Aim of this Blog

Aim of this Blog

There is something very wrong with the world that we are made to see around us. Human Society is not happy, there is
protest, discontentment, poverty, inequality, greed, corruption, Ego, Fanatics’, Agnostics’, natural calamities occurring with frightening regularity and above all Global terrorism which just does not want to call it a day.In short there is chaos everywhere. One word that can describe all this is “Qayamat”. In Jamasphi” and at many places in our Zoroastrian scriptures like“Chithrem Buyaat” prayers, it is mentioned that time is near for Shah Behram Varjawand our Saviour to come in this Qayamat and revive us and our Deen. The Saviours from other religions will also appear and will work together with a common goal for grooming mankind and his spiritual revival.

Today every one wants to die a Martyr's death for Religion, but no body wants to live for the sake of true teachings of Religion. It goes without a doubt that we have let go the true kernel of Mysticism in religion and embraced only the outer shell of a glossy show of Religion. We forget that Religion is not show business but it is a way of living. Your Left hand should not be able to know what Tarikats your right hand is practicing.

The Western Astrology call this as Aquarian age and phenomenon that we see today are occuring with lightening quickness. For we never knew that Communist USSR will disintegrate one day and fragment into many small nations, that Germany will one day be united, the revolution in Egypt, Syria, the fall of dictators, and China a sleeping giant awakening to technological boom are all an indicator that we are very much in this Aquarian age. The transition from the Age of Pisces to Aquarian Age is already taking its toll till we roll into Age of peace and calm. We are looking forward to being Optimistic and not being fatally Pessimists. Please see the link provided:-

More than 100 years before in past when faith was at its lowest Nadir in our community without caring for deep religious significance when there was idle talks about futility of our time tested customs like Dokhmenashini, Rituals, Sudreh Kusti being only a symbol, Avesta Manthra prayers being considered as waste of time, faulty myopic thinking that offerings of sandalwood to Atash Padshah being waste of sound monetary resources which could have been better utilized for betterment of our community, lack of faith was the reason behind these ignorance’s. Ignorance coupled with arrogance was, and still is the main reason stymieing our spiritual progress.

The Zoroastrian hidden Masters in Demavand who are very much concerned about our community’s spiritual progress saw the need of sending a forerunner before the advent of Shah Behram Varjawand Saheb, and they chose Behramshah Nawroji Shroff whom his followers lovingly call him as Ustad Saheb. He brought amongst us Zoroastrian Mysticism called as Zarathosti Ilme-Khshnoom.

The word Khshnoom can be found even in our scriptures, so it is not something alien that is thrust on us. It is the revival of the lost knowledge called as Ilme-Khshnoom that our forefathers had with them that kept the flame of faith burning in their hearts, that Ustad saheb brought for us. The literature is penned down by his chosen and authorized disciples late Dr. Saheb Faramroze Sohrabji Chiniwala, and Late Jehangirji S. Chinwala.

Late Ervad Phiroze Shapurji Masani had for so many years maintained his publication “Frashogard” all under guidance of Ustad Saheb. Today we see that day by day our faith is again going downhill. The need of Saviour can only be felt when all seems to be lost towards Traditional cause. It is to rekindle that hope and faith and iron out unwarranted fear of our religion dying a premature death that this Blog will be looking forward to. The aim for starting this Blog is to translate the majority of Khshnoom literature that is in Gujarati writings of Late Chiniwala brothers and Late Phiroze Masani for the benefit of those genuinely interested in Zoroastrian Mysticism .

When there is too much of chaos nature allows it only up to a certain threshold limit, once it crosses the limits it puts a
full stop to it, for nature has its own ways of bringing Order out of Chaos.

So in mean time what are we Zarathosti Bastekustian supposed to do that will hasten the advent of Shah Behram Varjawand Saheb ? Are we supposed to look skywards and wait for him eternally ? His advent will much depend upon us also.

In nature there is a law of “Supply and Demand”. If the demand is there, supply is guaranteed. In Bible it is said that "Ask and it shall be given to you, seek and you will find it, knock and the doors will open to you." ….. Mathew 7:7 Niv. Unfortunately the much needed knock never seems to happen and everybody is busy enjoying their fun filled moments and warns us to keep off limits of their rights and Freedom. But they seem to forget that behind every right that one asks for, there is a responsibility which is conveniently forgotten.

"RTI" also known as "Right to information"is blatantly misused in today's world of so called Freedom . Some want Freedom to enjoy whatever is appealing to them, but is considered as Taboo in Society. Not before all these false ideology will be swept away by fury of nature and realization of folly will dawn naturally aftermath,nevertheless too late by then, but the road will be paved for introducing Shah Behram Varjawand to the world.

In middle of face-off between two warring sides and Chaos, we will come to know the time of Varjawand Saheb's arrival automatically. As a Mother knows intuitively the time of delivery of the baby, we will feel the desperate pangs of labour like a Mother feels before her delivery.

Right now only a few are longing for his arrival but just as "A lone sparrow does not herald a spring" similarly one requires a collective thought force to set everything in motion. For that I had started a short exercise every 7.30 a.m. in morning but unfortunately we don’t seem to realize its importance. Till we are all vibrating with one frequency, other word is called as Hum Mithra, Varjawand Saheb’s advent will be a distant dream only. The exercise is as under to be followed by a Mithra every 7 a.m. or around that time frame. No need to be very rigid about time. The Mithra is as under:-

What is Hum Mithra:-

Man proposes and God disposes. Hence we requires Dadar Ahura Mazda’s blessings all the time for success and that is known as “Daham Afriti”. Without it we cannot move forward even an inch. But for his Daham Afriti to be assessable to us we require to think with one vibration in Hamoi, only then can we succeed in our purpose. Dadar Ahura Mazda is not happy when there is infighting so how can we receive his Daham Afreeti. This one thought force having selfless single pure vibration is known as Hum Mithra. The Law of cause and effect governs this universe so whatever incidents we see bad or good its cause has to be there. Every action has its reaction. The bad precedent that we are facing now after a crematorium is announced in Worli where innocent public are falling prey to it. Those encouraging Aramgah and such ashmogi are themselves the victims of their own deeds so we have to pity them instead of contempt for them and a calming thought has to be passed by us at a particular time collectively. If love is the language of angels then why should we be harsh to even our so called enemies. For in life there are no enemies, and everything is Karmic. The Bhali Dua is as under:-

Bhali Dua at 0730 am every morning:-

2 Yatha , 1 Ashem Vohu.

Those ignorant brothers and sisters opposing our age old customs of Dokhmenashini and believe in universality of our religion by inviting all to our holy places and Iranshah need our pity and not contempt for they are bitten by the demon of ignorance and arrogance. O Paak Dadar Ahura Mazda shower your choicest blessings upon them that they regain their lost faith and begin realizing that the true nature of religion is humility.

"Let no harm come upon the Traditional Zoroastrian flag and its values which are so dear to us. Let the reformists agenda and their nefarious plans never succeed. Let no harm befall upon Pavmahal of India that is - our Iranshah of Udwada and all Atash Behram, Atash Adran and Dadgah of India. Let not one day pass without Atash Parasti and our reverence towards Holy consecrated Fire(Pavmahal),Dokhmas, Sudreh Kusti, Mathravani which acts as a weapon to thwart evil. Enable us to protect our racial traits of Parsi Panu through Boonak Pasbani. Enable us to maintain our true “Zarathosti Khandani” by not intermarrying and continue with our Aryan Lineage intact. May the advent of Shah Behram Varjawand come soon, and before him may his forerunners arrive at the earliest and grant us spiritual strength to withstand evil around us. Let my Kusti Padiav and my Tarikats be helpful to nature to fight for the cause of righteousness against the evil negative forces of Drujis, and may it protect us all Zarathustis and entire humanity who live by their religion and its tenets. "Phiroj baad Khureh avizeh Vehdin e Mazdiyasnan" - Let the Khoreh of Mazdiyasni Zarathosti deen protect its faithful followers"

1 Yatha, 2 Ashem Vohu

Best regards,

Firdosh K Sukhia

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saen Daruji and Saen Baaj as its remedy

Original written in Gujarati by Late Jehangirji S. Chiniwala (from Parsee Avaz dated 12-12-1971)

There are two types of Destiny. They are 1) Immutable Destiny and 2) Mutable Destiny. Both Destinies can be predicted by Najoom science of Astrology. In ancient Iran during the times of Lord Zarathustra and as taught by our great Prophet to his ace Disciple Jamaspa, "Jame Jahnuma" was a complete Science through which such predictions could be be made. 9,000 years from now in the past whatever great upheavals that had occurred and will be happening in future from now had been correctly predicted and recorded by Ace disciple Jamasp in his Mega epic "Jamasphi" Volume. These volume is lost and unavailable to us now, what we have with us is only a faint glimpse of the original epic.

Nature has in its bosoms certain laws that governs karma of humans. Karma or Keshash are of two kinds. 1) Individual Keshash 2) Collective Keshash (of Country). As per the good or bad deeds of humans he has to endure its consequences known as "Keshash". Zarathusti Din has at its basic grassroot level certain law that dispense Justice and its glimpse can be found in "Ustavad Gatha: Akem Akai Vanguhim Ashim Vangahove" meaning good deeds invites good destiny and blessings where as for bad deeds we have to endure and suffer. It is through this law of Akem Akai can we earn liberation from rebirth through good deeds. The law of "Paityoget" and "keshash" is based on basic Principle of Akem Akai. As per collective group of souls having same Jzhirum or followers of same religion have to endure their own individual Keshash as well as collective Keshash. It is through happiness and suffering that one evolves spiritually. Zarathusti Deen has explained such Minoi Science in details. The collective as well as Individual Keshash or Karma that one undergoes through is due to one's own doing and undoing for which nobody else but himself is to be blamed for it.

The present time period of Kaliyug or Hashemi Zamanah is that of upheaval and unrest. The meaning of Kali or Hashem tantamount to Mangal or Mars planet and Star's astrological movement has cascading effect that spreads unrest, War, Destruction and Violence. The malevolent astrological effects of Mars planet leads mankind to materialistic gains which myopically although looks quite attractive but these materialism separates him further away from nature and driving him further and deeper into quicksand of materialism. After materialistic gains comes the suffering of the mankind and he finally learns futility of such pursuits. This self learning of his puts him back on tracks from which he has derailed. He tries to correct himself and in the process learns spiritual lessons never to be forgotten. That is how a human evolves spiritually.

Ustad Saheb Behramshahji has shown us as per Zarathosti Deen the calculation of Zarvane Daregokhadat or how time is measured, or flow of earths' historical time chart right from its inception. Based on Tavil of Zarvane Daregokhadat he has made predictions for near future which has never been proved incorrect. The other name of present Time period or Zamanah is also called as "Kayamat Zamanah". Kayamat means that whatever is unwanted or ugly is destroyed first and is replaced by law order and beauty.

From collective thoughts, words, and deeds of whole humanity emanates elemental fields which are good as well as bad depending on its source and same is meticulously accumulated and recorded in nature. This is similar to how a tape recorder works and records a voice or any sound. The elemental fields that build up due to evil deeds of humans who are ignorant and arrogant are dark and ugly upon which Ahriman who is disciple of Gehnamino sows its seeds of destruction. From these seeds the dark clouds finally evolves into contagious Diseases, and Natural calamities like Floods, Famines, Fire, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Tsunamis, and manmade Calamities like War, and war mongering off springs are born.

Zarathusti Deen describes elaborately about "Saen Druji". Even before Satan had infiltrated this Earth but had surrounded its premises with intention of infiltrating earth, he used to tempt human kind so that he would commit grave sins which will produce Saen Daruji Elemental Clouds. The Tavil of Zarvane Dareghokhadat describes earth's time cycles and important events as flow chart. Previously when Satan had not infiltrated earth it was known as Garodeman or Paradise when Satan was unable to tempt human kind but as time cycle changed and this earth became Drujo Deman where we are living in it presently than Satan tempted humans and as result dark Saen Daruji Elemental Clouds formed which clustered and hovered around Apakhtar or North.

The five main religions known as Panjeh-Takesh had "Asho Nar" of all 5 respective religions who relentlessly day and night used to meditate in seclusion away from prying eyes of Mankind and protected mankind from ill effects of Saen Daruji. Similarly Saen Daruji clouds were kept under control by Religious institutions of all 5 religions with their holy fields intact enhanced by countless prayers and Kriyas recited by the faithful followers. The priestly class of Zarathusti Deen are responsible in nature for keeping in check Saen Daruji. In today’s' turbulent times, the time and place is not right to practice our religion in its pristine form. Even in spite of this drawback a Yozdathregar priest if he performs Vendidad and Yajashne correctly and fully by maintaining holy Karsh of Urvisgah of Atash Padshah saheb than such a kriya can reasonably protect the community. However the ill effects of Saen Daruji cannot be completely neutralized.

In olden times of Zarathosti Shahensahat or Persian Monarchy, the Monarch king used to take advise of Ashvans who were highly regarded and given rightful place near Monarch. In such times if Saen Daruji clouds were noticed when they gathered menacingly at "Apakhtar" or North, than appropriate remedial steps were taken immediately and before the Saen Daruji grew into a Juggernaut Monster the seeds of this daruji was nipped in the bud by performing Saen Baaj which was in itself a lengthy process of Kriya. "Saen Ahum Stut" a 9 Karsh Ashwan having developed Ashoi was the great disciple of Paigamber Zarathustra Saheb who used to perform such Baaj thus breaking backbone of Druji and hence this Baaj was named after him and known as Saen Baaj. Such is high Status of this Nar-Ashwan that he has attained righteous authority and his own Dastoori rules the roost over and above all Dastooris throughout present Zarvane Daregohkhadat time cycle.

Saen Baaj has multifarious facet and numerous ways of doing its kriya, whose immediate details is unknown to us presently. Only "Nar-Ashwans" reserve the righteous authority in nature of conducting such Baaj and it cannot be done by all and sudry. This Kriya can be done in 52 days in various elaborate ways. Four Yazats are invoked and they are namely:- 1) Tir Yazat 2) Satwas 3) Haptoiring & 4) Vanant Yazat. Various kriyas for 49 long days are conducted and special Kiriyas for remaining three days from 50th to 52nd day are conducted later. The effects of these kriya reach out in all four directions and all corners of the universe and world. Nine pairs of Ashwans used to conduct these kriyas and draw Karsh in water, Air, earth and Atmospheric environment, even at cost of personal sacrifices affecting their own spiritual progress. The above mentioned explanation is given only to emphasize the fact as to how dreadful a Saen Druji can have its effects on us.

Just as we have Hour, Minutes and Seconds to measure Time by clock, similarly to measure Zarvane DaregohKhadat time cycle we have respectively Shahenshahat equivalent to Hour hand of clock, and Vazirat equivalent to Minute hand representing the clock and Kotwali equivalent to Second hand of the clock. Right now we are in Mangal Shahenshat as we are in Hashemi Zamana of Mars Planet. We are presently in Mangal Shahenshat, Sun Vajirat and in 1971 its Kotwali changed over to Mercury planet. That is when astrological flow chart pointed to Mars Shahenshat, Sun Vajirat, and Mercury Kotwali, within a decade itself; we have experienced several political upheavals and War. The immediate effect of war on India was the famous war between Indian and Pakistan and independent Bangladesh that was born out of outcome of this war. India suffered a lot and experienced several natural as well as manmade calamities from that period onwards. When the stars moves against our will we have to undergo all hardships that is evidently shown in Astrology and that is applicable to collective karma of a Community, Country, apart from Individual Karma that one has to endure.

Today there is no Monarchy left and even if we wish for it, Monarchy is almost disappeared from us, instead we have Democracy replacing it. In good old times of Monarchy when the emperor used to take advice of Dharma-Gurus of Ashwan category and they reserved rightful place next to Emperor himself. In such a condition law and order was maintained as they were living as per nature’s laws. In such a practice of Monarchy, Democracy or rule for the people was still maintained as ordinary Citizens by themselves are unable to comprehend how nature operates and how religion and political administration are interdependent to one another. But when corruption set in Monarchy and when the voice of Dharma-Gurus was muffled and went unheeded than chaos set in and Democratic process for the people defected to great upheavals and rising of common people. Monarchy nor Democracy cannot function individually by itself as it requires help of one another. Nature operates only in Unity within itself where Dadar AhuraMazda is one and unique and HE only operates in Unity, but this Universe and its nature where we do reside, works on Principle of Duality and Multiplicity. In such a situation of the present Kaliyug or Hashemi Zamanah and in absence of Monarchy, the Democratic process has been in vogue and adopted in political running of many Countries.

The above explanation can be verified by under mentioned reference.

Reference:- Farshogard Silver Jubilee Memorial Volume Appendix No 1, "Iran ni Padti ne Nash na khara Karano" by Dr Saheb Faramroze S. Chiniwala Page 51

As according to Western Scholar a French Orientalist - James Darmesteter’s (1849- 1894) findings King Ardeshir of Ancient Iran had a piece of advice to be given to his son Shapur as heir to Monarch's throne and is as under:-


Abdicating in favour of his son Shapur he admonished him to this effect: Know o my son that religion and royalty are twin sisters that cannot exist the one without the other, because religion is the basis of royalty and royalty is the protector of religion.

India has attained its freedom from British after many sacrifices and human loss of life. Two Nation theory of India and Pakistan was born out of freedom from British, but have we really attained freedom. The Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan is divided by demarcation Border. The line of psychological or imaginary divide is based solely on different Religions practiced by its Majority. Pakistan has lost its freedom with immediate effect after its founder Jinnah's death. What follows after that is Dictatorial rule of Military and ordinary Citizens have no say in it. The 1971 War between India and Pakistan and Bangladesh being born as a result has many sob stories of death, Destruction, Rape and Woe and India had to suffer a lot. But all that is past history. What is important for us to take lessons from such upheavals is that War is the direct result of Saen Daruji and no one country is to be blamed for it.

Late Jehangirji S. Chiniwala further reiterates that as Editor of Parsee Avaz he felt it was his holy religious duty to forewarn us Parsis about immediate effects of Saen Daruji, and he has given us below very practical remedial measures to counteract ill effects of Saen Daruji.

He further goes on by saying that minimally only 11,000 Parsis of India are actually practicing and leading a Tarikaat Baz life. The remaining 60,000 Parsis although having complete faith in teachings of Paigambar Saheb are not practicing Ashoi tarikats which is so very much essential for survival.

Saen Daruji and its elemental clouds are classified in many different ways. It can effect in different ways showering death destruction whose victims can be carefully selected. Saen Daruji can lay its Malevolent sight on towards group of souls of a particular Family, or Citizens of a Country, or a Community depending upon the collective Keshash of a group of souls. The ill effects of Saen Daruji can be counteracted by amal which differs as per five different religions. A Zarathosti Parsi can overcome Saen Daruji by leading a Tarikaat life of Druj Parhej and Amal of Kusti Padiyav intact. In such a condition Saen Daruji can have minimal impact on such God fearing community members and they can have miraculous help and saved by the skin of teeth, or as saying goes in Gujarati "Suli ni Vigan Katey jay" Translation: The punishment of Crucifiction can be altered to a thorn prick which can be easily endured. Certain members of community may find this fact hard to stomach it but there is Minoi Science attached behind and is not Mumbo Jumbo.

Human body emanates continuously from within Magnetism which today’s science recognizes it and acknowledges it too. But Science is unable to understand the effects of this Magnetism upon human body and its surrounding atmosphere. This Magnetism that emanates continuously from humans as Daruji is what we recognize as khastar or electromagnetic fields which revolve in circular manner. It enters via breathing process of humans and thus enters the immediate surrounding area of Humans also known as "Aipi". From such Daruji surrounding the Aipi of human unimaginable microbes germs known as "Hariri" are born which can pollute vital life breath force known as "Ushtan" or "Pranvayu". Thus a negative energy is formed known as "Temangah" which literally means darkness or dark energy. The ill effects of Saen Daruji gets easily attracted towards those not practicing "Druj Parhej" especially of Daruji e Hikra (Daruji arising from shaving, cutting hair, nails) and Daruji e Buji ( Daruji arising from menstruating women). Thus "Temangah" gathers strength further for those who do not follow Druj Parhej Tarikaats. By practicing Druj Parhej Tarikaats apart from good robust health that one acheives it also offers protection and reduces the ill effects of Saen Daruji upon oneself. At the time of Epidemic at Surat, Yozdathregars of that era were all Tarikat Baz and none fell victim to the epidemic. This was observation by Manchershaw Master of Surat who was another disciple of Ustad Saheb Behramshah Shroff.

That Modern Science is much lagging behind in proper understanding of Nature and its laws and Canon upon which our Zarathosti Daen is based upon can be fully understood by the under mentioned example and incident which is narrated by Late Jehangirji Chiniwala:-

Tuberculosis is a disease which is now curable but Ustad saheb Behramshah Shroff was not in agreement with some of his Medical Physician friends and he thus explained to them that as per Modern Science the sputum of a T.B. patient was supposed to be full of germs and hence they were quarantined and the patient's sputum was consigned to flames and burnt. But Ustad Saheb Behramshah Shroff explained to his Physician colleagues that this is contrary to teachings of Zarathusti Daen as it tantamount to throwing "Naso" or Putrid Matter in fire which is considered as Cardinal Sin in our Deen. He further explained that if Sputum be consigned to flames and fire, these germs instead of getting destroyed on the contrary spread faster and aim of prevention of this contagious ailment of T.B. is lost.

By leading a Tarikaat Baz life the Druji, arising from our body which is made up of "Anasar" or the element, is actually kept in check by not allowing it to go Berserk and later transmuted to Gaav by developing Ashoi. Our spiritual faculty of "Veer, Hosh, Kherad" develops and sharpens due to Ashoi (Reference of Veer, Hosh, Kherad in Dao Naam Setayesh). Such a Tarikat Bastekustian Zarathosti is fully armed to ward off any contagious epidemic which is result of Saen Daruji. We Bastekustian Zarathosti have received "Manthra- Spenta" Manthra as a priceless spiritual heritage from our Paigambar Saheb. Prayers along with Ashoi tarikats is a promise and a remedy to ward off Saen Daruji and its evil effects. In such a atmosphere of Nuclear War and its threats looming around us, if we maintain Amal of Kusti Padyav at every change of Geh and with a Mithra in our mind that “May we as Community and Country get protection from death and destruction which is imminent in case of outbreak of Epidemics, War and Natural Calamities, and peace remains supreme.”

The Mithra, Mathra, and Yasna of Zarathusti Daen and its practice not only protect the Bastekustian Zarathustis but it also offers protection to complete humanity in such trying times. Every individual Bastekustian whose Navjote is lawfully done and at right time in his life, if he maintains Amal of Kusti Padiyav and wears Sudreh Kusti as is rightfully taught to us (not sleeveless Sudreh or Dainty thin Kusti as out ward show of fashion), and with truth in his speech and leading Tarikat Baz life than apart from a Bastekustian moving a step towards his own spiritual salvation, he also contributes towards spiritual progress of entire humanity.

Saen Daruji and its ill effects cannot be totally tamed and subdued but with Amal of Sudreh Kusti offers protection from dark forces or "Temangah" of Saen Daruji. May the Harvesp-Khuda of Zarathosti Daen be guiding light and inspire Zarathustis to lead a Tarikat Baz life of Druj Parhej and Ashoi. Such is Mithra required for us in such trying times.

Original written in Gujarati by Late Jehangirji S. Chiniwala

Reference:- Parsee Avaz dated 12th December 1971

FKS' Note:- Todays era of Kali Yug can be considered as child play for Daevs as compared to pre era of Zarathustra. Death,destruction and havoc that Daev and Demons showered on humanity than, was the reason for Paigambar saheb to descend with his Vedaevodat or Vendidad to subjugate and defeat the Daevs. These Daev-Yasnis were very knowledgeable of evil art of Black magic. Vedaevodat means Dat = Rule, To keep Daev in check =Ve Daevo. Paigambar Saheb during his earth stay accomplished his Mission and eradicated Daevs and Demons from the surface of this earth, but the evil elemental fields of Saen Daruji arising from the Sins of Daevs loomed around the earth like dark clouds threatening to destroy Earth. This Saen Daruji clouds are no ordinary clouds of destruction but if not kept in check had the ability to destroy this planet Earth.

This special type of Saen Daruji clouds are known as Tur Bara Tur and allegorically explained in Shah namah that the evil magician known as Tur Bara Tur tried to stab and harm Paigambar saheb who was meditating. Paigambar Saheb as an act of self defense threw his holy Rosary beads and thus destroyed Tur Bara Tur magician.

But that is allegory, the real Tavil behind it is as follows:- Paigambar Saheb who is 9 Kash Nar-Aswan is the only soul eligible to destroy the Gargantuan dark elemental fields of Tur Bara Tur. After his Mission accomplished on this earth Paigambar saheb send the lethal blow of destruction of Tur Bara Tur clouds but the back lashing explosion of Tur Bara Tur clouds was lethal enough to destroy this Planet Earth. Paigambar Saheb as a last selfless act before his “Vikhiz” took the fatal blow of Boomerang from Tur Bara Tur clouds upon himself and in the process saved this Earth from imminent destruction. That was his last Mission of eradicating Tur Bara Tur and his passing away from this earth is not considered as his death because he was a Yazatic force and death cannot effect him. Paigambar Saheb's passing from this earth to higher realms is known as "Vikhiz"

Best Regards,

Firdosh K. Sukhia

Either get involved or stop criticizing the system. - By Shiv Khera
"Aevo pantaao yo Ashahay, veespay anyaeshaanm apantaanm"

There is only one path, that of Righteousness (Ashoi); all others are non-paths.


EholCrepy said...

Thank you Firdosh and Congratulations for this new Blog spot. Ruby

EholCrepy said...

Sahebji Firdosh,

A Q regarding Saen Baj, is it true that in olden days Monarch used to make the Dastoors perform the Saen baj in time of difficulty. but once the baj is performed the Dastoor could no longer continue in his profession as his Dastoori would become void and the Monarch had to look after his family for generations.

Firdosh said...

Hi Ruby, That is correct. Once The Dastur performs Saen baaj his Bareshnoom becomes null and Void and he retires.The elementals dark forces of saen Daruji are no ordinary elemental fields, and it's some what similar to a Washer man who washes Dirty linen himself gets his hands soiled in the process which effects his Bareshnoom too.

Burzin said...

Ervad Saheb,

Really like this post (read it twice to understand).

Would appreciate if you could throw light on the proper tarikats / baj to be observed while shaving, cutting nails / hair, etc. on your subsequent posts.

To begin with, if we can take baby steps towards following our injunctions, I think it will go a long way. (I have started saying the nahvani baj, do the kasti as soon as I am back from work - before dinner, the baj before bedtime, etc. but have a long long way to go).

Firdosh said...

Dear Burzin,

To know more about Nahva ni Baaj click on the link:-

Will put later on other Baaj also.

Kind regards,