરસનુમના કાયદાઓ પાળવામાં પોતેજ ખાયકી કરતો હોય, તો તેઓ વળી બહેદીનો તારીકતો પાળે છે કે નહી તેની કનવર શાની કરે ?

એક જમાનો તો એવો હતો કે ઈરાનશાહને નમન કરવા આવનાર દરેક હમદીનને પાદશાહ આગળ જવા પહેલાં નાહન નાહવુંજ પડતું હતું. પણ દાયકાઓ થયા તે રેવાજ બંધ થયો છે.જો આવો રેવાજ ચાલુ રહયો હતે તો જરાક વધુ આંકોશ પેદા પડતે. વળી નીરંગ પીવાની વીરુધ્ધની જેહાદથી નાહન માટેના એતેકાદ પણ ઘણો તુત્યો છે.

કોઈક જાજ હમદીનો અને ખાસ કરીને કોઈક ઈરાની જરથોસ્તીઓ પોતાના હમશેના હલફ્કોટના પોષાકે ટ્રેન ઉપરથી ઉતરી, નાહયા ધોયા વિના સીધા ઇરાનશાહ જઈ, સુખદ ચઢાવી વળતી ટ્રેને પાછા ફરે છે. આ તો વધુ કમનસીબ પરીસ્થીતી દેખાડે છે.

ઈરાનશાહના ખાદેમ સંજાના ટોળાના અથોરનાનોની દીનચાશીદારી માટે સેવકને સામાન્ય રીતે મોટું માન છે અને હું તે નેક અને દીનદાર અન્જુમનના અગ્રેસરોને એટલીજ માનપુર્વક સુચના કરી શકું છું કે ઇરાનશાહ આતશબેહરામના ક્મપાઉન્ડમાં સર્વનું ધ્યાન ખેંચાય તેવી જગાએ એવી લેખીત સુચનાઓ માનપુર્વક ભાષામાં લખાયલી ટાંગવી જોઈએ કે જેની ઉપર હમદીનોનું વખતો વખત ધ્યાન ખેંચતા, તેઓને થોડો ખ્યાલ આવી શકે કે માઈલોની મુસાફરી કરીને ઈરાનશાહને નમન કરવા પધારતી વખતે અમુક ખાસ જાતની ધાર્મીક શીષ્ટ (Religious Discipline) તેઓને જાળવી જોઈએ .

સામાન્ય હમદીનો લગતી તરીક્તોના પાલનનો પ્રશ્ન તૈમજ અથોરનાન સાહેબોના બરશનુમના પાલનનો પ્રશ્ન, ઘણોજ બીક્ટ થઈ પડયો છે. ક્ષ્નુમના અભ્યાસ પછી હું એકજ નીર્ણય ઉપર આવ્યો છું કે હમદીનોએ જમાનાને આધીન તરીકતોના પાલનમાં પતરીત યાને દરુજીના આડકતરા ચેપની કનવાર નહી કરવી પણ હમરીત યાને દરુજીના સીધા ચેપથી બને તેટલા અને ઈરાદાપુર્વક દૂરજ રહેવું .

હાલના જમાનામાં હમદીનોને જે કાંઈ દીની તરીકતો પાળવાની છે તે તો છેક અઢારમાં દરજ્જાની તરીકતો છે. તાજા આબેઝર અથવા ગવમુતનો ઉપયોગ પણ કમનસીબે મુંબઈ જેવાં શહેરોમાં તો મુશ્કેલ બની ગયો છે. બેહદીન તેમજ અથોરનાન માટે આબેઝરનો ઉપયોગ ઘણોજ ફાયદાકારક છે અને બાતેન અષોઈ યાને અંદરની ચોખ્ખાઈ મેલવા માટે સેહલો તથા રામબાણ ઉપાય છે. જો તાજો આબેઝર મલતો હોય, તો તેને વધુમાં વધુ બોતેર કલાક સુધી વપરાસમાં લઈ શકાય છે અને બોતેર કલાક દરમ્યાનમાં તેમાંથી પણ ખાસ બદબુ આવતી પણ નથી. આબેઝરનો ઉપયોગ પણ બહુ અનદાઝાથી કરવાનો છે. શરીરના બધા ભાગો ઉપર નાહવા પહેલો તેનો માત્ર આછો પાસજ લગાડી તેની ભીનાશ તદદન સુકાઈ જાય તેટલો વખત થોભી પછી પાણીથી તન પાક કરવે જે અણદીઠ દરુજીઓ શરીરને લાગેલી હોય છે અને જે સાબુ પાણીથી નીકળી શક્તીજ નથી તે દરુજીઓ આપોઆપ આબેઝરની અંદરની બરજીસી ખાસ્તર રૂપની વીજળીક ગતીથી મુરડાળ થઈ, માત્ર પાણી રેદવાથી શરીરની ચામડીથી છૂટી પડી જાય છે. દીલનો કાંઈક ભાર હલકો થયો તેવો અનુભવ આ તરીકત બા-કાનુન ચાલુ પાળનારને થઈ શકે છે.

આપણા કપડાઓ કોણ ધોઈ લાવે છે તે વીચાર સામાન્ય હમદીનોએ કરવાનો નથી. તેને લગતી તરીકતનો બાધ માત્ર અમલદારો અને બરશનુમ વાપરનારા અથોરનાનોનેજ દરેક જમાનામાં લાગે છે. હલના અથોરનાનોના પુર્વજો ધોભી પસે અસતરીના નહી પણ કુંડીના ક્પડાઓ ધોવરાવી પાછા તેઓના ઘેરમાં વીછરી સુકવીને પહેરતા હતા. બ્હેસ્ત બહેરહ ઉસ્તાદ સાહેબ બેહરામશાહજીએ એક મરતબે સેવકને એમ કહયું હતું કે જો ખરો હોમનો પાળો આજે મલતો રહેતે અને તેના ઉપયોગ સાથે અથોરનાનો તેઓના બુઝોર્ગોથી પળાતી આવેલી તરીકતો ઉપર ઈમાનથી સાબેત કદમ રહેતે, તો તેઓ કદી પણ યસ્ન-દરુજી કરવા તરફ ઢળતેજ નહી . અંગ્રેજીમાં કહેવત છે કે Knowledge is power યાને ઈલમ એક શક્તિ છે તેજ મુજબ ફારસીમાં પણ કહ્યું છે કે " તવાના બુવદ હરકે દાના બુવદ" યાને જેનામાં ઈલ્મદારી છે તેમાં અમુક માનસીક કુવ્વત પેદા પડે છે. અષોઇ - એ - આમોગી યાને ખરી અંદરખાનેની સુક્ષ્મ પવીત્રાઈ મેલવવા માટે ઝરથોસ્તી દીનમાં ફરમાવેલી તરીકતોનું પાલન કેવું કામયાબ છે તેનું ખરું જ્ઞાનજ કોમને મળતું રહે તો મોટો ફરક પડી જાય. ઝરથોસ્તી ઈલ્મે ક્ષ્નુમની મક્તબે આ દીશામાં જ્ઞાન નો થોડો ધોધ વેહતો કર્યો છે, પણ જે ધર્મગુરુઓને,દસ્તુરોને અને સ્કોલરોને પોતાને તે બધું પાલવું નથી અને સગવડ્યો તથા સહેલો ધર્મ પાળવો છે, તેઓ દીનના આવાં મુબારક ફરમાનોની હાંસી ઉડાવી સીર્ફ દીન દુશમની કરી રહયા છે. ઉદવાડા સુધી જઈ ઈરાનશાહને નમન કરવાની ઉમેદ ધરાવનારાઓએ, દીનની તરીકતો ત્યાં પાળવી જોઈએ અને જેઓના ઘેરોમાં દરુજીએ બુજી નથી પલાતી , તેઓએ તો ખાસ કરીને અલાહેડો રાખેલો પોષકજ આવા દીની કાર્યમાં વાપરવો જોઈએ . અપ - તુ - ડેઈત જીવને જીવતાં થોડા નેક ખાનદાનો પણ છે કે જેઓ આવી ટકેદારી પણ એતેકાદપૂર્વક રાખે છે। ખોદાપાક આપણી કોમ ઉપર મહેરબાન થાવ એજ દુવા !

[1] ઉદવાડે ઈરાનશાહને નમન કરવા જતા હમદીનો - જેહાંગીરજી સો. ચીનીવાલા,Dini Avaz,Vol.10 No.1,Jan.-Feb. 1985,pg.30 to 32.


લગભગ પચાસ વધુ વર્ષની વાત છે. બે.બે. ઉસ્તાદ સાહેબ બેહરામશાહજી ઉદવાડે પાધરીયા હતા. શ્રીજી ઇરાનશાહના મકાનમાં પણ આવ્યા હતા. પરંતુ અંદરના ભાગમાં જઇ શ્રીજી ઇરાનશાહ આતશ પાદશાહ સાહેબના દર્શન કર્યા ન હતાં.....બેહરામશાહજી જયારે ઉદવાડે પહેલાં આવ્યા હતા ત્યારે ઇરાનશાહ સામે ગયા ન હતા. પરંતુ બહારથી પોતા તરફનો હદિયો ઈરાનશાહને અર્પણ કરાવ્યો હતો.......ઉસ્તાદ સાહેબના બહુજ ઘાડા સમાગમમાં આવનાર મોબેદ બેહરામજી ઉનવાલાએ ખુલાસો કરતાં જણાવ્યુ હતું કે મેં ઉસ્તાદ સાહેબને ફરીથી ઉદવાડા પધારવાની અને શ્રીજી સાહેબ ઇરાનશાહના દર્શન કરવાની અનેક વાર અરજ કરી હતી. એકવાર તેના જવાબમાં બેહરામશાહજી એમ કહ્યું હતું કે તારે ઘરે ઉતારો આપજે, મને સાદુ નાહન બા કાનુન આપજે, ત્યાંથી એક નવો સુધરેહ અને કુસ્તી આપજે. એટલે બેહરામજી સ્વાભાવીક રીતે ખુશાલી વચ્ચે હા કહયું હતું......થોડાંક વર્ષો પછીથી એકવાર ઉદવાડા જવાની ખાહેશ ઉસ્તાદે દેખાડી. અમુક દીવસે જવાની તૈયારી પણ કરવામાં આવી સાથે જેહાંગીર કાવસજી ઉનવાલા પણ જનાર હતા અને સર્વ નક્કી કર્યું હતું પરંતુ છેલ્લે દીવસે નહિ પણ છેલ્લે કલાકે માંડી વળતાં બેહરામશાહજીએ જણાવ્યુ કે મને હમણાજ મારા ઉસ્તાદ તરફથી હોકમ થયો છે કે ઉદવાડા જવું નહિ.[1]

[1] એરવદ દીનશાહ કાવસજી સીધવા (ઉદવાડા), "પારસી આવાઝ", dated 4/11/1962, Page 10.

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Mankind and his Cosmic Tryst with other Worlds.- Part 9

The Hindu Yugas and their Correlation with Zarvane Daregho Khadateh (ZDK) :-

We will try now to correlate between the Hindu Yugas and Zarvaneh Daregho Khadateh(ZDK). It has to be noted that Calculation of Hindu Yugas is “Kulyati” = Collective evolution, where as Mazdayasnan calculation of ZDK is “Zuzvavi” = Separate and detailed evolution and is as per “M-ta” Calculation= right and detailed calculation in nature and displays separate time frame and every time frame is dissected separately and given in detail. (See Nikhiz Volume 1 Page no 819 and 823. 42K).
Reference:- This entire topic of Hindu Yugas is taken from Essential Origins of Zoroastrianism by Dr. F.S.Chiniwalla Page 179-180 and The Manual of Khshnoom By Phiroze Tavadia Pages 378 to 381, Nikhiz Vehdin Volume 1 Page 42k - 43k . The undermentioned tables is taken from “Significance and Philosophy of the Vendidad” by Ervad Marzban Hathiram Page 17, and the simplified tables contain simple multiplication and division rules, which provides bird’s eye view of the Hindu Yugas and its comparison with ZDK.

It should be noted that the Hindu Yugas viz. Satya, Treta, Dvapar, and Kali are in fact nothing but the collective forms of the Daregho Khadat aeons. Each Yuga in a trio cantains so many Daregho Khadat comprising of 81,000 years only to remain in Laya period or the inactive time period to begin anew the next Dargho Khadateh. According to Khshnoom the “Laya period” or the average period of life on Airyana Vaeja, which constitutes transitional period between end of one ZDK marked by deluge the earth experiences according to natures plan and beginning of another ZDK comes to 27,000 years. Laya period is explained further in details below.

The ratio of 3 is to 16:-

The Hindu Yugas and the Mazdayasna Daregho Khadateh aeons stand in the ratio of 3 to 16. What is so special in the number 3 and 16 ?? ( For details see Kali-Yug explanation under title of Applied Numerology).
That is Kali-Yuga which contains 4,32,000 years is multiplied by Three that is 3 Kali-Yugas makes 12,96,000 years (4,32,000x3=12,96,000) will make 16 Daregho Khadat (ZDK). Thus Kali-Yuga contains 16 ZDK.
Note:- How Kali-Yuga has come to 4,32,000 years its explanation is given below.
Dvapar-Yuga is 4,32,000 multiplied by 2 (is actually twice Kaliyuga)4,32,000x2=8,64,000 will make 32 ZDK. (Note Dva=2). Thus Dvapar-yuga contains 32 ZDK.
Treta –Yuga is 4,32,000 multipled by 3 (is actually thrice Kaliyuga) 4,32,000x3=12,96,000 will make 48 ZDK (Note Treta=3). Thus Treta-Yuga contains 48 ZDK.
Satya-Yuga is 4,32,000 multiplied by 4 (is actually 4 Kaliyuga) 4,32,000x4=17,28,000 will make 64 ZDK. Thus Satya-Yuga contains 64 ZDK.

Applied Numerology:-

The number attached to ZDK shows and explains the nature of the Yuga. In Kali Yuga, the 16 number denotes two digits that is 1 and 6 which by addition make 7 (1+6=7). The number 16 denotes Keshash or Karma. Our Atash Behram is made up of 16 types of Atash and Atash Padshah takes care of our Karma. It is through Karma that Druj is transmuted. Just like Iron smith through hammering of Iron heated on furnace fire is moulded to a desired shape. The pounding is denoted by hardships an Individual goes through. The souls that descend in this Kali-Yuga give vent to their lust and deviate from the godly path and fall in viscious circle of birth and death, the shuttling (Thwaksh) for purification of soul and through dire suffering in this material world refered to as Ayangha Khshustha= Molten Iron ( Yasna 51,9). Fire is the lord of Karma. It is through fire of “Atash Behram” that one will reach the power of Number Three(see Treta-Yug) which will evove the soul to liberation= “Nejat”= Mukti. Ref:- Farhangeh Meher Page 62. Thus number 16 which added will finally show number 7(1+6=7). This number 7 denotes the revolutions and upheavals of Kali- Yuga that is times of great changes when sin will work havoc. Such is the connotation of Kali. The above explanation is enough for us to understand the Ratio of 3:16
Next in Dvapar Yuga, the number 32 denotes two digits 3 and 2 that is 3+2=5, this number 5 denotes times in which the five senses are controlled by five higher senses. Such is the connotation of Dvapar denoted by number 32.
Next in Treta Yuga, the number 48 denotes two digits 4 and 8, that is 4+8=12 which is further 1+2=3. The mystic import of number 3 denotes and connotes that from the beginning one that is from Hasti we come to this Nisti Condition of second import from which remaining on the path we should find our way back that is we must take a third turn upwards again. That is we have come from Hasti for transmutation of Ego or Ignorance, gone to Nisti and earth and now we go back to Hasti after full process of alchemy of soul is complete. Thus Treta contains 48 ZDK denotes a time when people will work only for the emancipation of the soul.
Next in Satya Yuga, the number 64 denotes two digits 6 and 4, that is 6+4=10 which denotes our final goal that is perfection. Satya-Yuga denotes the time when men will be of one Varana, forming one Brotherhood. See Visual below:-

Even Kaliyug cannot harm you:-

A small note will suffice to remind us that we are presently living in this Kali-Yug. How are we supposed to lead our lives in this Kalyug. According to Parsee Avaz and precious advice by Akhada Behdin Bin Kaus, it is shown as under:-
Dariyav e Nasihat by Akhada Behdin Kaus
"Those who possess compassion and love for humanity in general, those whose speech is only truth if uttered, and those whose physical body and mind is ever ready to help others by their selfless service to humanity even kaliyug is helpess towards those individuals and cannot harm them."
However hard malefice aspect of planets is in our destiny, when Problems are there, God has also given us solutions, but it is upto us to reach out and find solutions and act in right manner. What else do we want from this life.
See importance of Karma and Keshash below.

Reference:- for below mentioned Vedic Calculation is taken from “Manual of Khshnoom” by Phiroze Tavadia Page 378- 379

Thus, ZDK is a specific Aeon, while Yuga are collective generic Aeons. Amongst the Mazdayasnan there are collective Mahin Charkh showing the parellel of Yuga. That is:-

1 ZDK=81,000 years
4 ZDK= 1 Mahin Charkha
1 Mahin Charkha(4x81,000) =3,24,000 years
1 Kali-Yuga = 4,32,000 years

Vedic mode of Calculations of Yugas according to “Gita Rahsya”

In Vedic calculations as is mentioned in our 7 Kaal there is no mention of time lapse between creation of the Universe and its destruction or its merging. Also as in 7 Kaals we have time frame explaining Pre Cosmogenesis era the impersonal God Ahu, the making of Ahura mazda, Angra Mainyu, the formation of Hasti, then Nisti and then earth, Initially AhuraMazda and Angramainyu working together for a time frame and later both of them separated, Humans descending the earth and after evolution the merging of Universe to Ahu. All that is mentioned in 7 Kaals. Where as as per “Samkhya Karika” non of above is mentioned and only the 4 Hindu Yugas explaining the mankind and their journey on earth is mentioned.

As per Gita Rahsya Volume 1 Page 263-264 written by Sanskrit Scholar Bal Gangadhar Tilak he mentions as under:- “ What period of time lapse between the creation of the Universe and its destruction or merging is nowhere mentioned in Sankhya Karika yet he thinks(Tilak) that computation of time mentioned in Manu Samhita, Bhagwad Gita or Mahabharata must have been accepted by Samkhya Philosophers”.

Importance of Karma and Keshash:-

The original Gita certain parts are universal, did not preach the Philosophy of Renunciation (nivrtti), but of Energism (Karma Yoga); and that possibly, the single word yoga used in the Gita had been used to mean Karma Yoga. This release through medium of Karma could be obtained by knowledge (jnana) or by devotion (bhakti), that is to say, of the moksa-marga.That is why Karma or Keshash plays very important part in our release from this world. Face whatever karma that comes our way truthfully knowing fully well that it is for our own good. That is why till our Karma is not dissolved, we have blinkers before our eyes, even if jnana or knowledge is put before us we will laugh it off as mere superstition and thus we won’t attain Mokhsha. The food is there before our eyes, but we are not hungry, so whose fault is it anyway. Pay great attention to our Karma with others. Try to reduce it, but not increase it. Such is importance of Keshash that Khshnoom teaches us.

But how do we know what is wrong and right for us ? For that we have to develop our Kherad by adopting the path of tarikat, and then listen to voice of our conscience. But first sincere effort to follow path of tarikat is step in right direction. Even after following path of Tarikat we do not get results then no need to get disheartened, but try to redo it, analyse ourself, and introspect where we have gone wrong. Ask questions to one own self; we are our best guides and no need to consult others, nor go to Peer, Buwa, Maulvi or follow other religious practices.

Difference between Earth years and God Years as per Sankhya Philosophers :-

In one Earth year, our Uttarayana, that is period when the apparent Sun seems to travel towards North is the Day of the gods, and our Dakshinayana, when Sun seems to travel southwards is the night of the gods. Hence the whole earth year which consist of Sun moving North in half year and in other half year Sun moving southward, this whole Earth year is only taken as One day and Night of the god. That is 1 Earth year= 1 Day of the the God. As the Sun moves 360 degrees around Earth, in 1 Earth year, hence 360 Earth years= 360 God Days/Night of 24 hours= 1 year of the God. So Sankhya Philosophers has taken 360 Earth years= 1 Year of the God in their Calculations. We know that as per Hindu Calculation they have 4 Yugas and their number of years is counted as under:-

Note:- These 12,000 years as stated in Puranas are years of God, meaning 360 x 12000 = 43,20,000 Earth Years.

The Transitional period is the period which is taken on either side of main Period of Yuga, as one Yuga does not start immediately after the close of the previous one, and there are intermediate years which are conjunctional.
Note:-As we know as per Khshnoom the end of every ZDK is heralded by a deluge drowning all humans, animal and vegetable life. However before the deluge actually comes over a Saviour named “Soshyos” who in rank is next to Holy Zarathushtra carries to safety the excellent pairs of all Genuses of mankind, animal and plant life. These human pair is thus known as “Maabadian”=Abad- free, Mah-water. The indestructible height of safety where they were removed is called “Mt Alborz” in “Aivi-Thrishva” the holy one third of earth globe buried since long under snow at the North Pole. Thus Thrishva and the known material world are populated alternatively. That is while Thrishva is populated for period of 27,000 years, our material world is uninhibited due to flood waters and while globe is again inhabited and runs the course of fresh ZDK of 81,00 years time cycle, the Thrishwa remains uninhabited being buried under snow.

According to Khshnoom, the average period of life on “Airyana Vaeja” in “Aivi-Thrishwa”, which constitutes the Transitional period between 1 ZDK (of 81,000 years) and another ZDK comes to 27,000 years as shown further right below.(as is highlighted in Grey)
As we have seen above:-
1 ZDK=81,000 years
4 ZDK= 1 Mahin Charkha
1 Mahin Charkha(4x81,000) =3,24,000 years
1 Kali-Yuga = 4,32,000 years

The transitional periods included in Kali- Yuga is excluded from Mahin Charkha:-

For our present purpose we are concerned with Kali-Yuga the sum total of 1200 years as shown in grey shade in the tables have been stated to be God Years. As 1 God year=360 Human Years. Hence 1 Kali-Yuga=1200 x 360 = 4,32,000 years which are inclusive of the Transitional periods.
Where as with regard to our Ancient Iranian system:-
1 ZDK=81,000 years
4 ZDK= 1 Mahin Charkha
1 Mahin Charkha(4x81,000) =3,24,000 years.

Thus these 3,24,000 years which will be readily understood, are exclusive of 4 transitional periods of ZDK. (4x1 ZDK=324000)
Thus Mahin charkha=3,24,000 years and Kali-Yuga=4,32,000 years, the difference between the two comes to 1,08,000 years (4,32,000 – 3,24,000= 1,08,000). If we divide these 1,08,000 years by 4 is equal to 27,000 years. This 27,000 years period is known as “Laya Period” or idle period between any two ZDK cycle.

Conclusion:- Thus the difference between the Vedic Kali Yuga and the Iranian Mahin Charkha is that the 4 transitional periods which is equal to 1,08,000 years are included in the former that is Vedic Kali Yuga, and excluded from the latter that is Mahin Charkha.

Lastly and in conclusion we will answer all the questions very briefly as asked in "Mankind and his Cosmic Tryst with other Worlds.- Part 7" of this series:-


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Mankind and his Cosmic Tryst with other Worlds.- Part 8 Cosmo genesis Continued

In this series we have all seen that this Cosmos was built from very beginning to dissolve Daev, Druj, Primeval Ego, Ignorance, Arrogance of Ruvan. Let us take some few technical terms which require to be clearly understood by us.
Diffrence between Bagha Ahunavar and Yathā Ahu Vairyo:-
Bagha Ahunavar, which posseses consciousness, light, power etc is the infinitesimal part of Ahunavar, Bagha=Part, the original will of Ahu in the beginning of all beginnings, while Yathā Ahu Vairyo is the holy spell formulated in Avesta by Asho Zarathustra and though composition of this Yathā Ahu Vairyo isa based on the very vibrations embodied in Bagha Ahunavar, still the word Celestial of the lord God Ahu is said to be 81 times more powerful than Yathā Ahu Vairyo.
“Ahumat” and “Ahuviyat”, The perfect and Imperfect Knowledge Divine:-
We shall proceed with Anghu- Paorva,the pre-Cosmo-genesis world technically known as Anamathvao Alam, the inconceivable World.
It is stated that in the Bagha Ahunavar there were two kinds of Lights - one superior and the other inferior, the former possessing perfect divine knowledge and the latter imperfect. The superior possessed "Ahumat" (literally of the thought of AHU), i.e., possessing perfect divine knowledge, and hence displaying full humility and devotion to AHU, the Light of lights. The inferior lights possessed arrogance, i.e., they were lacking in humility and devotion to AHU. In other words, they possessed divine ignorance.

This arrogance arising out of divine ignorance is technically called Taro-maiti or "Drvao" in Avesta (from Dru- to run, or turn away from) the Light of AHU, and hence Drvao signifies the quality or tendency to run away from that Light of AHU). Thus, these inferior or imperfect Lights possessed in different degrees the tendencies of disobedience to and rebelliousness against AHU. In other words, these Lights, which possessed Drvao, were not attracted to, but were repulsed from AHU. Hence this quality of Drvao is called "Ahuviyat" or "Huvi'" (lit." AHU plus vi plus yat meaning to run speedily away from AHU) IN THIS AHUVIYAT LIES THE SOURCE OF ALL "EVIL".

Varied Ratios of Ahuviyat or Dravao, Evil

The proportion of Ahuviyat (Evil), i.e., the ratio between Evil and Good, was not uniform in all the Lights, but was varied. These variations have been graded in nine groups. Thus, some possessed 8 parts of evil and 1 of good, others 7 of evil and 2 of good and so on - the proportion of good increasing in inverse ratio to that of evil decreasing and vice versa.

Rule of Asha due to Predominance of Obedient Lights

Moreover, the Lights possessing Ahumat and those possessing Ahuviyat, that is, those displaying allegiance to AHU and those showing rebelliousness against AHU respectively were also not in equal proportions. In Bagha Ahunavar there was a preponderance of the former possessing Ahumat over the rebellious ones possessing Ahuviyat or Huvi, and hence the latter (rebellious ones) remained dormant, i.e., did not raise their heads in rebellion. Consequently, the state of unity or oneness of Asha (literally holiness) prevailed in Bagha Ahunavar.

Paorva Fravashi the Light Ineffable and Indivisible whole that sets Ahunavar Plan into Motion

We have seen already that prior to the creation of the Universe in that past of all dead past, Bagha Ahunavar and Paourva Fravashi simultaneously manifested themselves, and the
feasibility of the creation of the Universe was established with the stage of the first Hoshbam, the dawn of the Universe. As stated already the office of putting AHU'S Will into effect for the creation of the Universe was assigned to Paourva Fravashi. This Paourva Fravashi who represents Divine Wisdom, is the highest and joint potentiality with Bagha Ahunavar, and the supermost Power and Light Ineffable. Paourva (or Paurva) literally means first or anterior, i.e., first in-existence, primemost, and hence it means the Fravashi which existed first or anterior to the creation of the Universe. Fravashi literally means one that puts forth or carries into action the Will (of AHU); (technically derived from Av. Fra. forth or forward, and Vas plus i from Vas, to wish or will) though philologically the term Fravashi is derived from fra=forth, forward and Vax = to make progress, to grow and I suffix.In rank, Paourva Fravashi stands only next to AHU, who is Wahed-e-Hakiki, the Absolute One without a second" i.e., One in oneness, while Paourva Fravashi is in, oneness, being the very outward manifestation of AHU Himself, and is One Integral whole, i.e. undivided and indivisible, and having no fractions.

Armaiti, the Special quality of Paourva Fravashi

It is stated in the beginning that Khao Afrazyamna possessed the triad of (1) Yaon (2) Rashnu, and (3) Armaiti. Of these three, Armaiti is the one exceptional and sublimest quality of Paourva Fravashi, which represents the latter's absolute devotion and obedience to AHU'S Will, (literally Av. Ar plus maiti, perfect humility or wisdom), drawing her (Paourva Fravashi's) authority from Bagha Ahunavar above mentioned and functioning as His co-operator.

Paourva Fravashi as Ahu’s Ratu in Yatha Ahu Vairyo Prayer

It is not known in philology that the two terms 'AHU' and 'Ratu' occurring in the first two lines of the Yatha Ahu Vairyo prayer have special significances. In the various passages in
Avesta these two terms (Ahu wild Ratu) are used with different grades of meanings_ but in the Yatha Ahu Vairyo prayer - according to Khshnoom teachings - AHU (literally "it IS") stands for 'AHU the Absolute One in oneness' alienated from Khao Afrazyamna by means of Niru as stated already and Ratu for Paourva Fravashi.
In his rendering of Yatha Ahu Vairyo, the learned Ervad Kanga translates the word AHU as king, i.e., the political ruler and Ratu as 'Dastooran Dastoor', i.e., High Priest Superior, in his
book entitled "Khordeh Avesta with Translation". Such meanings of AHU and Ratu are secondary, i.e., of much lower degree,
which may be applicable in other contexts, but are extremely degrading when applied to AHU and Ratu occurring in the first two lines of Yatha Ahu Vairyo prayer.

Distinction between Paorva Fravashi and Ashaunam Fravashi

Paourva Fravashi (singular) the executrix of the Ahunavar Plan is located in the heart of the Creator Ahura Mazda. It is referred to in the various passages in Farvardin Yasht as
Ashaunam Fravashi and though literally the latter does mean Bountiful Fravashis (plural), yet Ashaunam-Fravashi is a compound technical term and must not be rendered tymologically. Ashaunam Fravashi is in the plural because it signifies the combined Fravashis of the seven Ameshaspends and of the perfected souls of the numerous Yazadic Intelligences (Ahuraongho) who are attuned with Paourva Fravashi. It must, however, be reiterated that Paourva Fravashi is one single ineffable and indivisible perfect light representing divine Wisdom.

"Staota Yasna", The Ceremony of Vibrationary Colours Performed by Paourva Fravashi For the Creation of the Universe

We have seen above that there were two types of lights one with imperfect divine knowledge in varied degrees, and the other with perfect, also in varied degrees. They were all lying dormant, that is, in an undeveloped or seedling state in the Bagha Ahunavar and moreover they were all in a state of jumbled mass. Now Paourva Fravashi develops these two types of seedlings and reduces them into two distinct groups. For accomplishing this she twice transmits on Bagha Ahunavar her rays of 'Staota', vibrationary colours, emanating from Atashe-Shaedan, the fire energy of super-glory within her, and thus attunes herself with him (Bagha Ahunavar). This transmission is accompanied with pondering in both the cases with diverse thought-forces, so as to instigate the innate propensities of the respective group concerned as shown further on. This grand divine ceremony performed by Paourva Fravashi in the Anamanthvao Alam, the unthinkable precosmo-genesis world, is called "Staota Yasna", the ceremony of Staota, vibrationary colours. Of the above two groups the
Imperfect lights being in minority were activated first, and then the perfect. In worldly parlance Bagha Ahunavar with His undeveloped seedlings of Light acts as the allegorical male fowl, and Paourva Fravashi by Her attuning, i.e., uniting with Him acts as the allegorical female fowl. This union of Fravashi with Bagha Ahunavar brought forth the "Egg" as the result, which is Staota Yasna. So it is technically stated that Bagha Ahunavar as the 'father' supplied "Chithra" or "Tokhma", seeds, and Paourva Fravashi as 'mother' supplied the "Pithwa", the Divine Nourishment. As the result of this union or attunement with each other, "Staota Yasna"was developed as a sprout. Though this Staota Yasna engendered Duality, still being in the Anamanthvao Alam, the Duality is in the latent state, that is to say Oneness still rules in the Staota Yasna. In this Staota Yasna lies the pattern of the entire Universe that came into being later on.

Bagha Ahunavar – Father- Chithra Tokhma – Seed

(+) Plus Paorva Fravashi- Mother- Pithwa- Divine Nourishment

(=) Is equal to = Egg of Stoat Yasna ( In it lies pattern of the entire Universe)

So we see that from the above "Egg" the imperfect or opposing Lights called "Urvans" are activated first and the obedient or concordant lights called "Baodangh" are activated next. From the imperfection of Urvans comes Satan, called in Avesta Angra Mainyu, the spirit of destruction, and from the perfection of the Baodangh comes Spenta Mainyu, the angel of prosperity, more commonly known as 'Dadvao Ahura Mazda', (Yt. 13,83) the Creator of the Universe, the two referred to in Gatha (Ysn. 30,3) as the "Twins". 'Staota Yasna' Ceremony for Foundation 'of Universe Unknown in Philology The two Avestan terms 'Chithra' and 'Staota Yasna' dealt with above occur together in a small sentence of only six words in Visparad; 23" 1 as : "Vahishta chithra yazamaide ya Staota Yesnya", which means: "We attune ourselves with the sublimest seed (Vahishta Chithra) which (is) Staota Yasna (the divine ceremony of vibrationary colours performed by the Paourva Fravashi in the pre-cosmo-ge!nesis world for causing the manifestation of the Universe)". But the knowledge of the pre-cosmo-genesis world and its description to which the above two terms (Chithra and Staota Yasna) relate, being unknown in philology, Dr. Mills could not understand them in their technical significances, and hence translated the above little sentence in S.B.E. Vol. XXXI as: "We sacrifice to those (prayers) which are evident as the best", in which the lofty technical significances of the two terms concerned with the pre-cosmo-genesis world are entirely lost, because the learned scholar knew Staota Yasna only as the name of the prayers of the same name composed by the holy Prophet on this earth.

Reference:- Manual of Khshnoom by Phiroze Tavadia Page 104 to 109

Divisions and Classes of Souls:-

All souls with Dravao, wickedness in varied degrees are exiled from 8th heaven of Zodiac (Anagra Raochao) to the planetary world. As per the law of Mazdadat that is deified law of Infoldment of Spirit to Matter and law of decimalization 0.9 of the soul is reformed and succeed in entering the heaven and is called as Dukhul Ruvan. The remaining 0.1 part being inferior cannot enter heaven but remain outside and is called as Subut Ruvan. This Subut Soul when it does not succeed in entering the heaven is still further divided as per law of Mazdadat. Its 0.9 part (that is 0.09 of the whole unit soul rotates and revolves in transition region known as Nisti e Awwal

The Various divisions of a whole Unit soul above mentioned may be shown as under:-

For detailed reading of Division of souls refer Manual of Khshnoom by Phiroze Tavadia Page 190-191

We will try to correlate between the Hindu Yugas and Zarvaneh Daregho Khadateh in next Part 9

Firdosh K Sukhia