Aim of this Blog

Aim of this Blog

There is something very wrong with the world that we are made to see around us. Human Society is not happy, there is
protest, discontentment, poverty, inequality, greed, corruption, Ego, Fanatics’, Agnostics’, natural calamities occurring with frightening regularity and above all Global terrorism which just does not want to call it a day.In short there is chaos everywhere. One word that can describe all this is “Qayamat”. In Jamasphi” and at many places in our Zoroastrian scriptures like“Chithrem Buyaat” prayers, it is mentioned that time is near for Shah Behram Varjawand our Saviour to come in this Qayamat and revive us and our Deen. The Saviours from other religions will also appear and will work together with a common goal for grooming mankind and his spiritual revival.

Today every one wants to die a Martyr's death for Religion, but no body wants to live for the sake of true teachings of Religion. It goes without a doubt that we have let go the true kernel of Mysticism in religion and embraced only the outer shell of a glossy show of Religion. We forget that Religion is not show business but it is a way of living. Your Left hand should not be able to know what Tarikats your right hand is practicing.

The Western Astrology call this as Aquarian age and phenomenon that we see today are occuring with lightening quickness. For we never knew that Communist USSR will disintegrate one day and fragment into many small nations, that Germany will one day be united, the revolution in Egypt, Syria, the fall of dictators, and China a sleeping giant awakening to technological boom are all an indicator that we are very much in this Aquarian age. The transition from the Age of Pisces to Aquarian Age is already taking its toll till we roll into Age of peace and calm. We are looking forward to being Optimistic and not being fatally Pessimists. Please see the link provided:-

More than 100 years before in past when faith was at its lowest Nadir in our community without caring for deep religious significance when there was idle talks about futility of our time tested customs like Dokhmenashini, Rituals, Sudreh Kusti being only a symbol, Avesta Manthra prayers being considered as waste of time, faulty myopic thinking that offerings of sandalwood to Atash Padshah being waste of sound monetary resources which could have been better utilized for betterment of our community, lack of faith was the reason behind these ignorance’s. Ignorance coupled with arrogance was, and still is the main reason stymieing our spiritual progress.

The Zoroastrian hidden Masters in Demavand who are very much concerned about our community’s spiritual progress saw the need of sending a forerunner before the advent of Shah Behram Varjawand Saheb, and they chose Behramshah Nawroji Shroff whom his followers lovingly call him as Ustad Saheb. He brought amongst us Zoroastrian Mysticism called as Zarathosti Ilme-Khshnoom.

The word Khshnoom can be found even in our scriptures, so it is not something alien that is thrust on us. It is the revival of the lost knowledge called as Ilme-Khshnoom that our forefathers had with them that kept the flame of faith burning in their hearts, that Ustad saheb brought for us. The literature is penned down by his chosen and authorized disciples late Dr. Saheb Faramroze Sohrabji Chiniwala, and Late Jehangirji S. Chinwala.

Late Ervad Phiroze Shapurji Masani had for so many years maintained his publication “Frashogard” all under guidance of Ustad Saheb. Today we see that day by day our faith is again going downhill. The need of Saviour can only be felt when all seems to be lost towards Traditional cause. It is to rekindle that hope and faith and iron out unwarranted fear of our religion dying a premature death that this Blog will be looking forward to. The aim for starting this Blog is to translate the majority of Khshnoom literature that is in Gujarati writings of Late Chiniwala brothers and Late Phiroze Masani for the benefit of those genuinely interested in Zoroastrian Mysticism .

When there is too much of chaos nature allows it only up to a certain threshold limit, once it crosses the limits it puts a
full stop to it, for nature has its own ways of bringing Order out of Chaos.

So in mean time what are we Zarathosti Bastekustian supposed to do that will hasten the advent of Shah Behram Varjawand Saheb ? Are we supposed to look skywards and wait for him eternally ? His advent will much depend upon us also.

In nature there is a law of “Supply and Demand”. If the demand is there, supply is guaranteed. In Bible it is said that "Ask and it shall be given to you, seek and you will find it, knock and the doors will open to you." ….. Mathew 7:7 Niv. Unfortunately the much needed knock never seems to happen and everybody is busy enjoying their fun filled moments and warns us to keep off limits of their rights and Freedom. But they seem to forget that behind every right that one asks for, there is a responsibility which is conveniently forgotten.

"RTI" also known as "Right to information"is blatantly misused in today's world of so called Freedom . Some want Freedom to enjoy whatever is appealing to them, but is considered as Taboo in Society. Not before all these false ideology will be swept away by fury of nature and realization of folly will dawn naturally aftermath,nevertheless too late by then, but the road will be paved for introducing Shah Behram Varjawand to the world.

In middle of face-off between two warring sides and Chaos, we will come to know the time of Varjawand Saheb's arrival automatically. As a Mother knows intuitively the time of delivery of the baby, we will feel the desperate pangs of labour like a Mother feels before her delivery.

Right now only a few are longing for his arrival but just as "A lone sparrow does not herald a spring" similarly one requires a collective thought force to set everything in motion. For that I had started a short exercise every 7.30 a.m. in morning but unfortunately we don’t seem to realize its importance. Till we are all vibrating with one frequency, other word is called as Hum Mithra, Varjawand Saheb’s advent will be a distant dream only. The exercise is as under to be followed by a Mithra every 7 a.m. or around that time frame. No need to be very rigid about time. The Mithra is as under:-

What is Hum Mithra:-

Man proposes and God disposes. Hence we requires Dadar Ahura Mazda’s blessings all the time for success and that is known as “Daham Afriti”. Without it we cannot move forward even an inch. But for his Daham Afriti to be assessable to us we require to think with one vibration in Hamoi, only then can we succeed in our purpose. Dadar Ahura Mazda is not happy when there is infighting so how can we receive his Daham Afreeti. This one thought force having selfless single pure vibration is known as Hum Mithra. The Law of cause and effect governs this universe so whatever incidents we see bad or good its cause has to be there. Every action has its reaction. The bad precedent that we are facing now after a crematorium is announced in Worli where innocent public are falling prey to it. Those encouraging Aramgah and such ashmogi are themselves the victims of their own deeds so we have to pity them instead of contempt for them and a calming thought has to be passed by us at a particular time collectively. If love is the language of angels then why should we be harsh to even our so called enemies. For in life there are no enemies, and everything is Karmic. The Bhali Dua is as under:-

Bhali Dua at 0730 am every morning:-

2 Yatha , 1 Ashem Vohu.

Those ignorant brothers and sisters opposing our age old customs of Dokhmenashini and believe in universality of our religion by inviting all to our holy places and Iranshah need our pity and not contempt for they are bitten by the demon of ignorance and arrogance. O Paak Dadar Ahura Mazda shower your choicest blessings upon them that they regain their lost faith and begin realizing that the true nature of religion is humility.

"Let no harm come upon the Traditional Zoroastrian flag and its values which are so dear to us. Let the reformists agenda and their nefarious plans never succeed. Let no harm befall upon Pavmahal of India that is - our Iranshah of Udwada and all Atash Behram, Atash Adran and Dadgah of India. Let not one day pass without Atash Parasti and our reverence towards Holy consecrated Fire(Pavmahal),Dokhmas, Sudreh Kusti, Mathravani which acts as a weapon to thwart evil. Enable us to protect our racial traits of Parsi Panu through Boonak Pasbani. Enable us to maintain our true “Zarathosti Khandani” by not intermarrying and continue with our Aryan Lineage intact. May the advent of Shah Behram Varjawand come soon, and before him may his forerunners arrive at the earliest and grant us spiritual strength to withstand evil around us. Let my Kusti Padiav and my Tarikats be helpful to nature to fight for the cause of righteousness against the evil negative forces of Drujis, and may it protect us all Zarathustis and entire humanity who live by their religion and its tenets. "Phiroj baad Khureh avizeh Vehdin e Mazdiyasnan" - Let the Khoreh of Mazdiyasni Zarathosti deen protect its faithful followers"

1 Yatha, 2 Ashem Vohu

Best regards,

Firdosh K Sukhia

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Avan Yasht Tavil - Inner exposition By Minoo Irani

Foreword by Vada Dastoor K.N.Dastoor Meherjirana

In ‘Parsi Avaz’ publication which had grown and spread like a small tree since 1947, we had begun the Inner Exposition of Avan Yasht a subject not only worth pondering over but also giving great delight and ecstasy to the mind and spirit of a devout Parsi. In spite of grossly material times in which we live, it was possible to publish this work only by the grace of Almighty Lord Ahuramazda whose light spreads throughout the Universe from the immortal heavens of Hasti down to our lowly earth and in all seen and unseen matter of the Cosmos; by some divine artifice of immortals Ameshaspands and Yazats who are running the affairs of the whole Creation as per His Will; by the blessings of our Holy prophet Zarathushtra which descend on us from His Spiritual Powerhouse of Aviz-e-Vehdin; and by the unseen help coming from the Holy saints and Spiritual Masters residing in the secret recesses of Mt. Demavand who are keeping a continuous watch on our community.

The author of this exposition is none other than Dr. Framroz Chiniwalla who was a special disciple and pupil of Behramshaji; whose propitious destiny took him amongst the Saheb – Delaans where by the power of sacred nirangs he acquired this knowledge from them and revealed a small part of this vast esoteric knowledge of Ilm – Kshnoom and the meaning of the sacred texts of Jarthosti Din before us.

In spite of being in possession of this invaluable treasure, he (Dr. Framroz) was an epitome of humility. His heart was throbbing with devotion towards his Prophet and his religion and was eager to scatter a few gems before the members of the community. There was not the least desire in him of gaining publicity and personal fame from his work. He kept on writing pages after pages and volumes after volumes with only one thought in his mind namely “Who so ever has it in his fate will read this or else it does not matter if no one reads it. I am not bothered about it”.
His 11th death anniversary fell on 6th August 1973. It was our good fortune that we got the opportunity to begin Avan Yasht from many of his unpublished works in the issue of 5 – 8 - 1973 this auspicious day of his anniversary. We send our thoughts of gratitude to Saheb Delaans for making it possible for us to carry out this task.

Avan Yasht is a long Yasht of 30 Kardehs. Like in other Yashts it contains fascinating and interesting subjects arranged in proper order like other Yashts. It is a veritable treasure mine of mysteries and truths contained in our religion which is worth understanding and imbibing in one’s life.

It shows the role of Avan Yazad in creation, evolution and progress of the Universe towards the final goal. It contains subjects such as influence and role of Avan Yazat on birth, day to day life, and spiritual development of mankind.

Both these aspects are connected with each other and therefore it is arranged in proper order in a certain pattern spread over 30 kardehs. Certain Manthras appear again and again in all Kardehs. They are definitely meant for the devotee to get attuned with Avan Yazat through the Staots produced by reciting them, but besides this, repeated Manthras contain the essence and kernel of the esoteric knowledge. The main body of Avan Yasht prayer begins with the words “Mraot Ahurahe Mazdao”.
The sentence “Yajaesh Men Heem Spitam......”upto “Danghu Fraadnaam Ashaonim” repeats in every Kardeh of Avan Yasht. These are the same Manthras which pertains to the function of Ardivi with respect to the earth and mankind living on it. The names of 6 fraados ( electro magnetic energies ) also appear therein. At the end of each of 30 Kardaas “Ahe rai kharenanghach, taam yajai.....” followed by paragraphs “Haom yo gav...”and “Yenghhe hataam” are also repeated. In these Manthras there is a practical lesson on how man should evolve and progress towards immortal heavens with the help of Avan Yazat. The message contained in these Manthras is that ‘ Ardivisur is a great servant of Nature and man too should become one by devotion, truthfulness, recitation of Manthras and following the canons taught by religion. He has to become like a battery charging and giving out spiritual energy and fulfilling the aim contained in “Yenghhe hataam” prayer.

In the first four of thirty Kardehs is given the description of Avan Yazat herself and her functions.
There is a beautiful description given in the 5th Kardeh of how benedictions of Prophets is showered upon mankind through Avan Yazat and how man should put them to his use.
Then in 6th to 20th and 22nd Kardehs appear events describing how the great men invoked Avan by strict observance of certain rituals and ceremonies for 40 days. One line of worshippers therein are those who are on the White side of Nature while others are those who invoke the Dark side. The latter too tried to get certain powers by invoking Avan but their prayers were not answered. Those on the White side were Jamshed, Faredoon, Kersasp, Kaekaus, Tur, Vifronavaz, Jamasp, Ashavzad, Thrit, Vistarush, Goshtefrian, men of the families of Havov and Navder. Those on the Dark side were Zohak, Afrasiab, sons of ‘Vese’ and others. These men were all before the advent of the Prophet Zarathushtra. Dr. Framroz Chiniwalla shows us what rituals they performed, what was their purpose, what is their place in the annals of history, what is the secret contained in the Manthras describing their feats etc.

In the 21st Kardeh comes the dialogue and question answers containing great mysteries between Paigamber Saheb and Avan Yazat which on one hand describes the great function of Avan in Nature and on the other the exalted position of Zarathushtra and his function in the divine world. The same subject forms the contents of 23rd Kardaa.
Then comes the description of other great men from 24th to 27th Kardehs amongst whom are Zarathushtra, Kae Gustasp, Zarir all on the White side and Arjasp and Vandremaini of the Dark side.
Finally in Kardehs 28, 29 and 30 again is given the powers and functions of Avan Yazat.

In the beginning Dr. Saheb Faramroze Chiniwalla has explained the mysteries pertaining to Avan Yazat; which include the topics pertaining to the earth and composition of anaasars ( one of the four anaasars is Aab ). Thereafter he has opened the inner meanings contained in each Kardaa. He has given certain facts not known hitherto concerning the great men who invoked Avan.


Introductory Note By Dr. Framroze Chiniwalla

We have to look into the mysteries contained in AvanYasht. Avan Yazat is known by the name Ardivi or Ardvisur. ‘Sur’ means she has weapons. What use are these weapons put to? To show for what purpose they are used, she is known as Anahita which means to clean the dirt. The words in Avesta for dirt, filth are ‘Ahiti, Akhti & Paviti . The word ‘hit’ appearing in Aahiti has got relation with horse. Meaning when the passions in the body are excited even slightly, they get out of control like a fleeting horse. The word ‘Paviti’ means foul smelling pollutants that spread through the air and ‘Akhti’ means those infections contracted by coming in contact. The word ‘ahiti’ is also used to denote the other two.

Therefore we are told that Ardivi herself, with her weapons ( Sur )can control passions ( filth ) and make pure i.e. free from dirt.
The word Avan is the plural form of ‘Aav’ = water in Pehelvi that is to say Ardivi’s Aav removes pollution with the help of water. That is why Avan is considered to be having jurisdiction over water. But the aim to be fulfilled by water connected to Avan is special. What that aim is, is shown in kshnooman ( glorifying formula ) of Avan Yazat.

In every Yasht and Nyaesh the kshnooman of that Yazat is given first. There are three ways shown of making contact with a Yazat. 1) By Mithra i.e. thought force. 2) Through Staot - vibrational energy, produced by reciting Manthra. 3) Through Ushtaan i.e. person’s vital life energy becoming attuned with the Ushtaan i.e. divine energy force of that Yazat.When we pray, contact by Manthra method is bound to take place. Thus special composition of Manthra is there in each yasht or nyaesh which when recited with proper devotion will produce staot vibrations enabling to make contact with that Yazat at least to the extent of 35 paise in a rupee. Both the votary and the Yazat are pleased by such contact. This joy and ecstacy is termed ‘Kshnoom’. Only condition is that the formula should be recited lawfully i.e. kushti padiav ritual should be performed first followed by reciting Sarosh Baaj, and Geh. It is necessary to purify the body by taking bath, sudreh kusti should be worn, head and feet should be covered, face washed with fresh water, and there should not be a menstruating woman in close vicinity. The prayer should be recited in such manner and tone that other’s attention is not drawn towards the person.

Thus in the very beginning by reciting kshnooman of that yazat, the person invites the divine being for help. At the same time, that yazat, his energies, his co workers are all remembered according to their status and position in Nature by appropriate Manthras. Thus the words in the kshnooman composition are related to that Yazat and his co workers, from which we get an idea of his functions in Nature.

Here in kshnooman of Avan Yasht, four divinities namely 1) Apaam vanghuinaam Mazdadaat naam 2) Areduiao Aapo Anahityao 3) Vispanaam Apaam Mazdadaat 4) Vispanaam Urvarnaam Mazdadaat. Here the words Apaam – Aapo – Urvar appear. The first two mean water and the third means plants and vegetation. Therefore Ardivi - water and Urvars are said to be pleased. The word Aap is used in three forms. First Aap is called “Apaam Vanghuinaam Mazdadaat naam”i.e. beneficial waters created according to Mazdadaat. Two qualities are shown in this sentence. One quality is that these waters are produced as per Mazdadaat and secondly, they are said to be beneficial. Mazdadaat means ‘Yazatic form of laws of Mazda’.It shows that Mazdadaat is one of the Ameshaspands. This word indicates the laws on which the Creation was manifested and the Yazatic energy of those laws by which Creation came into existence.

Vanghuinam shows the quality of Bahman. This shows that Aapo (waters) have relationship with Creation and the goodness of Bahman. The meaning we get from this is that all creations whether immortal or mortal has Aap as their constituent in one form or the other, and this Creation is marching towards achieving the goodness and innocence of Bahman.
In the immortal world of Hasti, Aap is in the form of glittering energy waves. In the evanescent non physical world of Nisti same Aap takes the form of subtle ethereal elemental electro magnetic energy. By the time it reaches our physical world this Aap is perceived by our senses as flowing waters of seas, rivers etc. In all its forms Aap is a functionary of the Creator whose task is to take the whole creation to the stage of final emancipation.

Thus mystical meaning of the sentence “Apaam Vanghuinaam Mazdadaatnaam” is that Aap is instrumental both in the creation of the Universe and its reaching the final stage of permanent redemption from all evil.
Another form of water is ‘Areduyao’ = Ardivi who is like a holy man who cleans spiritual filth. Ardivi possesses weapons ‘Sur’ by which she cleans (An) pollutions (Ahiti) of all types whether physical or spiritual. She becomes An-ahiti.

The ‘Sur’= weapons are built into the constitution of ‘Aap’. This shows that they are not ordinary waters as we know them to be; but these are unseen electrical energies present in water which gives it the power it displays. The names of the waters having different energies are ‘Gohare mufarad’ ‘Aab e rava e mufarad’ ‘Aab e avval e suksham’ ‘Aab e duvam’ and the different grades of electro magnetic energies in them.
The mysterious function of Aap in the above sentence “Apaam .......”is due to presence of these unseen energies in Aap. Water is present in the minutest atom of creations of all grades whether physical, non physical or in energy form, and is the agent by whom they achieve salvation.

The third kind is called “Vispanaam Apaam Mazdadaatnaam” meaning waters in either seen or unseen form present in the constitution of all types of creations at the time universe was created according to Mazdadaat. The particular quality exhibited by man or animal or a mineral or any shining object due to the presence of these waters in their constitution is compared to ‘urvar’ or plants and trees. The latter act as storehouses of Nature’s bounties. Vegetations accumulate solar energy – entire cosmos depends for its existence on Sun’s energy. The function of sun’s rays and light is shown in Meher Yasht. Sun’s energy is present to greater or lesser extent in plants and trees. Therefore Aap and Urvar both play a joint role not only in Creation but also in preservation of the Universe.

We can thus see that it is Ardivisur that supplies the energies to the above mentioned three kinds of Aap and Urvar who are the keepers of Nature’s bounties and are created preserved and guided by her to use these bounties for the welfare of Creation.

We can get this knowledge only from the esoteric science of Kshnoom. One will find in Avan Yasht various facts about Ardivi, her role in creation of Universe, her allegorical weapons present in different kinds of waters and in plant kingdom.

To View PDF file of Avan Yasht Click Here

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Astavat- Ereta ,Shoshyant and 3 Kayamats( Apocalyse’) Part 2

Several references can be found for the above mentioned in Fravardin Yasht, and other places of our scriptures. In Fravardin Yasht Kardo 25, 26, 27, 28 at the end of it is mentioned as “Astavat- Ereta Ashono Fravashim Yazmaideh”. Let us also know the difference between Ashonam Fravashinam and Ashaunam Fravashinam which is further elaborated below. Fravardin Yasht Kardo 25 explanation in brief is given as under. “Astavat- Ereta ,Shoshyant and 3 Kayamats( Apocalyse’) Part 1. Only Cream of Cream 11,000 will survive” Click here:- HERE

Let us see what this difference is:-
Paourva Fravashi (singular) the executrix of the Ahunavar Plan is located in the heart of the Creator Ahura Mazda (as per Bundahesh). It is referred to in the various passages in Farvardin Yasht as Ashaunam Fravashi and though literally the latter does mean Bountiful Fravashis (plural), yet Ashaunam-Fravashi is a compound technical term and must not be rendered etymologically.
Ashaunam Fravashi is in the plural because it signifies the combined Fravashis of the seven Ameshaspends and of the perfected souls of the numerous Yazadic Intelligences (Ahuraongho) who are attuned with Paourva Fravashi. It must, however, be reiterated that Paourva Fravashi is one single ineffable and indivisible perfect light representing divine Wisdom. And Armaity being the special quality of Pourva Fravashi.
Reference:- Manual of Khshnoom By Phiroze N Tavadia Page 107

The Spiritual pinnacle of our Paigambar Saheb:-
Our Paigambar Saheb who gave us the science of sciences Farhangan Farhang, Manthra Spenta – the knowledge of Knowledges. He who possessed Knowledge of all the planes of the Universe, who have the highest Intelligence ASN-I-VIR; you our Paigambar Saheb who are gone to the advanced stage of souls of the highest NABA NAZDISHT ANAM FRAVASHINAM class of the four classes of souls -1) ASHONAM, 2) ASHAONAM, 3) PORYO DAKAESHNAM and 4) NABA-NAZDISHTANAM; you who are "URURAOST ASTO" gone to the highest stage of prophets; you whom AHURA MAZDA gave "HUDEMEM VAKHEDRAYA" "the certificate of communicating the Word;" You who "alone heard His canons" (AEVOSASNAO GUSHATA); you who are "MAZDO FRASASTA" "taught by MAZDA;" you who are "HATAM HUDASTEMEM, RAEVASTEMEM, KHARENANGHUASTEMEM..." "the Most knower of Good, the Most Wise Professor of RAE or brilliant lustre of spiritual knowledge, the Most possessor of Glorious Light among all the souls that are passing from Infoldment to Unfoldment": -you whose Soul is beyond comparison among the mortals; you who are "superior to YAZADS and equal to AMESHASPENDS: - we turn with hands and eyes uplifted towards you, the RATU, the Representative the Viceroy of AHURA MAZDA! ASHEM VOHU! ! !

Reference:- "The Rationale of Zoroastrian Rituals"-by Ervad P. S. Masani, pp. 37-39.

Note:- To know exactly the difference between Ashaunam Fravshinam and Ashonam Fravashinam, more elaborate explanation will be in offing in Part 3 in continuation to this topic which explains the eight stages of God’s machinery which is considered as white side of the nature in his divine plan of Ahunavar the blue print plan of Cosmogenesis - Firdosh

More about Nar - Astavat- Eret:-
Astavat= That which is in Physical form “hadmund” made up of bones (as in Astodan), Eret= That can be manifested straightened and given life to it. (Eret= Straight, Truthful) That is to revive the physical world from eminent destruction during “Kayamat” straightened realigned and put back on its original course/track towards Frashogard. It has within it Ashoi powers which has affinity to bear the burden of Materialism bend like a rubber band but do not break and get straightened again, and thus entire Universe proceeds towards “Khathravat Noor”.

Shoshyos- The Redeemer:-
Frashogard can be separately in individual capacity of a single person (Juzvavi Frashogard), or of entire group of souls of humanity (Kulyati Frashogard) of which “Eriztakhiz” is the main theme behind Frashogard. The Individual or entire Frashogard of group of souls (Juzvavi Frashogard/Kulyati Frashogard) is the final goal on which our Zarathosti deen is based upon, and the Asho individual souls that carry forward this theme and work upon it are known as “Shoshyos” and are in forefront in number one capacity. He(Shosyos) is considered as “Farzand” or future generation/ lineage of Asho Zarathustra himself that will appear in future. His (Shosyos) mother’s name is “Eredat Fredi” who is supposed to eradicate entire evil seeds in existence and is known as “Vispa Taurvairi”. How it manifests from the seed of Asho Zarathustra is entirely different narration which we will not touch presently. The main helpers as Coworkers of Shosyos are his two brothers known by the name of “Hoshedar-Bam” and “Hoshedar-Mah” who will show up in future. The other six main “Nar” or co workers of Shosyos are as under:- 1) Raochas Chaishman( Roshan Chasma) 2) Havare Chaishman(Khur Chasma of Sun) 3) Fradat Kharenangah 4) Varedat Khare-Nangah 5) Vouru-Nemangah 6) Vouru- Savangah. These 6 co workers will have its base in 6 different directions ( whose names can be found in our prayers) and are known as “Arezahi, Savahi, Fradad- Fshu, Vidad-Fshu, Vouru-Bareshta, Vouru- Zareshta”. But the Shosyos himself will operate from “Khanirath-Bami” which is considered as subtle invisible form of our Earth itself. It is from there that Shosyos and his Co workers will work together in every ZDK from bringing earth near Frashogard. They will all work relentlessly till the end of final Frashogard of whole mankind is achieved in the end. To be noted that Hoshedar-Mah and Hoshedar-Bam themselves will work with Behram Varjawand saheb in very near future whose Apocalyse has already been started as we see the recent world events unfolding before our eyes. Also they(2 Brothers) will work together in every ZDK during Mars rulership ( Hashmi Zamanah)
………………………… (Reference:- Page 156, 198 Fravardin yasht tavil of Frashogard Magazine)
This Nar is recognized as Shoshyos. In Fravardin yasht Kardo 25-26-& 27. There is a long list of Paigambar saheb “Havisht” or his Co-workers totalling to 228 in number divided in 3 Kardas of Fravardin Yasht ………… Reference:- Page 199 Fravardin Yasht Tavil). At the end of these 3 lists of Havisht in Kardo 25, 26, 27 respectively is commonly mentioned the name of Astavat-Ereta, and is described in details in Fravardin Yasht Kardo 28. He is remembered in the end of all these 3 Kardas which has a deep significance behind it. The reason is as under:-

Reference below:- Fravardin Yasht Tavil Frashogard Magazine Page 197 onwards

Zarvaneh Daregho Khadat = ZDK
Considering the fact that 81,000 years of time cycle is known as 1 Zarvaneh Daregho Khadat( ZDK) and there are countless of ZDK this earth has passed through and will continue passing through further. With each passing of ZDK this Universe and humanity moves a step closer to Frashogard. But at the end of Last ZDK this universe and humanity will become very subtle, perfectly immortalized capable and this earth will be fit for immortality of Garothman Behest and the whole of Nisti in which our Universe dwells and is part of it will evolve towards Frashogard. This is not going to happen immediately but after countless of ZDK are over. In this last ZDK where whole of humanity will evolve letting go its Physical existence of body “Jadta nu Tanu” into “Khathravat Tanu” of Noor (Pure Light) and thus touching immortality being “Amar” or whole being “Amaretat ni Gati”. That is known as condition of “Iristekhiz”. This type of progress is achieved at the end of every ZDK and this Universe moves one step closer to perfection that is step by step progress till finally having subtle body of Noor at the end of last ZDK. If a soul is destined to be reincarnated again from Apakhtar North before taking rebirth he temporarily attains this Iristakhiz gathers all his elements and takes rebirth again. But the above Iristakhiz at Farshogard is full and final payment having no reincarnation again proceeding to Dadareh Gehan or South. “Man ano avayad shudan, Dadreh Gehan Dine Mazdiyasnan dade ……” In all our prayers we pray it means finally I have to go there at Dadareh Gehan.
At final Iristakhiz at end of Frashogard the Astomand stage will change into Khathravat Noor. Astomad= Bones = Physical stage, Khathravat = Noorie stage. In every end of ZDK there is slow but sure progress towards Ristakhiz. But due to ignorance and materialism heavy sins are commited by humans which builds destructive elementals of “Saen Druji” and this hail of destructive force that lands on earth as a result of Sins is known as “Kayamat” which befalls upon this earth at the end of every ZDK. From Chaos arises order and Ristakhiz prevails.
Every ZDK is ruled for certain number of years by 7 time frames known as 7 Padshahi. It means that in every ZDK Kayamat or repurcusions “ Paityoget” due to build up of evil elemental of Saen Daruji occurs three times. That is Kayamat happens three times in one ZDK, the last one bringing world deluge and earth receives retributive Nahan.
In all these 3 Kayamats Shoshyos descends on this earth and repairs and revives deen by bringing law and order on this earth. Out of these 3 Kayamats during the first two Kayamats there is a real threat of “Azi Dahak” evil force which has been bounded by Shah Faredoon on Zarathustra’s Mount Demavand set free and going berserk on entire humanity itself. But that is not allowed to happen by Shoshyos and his fore runners or Havisht whose names are mentioned in Fravardin yasht and Zarathustra’s “Talismanic Naesmi Daev” come to its rescue. Naesmi= Smite. But the third Kayamat is very powerful and the world is submerged by floods due to Saen Daruji build up of evil clouds that spills/ over flows on mankind from Sins committed by them. In the end during the 3rd Kayamat the sins committed are of such evil proportion that Zarathustra’s “Talismanic Naesmi Daev” becomes weak and breaks/destroyed and Azi Dahak is let loose from bondage on Mt. Demavand. At the end time of third Kayamat sins of undue proportion are committed and as a repercussion world Deluge occurs. Before the beginning of World deluge Shoshyos with his Havisht (Co-workers/fore runners) of Paigamber saheb rescues the good pairs of humanity out of five Jhirums ( 5 classification of souls) and god’s creations that are taken at a high place known as “Yim Varkard”= Jamshed noh Var, Yim= Jamshed, Zohak= Azi Dahak.

Zohak in ShahNamah bounded on Mt. Demavand

Noah’s Ark as in Bible or good Pairs of animal and Man species saved at “Yim Varkard”

Thus in every 1 ZDK which is divided in 7 time frames= Padshahi three times Kayamat befalls because of sins and disorder arising out of it. The first Kayamat occurs in Hashem(Mars) Shahenshat which will be very soon now and we are living in that period and Shah Behram Varjawand will do his work and bring peace. The second Kayamat will be in Budh( Mercury) Shahenshat and the last which will invite world deluge will be at the end in Shani(Saturn) Shahenshat. The table of ZDK is given in above mentioned article:- “Astavat- Ereta ,Shoshyant and 3 Kayamats( Apocalyse’) Part 1. Only Cream of Cream 11,000 will survive” whose link is given above.

Note:- I have amended this above mentioned Part 1 and put more information regarding Shah Behram Varjawand saheb.

All the above mentioned Havishts of Paigambar saheb totalling to 228 Havishts whose names are mentioned in Fravardin Yasht. In Kardo 25 Havisht that will do its work in first Kayamat that will be now whose 91 names are given in Kardo 25. In Kardo 26 Farvardin Yasht from 92 to 153 Havisht names are given that will do its work in second Kayamat. In Kardo 27 Fravardin yasht Havisht names starting from no 154 to 233 . In all these 3 lists of names provided in Fravardin Yasht Kardo 25-26-27 Astavat Eret will work in all these 3 Kayamats hence his name is repeated thrice. We can imagine the status of Astavat Erat not forgetting the status of other Havisht who are of Yazatic stature in form of humans under whose guidance all the other prophets of other four religion work in harmony and lead their flock. Havisht by the name of “Raochas Chasma” and “Havareh Chasma” will be working twice during 2nd and 3rd Kayamat.

The making of this Universe by Dadar is divided into 8 stages which is divided into 2 main parts as under:- 1) Ashaunam Fravshinam 2) Ashonam Fravashinam. The keherp of Asho Zarathustra was made up Ameshaspands. But when Ruvan of Asho Zarathustra’s had to make his earthly appearance and descend with his Keherp, his Asneh Fravashi belonged to Ashonam Fravashi Category.

……………………………….to be continued Part 3

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

My reply to Manoj Nair article in Hindustan Times

Parsi prayer hall’s success produces new worries

Mr Manoj Nair

Hindustan Times

Your article with heading “Parsi prayer hall’s success produces new worries” is something that has to be taken seriously. But not by those who has faithfully stuck to the age old traditions of Dokhmenashini or sky burial against all odds and hurdle but it is surely alarm bells ringing for those advocating Parsi Prayer Hall who are opting for crematorium or burial for they will be only sinking deeper into vortex of Sin where each and every act has to be accounted for. Firstly it is a Sin for going against teachings of our Holy Prophet, secondly more dangerous playing with fire is that the reformists are not happy with that only but are trying to influence others into their faulty belief. Thirdly you sir are on the wrong side presumably writing in their favour for a princely sum, but you are only helping the ignorant few who are raising their ugly head against our time tested custom of Dokhmenashini. In order to increase your viewership you are entering and interfering in zone where it is none of your business to poke your nose in matters of faith and religion where your knowledge is even less than Zilch. It goes even below minus sign. I have never heard you interfering in religious matters of other religion or taking pot-shots at their belief. Have you ever tried to change the belief of those who believe in burial or cremation after death by writing a hot scathing article against their belief. People can come out will all sort of excuses if they want to discontinue Burial by arguments like lack of land available for Burial near Mumbai or lack of fire wood for cremation. Have you ever tried writing against their time tested belief. You want to write all under freedom of speech and belief but dear sir what about freedom of traditional Parsis to continue with their time tested custom of Dokhmenashni. You are only collectively picking on those whom you think cannot defend against their own religious belief, but you are sadly mistaken.

Has it occurred to you even once that you are being used not once, twice, thrice but many times by deformists to spread their propaganda of reform, and an eye to real estate land occupied by the Tower of Silence, whose main aim is to cut the goose that lays golden eggs and reap immense profits.

Let me quote from Bhagvad Geeta as it says below:-

“sukha-duḥkhe same kṛitvā lābhālābhau jayājayau
tato yuddhāya yujyasva naivaṁ pāpam avāpsyasi”

“Fight for the sake of duty, treating alike happiness and distress, loss and gain, victory and defeat. Fulfilling your responsibility in this way, you will never incur sin.”

The times are bad today for the whole world and ignorance is a weapon for deformists to go ahead with their dirty plan. I urge you not to be party to their crime committed for consequences are inevitably not very rewarding. Don’t we read every day brain washing carried out on Net which acts as a fodder to the canon of anarchy going on every corner of the world that too all in the name of religion.

When times are bad we have to hold on to our faith and not to panic and let go, for reform can be done as is promised in scriptures not by any Tom, Dick or Harry but by only the chosen spiritual Leaders who have seal of authority to remove the rot of ignorance.

“Yada yada hi dharmasya glanirbhavati bharata
Abhythanamadharmasya tadatmanam srijamyaham

Paritranaya sadhunang vinashay cha dushkritam
Dharmasangsthapanarthay sambhabami yuge yuge”

“Whenever there is decay of righteousness, O Bharata,
And there is exaltation of unrighteousness, then I Myself come forth
For the protection of the good, for the destruction of evil-doers,
For the sake of firmly establishing righteousness, I am born from age to age”

A friendly brotherly advice to the reformists is "Take your pick and pay the price" for we have chosen our path in full faith to our holy prophet, unlike your death wish "To Die in haste and Repent at your leisure".

The Link of Hindustan Times by Manoj Nair can be found:- HERE

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Caution to Parsi Zarathustis regarding meddling with Jinn and Pari-Part 1

Jinn is male Arvahi and Pari is female Arvahi, and it is Taboo for us Parsi Zoroastrians to meddle with them or invoking Pariamai nor take part in Séance or Ouija Board activity.

Reference No.1 regarding Pari/Daev being carrier of Asere Tariki force can be found in Fravadin yasht Kardo 25 Para 104 starting with “ Hushyothanahe Frashoshstrayanahe ashono fravashim yazmaideh ……………..Paitishtateh aghanamcha khafnam, aganamcha daesanam, aghanamcha aoefranam, aghanamcha pairikanam.”

The last few words meaning:- opposing Tariki which has connection with evil, and which is so rampant in night during our sleep with bad dreams induced by evil and ugly elementals of Pari, the benevolent Fravashi of Vohunemangah who gives a befitting reply and breaks all evil spells, with that benevolent Fravashi I bow down and try to attune with you.

Reference:- Fravadin Yasht ni Tavil Page 143- 144 Fasli Farvardegan Silver jubilee Frashogard Memorial Volume.
More Reference 2:- regarding taboo for Bastekustian Zarathostis in having contact with Jinn, Pari Arvahi:-

“Yo yajaiteh havare yat ameshem raem aurvataspem, Paitishtateh temangam, paitishtate temaschithranam Daevanam Paitishtateh tayunamcha hajashnam, Paitishtateh yatunamcha Pairikanamcha ……………….yo yjaiteh havare yat ameshem raem aurvataspem”.

Opposing forces of darkness or “Tamas Chithra” evil seeds that will only give in return sorrow and spread destruction through materialistic knowledge. “Havare Khshaeta” or power of Sun that spreads light and as is mentioned in Khorshed Niyaesh, “Ahu Chithra” who fight selflessly against evil selfish forces. Those who are opposite of Gospandi or selfless forces who spread havoc in the world with their evil intent who as a thief enter through back door “tayunamcha hajashnam” in our day to day affairs and who instigate weak willed humans to commit sins, havare Khsaheta who fight against those dark forces of Pari “Pairikanamcha” ( Bad evil arvahi forces) through sorcery “yatunamcha” who only spread death and destruction are been taken care of benevolent forces of Sun “ameshem raem aurvataspem” and its antiseptic rays in day time.

Reference:- Dr saheb F.S. Chiniwala’s “Khordeh Avesta Ba Khshnoom” Page 219-220 Khorshed Niyaesh Tavil Para 14th
There are quite a few references in Khordeh Avesta that declare Pari (Pairika) as evil sprites (sorceresses, witches) and explain how the various Yazats smite these evil entities.

This should be a strong indication for all faithful Zarthustis not to get misled by the ongoing propaganda being shared on WhatsApp, emails, social media etc.

Below are some references from Khordeh Avesta (that could find by searching for the word "pairika" in the pdf version of Kangaji's Khordeh Avesta) that warn us against encouraging such non-zoroastrian practices i.e. having contact with Pariamai to seek their favours etc..

1. Hormuzd Khodae prayer.

2. Khorshed Nyaish: Para 14.

3. Hormuzd Yasht: Para 5, Para 10.

4. Ardibehest Yasht: Para 6.

5. Tir Yasht: Karda 5 (para 8), Karda 6 (para 12), Karda 10 (para 39), Karda 13 (para 44), Karda 16 (para 51, para 53, para 55). Karda 16 specifically talks about an evil sprite (pari) named "duzyairya" and how Tir Yazad binds this Pari.

6. Sarosh Yasht Hadokht: Karda 1 (para 6)

7. FarvardinYasht: Karda 25 (para 104), Karda 28 (para 135)

8. Behram Yasht: Karda 1 (para 4), Karda 21 (para 62)

9. Hom Yasht (large): Karda 1 (para 18), Niran of Hom Yasht

10. Nirang of Vanant Yasht

11. Khordad Yasht: Para 3

12. Khorshed Yasht: Para 4

....... to be continued in Part 2

Saturday, June 25, 2016

My reply to Parsiana dated 21st June, 2016 Editorial Write up titled "A mirror to reality"

Mr Jehangir Patel

Editor of Parsiana

The following is in response to your Editorial viewpoint write-up titled "A mirror to reality"in Parsiana dated 21st June 2016

You write:-

If the Parsi traditionalists wish to be taken seriously they have to present a cohesive, persuasive and organized argument. They have to create platforms and institutions. They have to present documentation and scriptures to substantiate their arguments. They have to put in the required, sustained hard work and thought. They cannot be mere armchair conservatives, spouting out random thoughts and fanciful stories. Unless they demonstrate some tangible results, they will continue to remain on the margins of society.

To view whole Parsiana Editorial article click over Here

You are interested in persuasive and cohesive organized argument. As if after giving all the proof you will turn to a new leaf, all in favour for our age old traditions and customs. Hasn’t all Vada Dasturjis given umpteen number of times in one voice and in writing that Inter marriage is bad and you cannot increase fold by inter marrying. Now that you know that all present Vada Dasturji barring few are ailing and become Old so you would like to push your reform strategy.Even if our Paigambar saheb will descend to give religious discourses to ignorant people you being rational minded will start demanding a University Degree from him. Do you understand the status of our Paigamaber saheb that he is called as “Aevo” the one and only one, and has divine wisdom known as Asne Vir.The divine senses as mentioned in Doa Naam Setayesh Pazand prayers are Vir, Hos, Kherad. These are divine senses but you sir are refusing to use even common sense. Some of the Hindus saints are known as “Trikal Gyani” or knower of Three Kaals where as our Paigamber saheb is knower/ Seer of seven Eras( Saat Kaal) of vast expanses of mind boggling stretch of time that he can see with his divine eye. And he knew and saw the past, present and future of all the time frames that this earth will be in existence till salvation known as Frashogard. That is why he is called as "SEER", the one who can see much beyond us, where as we with our short sight cannot see anything further than the stock of our nose, somewhat similar to the saying in Gujarati that “Derka ni Duniya tey Kuvani Paar.”

Do you for any practical purpose take all things in life on face value that what you see you believe, and the rest is not to be believed in ?.I would like to ask a counter question to you. You have assumed your parents as your mother and father because you have been told that these are your mother and Father, just because somebody in your family told you so. Now if you are rationalist then won’t you be needing proof of your hereditary existence, or are you going to doubt your parents too ?. There is a limit to rationality and there are many things under the Sun which are done in good faith and you cannot take away the faith from us, however you deformists may try it. Another example I would like to point out is that you are sitting on earth you observe that Sun is moving around earth, but that is only your apparent observation whereas truth is very much opposite to your apparent observation. You also observe that Earth is also Flat but in reality Earth is round in shape, so after all, your eyes can play a trick on your mind.

You feel that we have to reform because our age old practice of Dokhmenashini is defunct because of lack of Vultures which is main agent for disposal for dead body. As if when the vultures were there you deformists called this system as filthy and barbaric which is like a kettle calling the pot Black. Now these are not random thoughts that you would not like to believe in but those who have done some scriptural studies can tell you that for a Zarathosti soul no other method of disposal of dead is allowed if he has to reach Chinvat Pool. Do you at all in first place believe that there is place called Chinvat. Do you believe that there are places a soul has to dwell in after his physical death on earth. The names like Naman, Vees, Jantu, Dakhyu, Varjamkard, Kang Daeza, Ganjesh(Portal) found in our avesta prayers and Afringan Prayers, the seven Dakhyu names that can be found in our Meher Niyaesh Avesta Prayers, does all these mean anything to you ? Or is it according to you a figment of imagination by our past Mobeds that new unnecessary ceremonies are invented after high intoxication of “Chato Pani” merely to sustain their living and extra income. For your information Physical death is not end of everything, for nothing can be destroyed in nature they can merely be transformed from one element to another, that is basis of Alchemy, like lead can be converted to Silver, or Cooper to Gold. Over here we are talking about Spiritual Alchemy of a Soul. That is why Dokhmenashini is called as “Awal Manzil”, which is well oiled machinery of nature for disposal of atoms of dead body in a defined and swift manner where atoms are taken care of by Daham Yazad. In case of other disposal Daham Yazad won’t be able to help the soul. In Bible it is said that “In my Father’s home there are many Mansions”, have you considered all these facts before you arrive at any logical conclusion for reform. You would like to believe that by cremating or burying the body we are expediting the process of getting rid of Putrid matter in a dignified manner and the matter ends there. But you Deformists with your short sight are missing important fact that death is not the end of our Journey but only a step further to it. Besides the 3 physical body of Tanu, Gaetha, Azda there are other 3 Ultra Physical parts known as Keherp, Ushtan, Tevishi and Divine 3 part of the body known as Ruvan, Baodang, Fravashi which has to be taken into consideration. Are you wise enough even to question the authority of our Paigamber Saheb which has shown us the path. These long standing customs are valid for all ages and even today in absence of Vultures we have sun shining all year round which will crumple the physical body to powder form and exposure of body to Sun is known as “Khurshed Nagirashni” which is another side of the same coin. You under the guise of being practical and pragmatic wish reform and would like to do away our age old practices. I would say Keep trying but you will never succeed.

Why did we Leave Iran our Mother Land:-
And for what purpose did we leave our property and home land of Iran ? To preserve and protect our religion and ethnicity of being a Parsee, otherwise did it not occur to you in first place that why did we not merely convert to another religion and take trouble of coming all the way here to India. Remember that amongst Crores of population we have shone like a diamond and that is due to our Parsi Panu and preserving of our seed known as “Boonak Pasbani” and you want to under guise of reform want to give up all that. This Scare Mongering fear tactics adopted by you and brain washing the gullible youngster in HPY Holiday Programme for Youths will not last for long, for our religion is going to last for all the time to come. It may shrink but it can never disintegrate for there is higher Hierarchy taking care of it. What is not going to last will be deformists who thing it is time to change. Certain things cannot be changed. For example you cannot change your children for they are been gifted by god to you, same is the case with the religion, for Religion is not man made but is God made that is why it is called as Ahurish Takesho in Afringan Prayers Daham no Kardo. Translation:- Ahurish= That Belonging to Ahura, Takaesho= Deen= Religion.You cannot change a religion like wanting to change a dress to your liking/preference, nor tell others to forgo their own religion and come in our fold. I shudder to even think what will hardliners in Middle East do when they come to know of your conversion policy. Consider yourself lucky that you are dealing with cultured community. Had you gone ahead with your gimmicks with other community the only solution for them is death to the reformer. To educate how they treat the Blasphemy victims/ Adulterers is they bury the victim in ground with their head above ground, and they are stoned to death, other method is they cage the victim and sprinkle Petrol and cremate/ roast alive. Sounds very revolting and barbarous, does it not ??

It is one thing to believe as you want but it is a sin or “Margarjan Gunah” to confuse the laity/ fence sitters with your distorted and convoluted way of looking at our religion. Please desist from doing that for on the day of judgement one has to answer all our misdeeds. Better to be safe than be sorry.

Firdosh.K. Sukhia

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Astavat- Ereta ,Shoshyant and 3 Kayamats( Apocalyse’) Part 1:-Only Cream of Cream 11000 will survive

Fravardin Yasht Kardo 25:-

The present Zarvane Daregokhadate(ZDK) of 81,000 years’ time cycle comprises the following seven royal cycles known as Shahenshat. They are as under:-

Jupiter = 11,000 Years( Burjiz Shahenshat)
Mars= 17,000 Years ( Hashemi Shahenshat)
Sun = 4,000 years
Venus= 9,000 Years
Mercury= 13,000 Years
Moon = 12,000 Years
Saturn= 15,000 Years
Total 81,000 Years

We are living presently somewhere in between Hashemi Shahenshat ( also known as Kali Yuga)

If you divide (ZDK) in three parts roughly (around the turn of 21st Century) then the first part is just about to get over soon in our life time, and we are living at that end time. At the end of that 1st part of 3 divisions, Rainidar Shah Behram Varjawand Saheb will descend for our salvation who will revive and refresh this world from the miseries we are surrounded at present. Zarthustra’ s 91 Havisht or his envoys whose work is to guide the souls through Jhirum order in nature are remembered in the Fravardin Yasht prayer, Kardo 25th.

The era of Jupiter time cycle of 11,000 years was during paigambar saheb and his descend. Zarathusti Burjisi ( Jupiter) Shahenshat has already passed through mid period and finally shrunk to minimal size of 1 Lakh practicing Zoroastrians in India with Pav Mahal. After Paigambar saheb established the good religion our forefathers lived in Iran and then during rise of Islam we left Iran and adopted India as our new Homeland. We are now in between Hashemi period but yet many years left for Hashemni (Mars) Shahenshat to get over.

From the main Mazdayasni Zarathosti deen other 4 religions of the book shows its presence and are born (viz Hindu, Islam, Judaism and Christianity). A time will come that out of main group of present practicing zarathusti that have come to India only 11000 true blue blooded Zarathustis who can be called as true staunch followers of our Zarathosti deen will survive and last till end of time when Shah Behram Varjawand will show up. The under mentioned 91 names of Zarthustra Havisht carries the forceful Mithra embedded in their names and they are remembered in Kardo 25th which explains to us as to how they as co-workers of Paigambar saheb are responsible to other above 4 Religions which manifested in their given time. It thus shows how Zarathusti deen can be called as Mother of all religions, explaining law of Jhirum in Kardo 25 of Fravardin Yasht.
The under mentioned 91 names follow:-
1) Maidyomaongahe
2) Asmo- Khanvat
3) Ashno- Khanvat
4) Gavyan
and so on till .......

90) Frayar
91) Astavat Eret

Over here 91 names are mentioned who are disciples of Asho Zarathustra very high lofty spiritual status connected with Fravashis of Yazats. From the times of Paigambar Saheb till now when the end time will come for Behram Varjawand saheb the next Rainidar to show up in very near future. These 91 Havisht their main function is be guiding light and show spiritual path to all holy souls of Ashvan Category and even to Dravands like us who have been deceased so far. They do untiring job of guiding the relevant high souls of other four Jhirum or religion. From “Aivi thrishva” which is considered as one third part of earth which is pure and free from earthly contamination of Druj, which is known as Garodeman Behest heaven where lineage of “Zarathusta-Temo” are prevalent. Zarathusta-Temo= functioning like Zarathustra, Temo= similar to Him. But from times of Asho Zarathustra till Behram Varjawand in near future these 91 Havishts will from time to time show up as Rainidar saheb and keeping intact their Dasturi or seal of authority as given by Paigambar saheb himself will work in tandem with 91 Havist as mentioned in kardo 25 of Fravardin Yasht. Shah Behram Varjawand the next coming Raininar will himself be guided by Astavat- Eret. Not much is known about the past Rainidars that has done their work so far but the last Rainidar Adar Baad Marespand is known to us. Nature works in mysterious ways that is unknown to us and it is better that these secrets are kept hidden from us in form of Rumz.

Today as we known holy souls or Chaechast Saheb, Behram varjawand Saheb is in midst of them under their guidance and tutelage. When Astavat- Eret will show up amongst Chaechast Saheb that will be the time when Behram Varjawand Saheb will materialize and show up in public of known world or “Zaher Duniya”. These 91 Havisht ( Co workers of Paigambar saheb) last name mentioned is that of Astavat- Eret which we have to know his importance. All these 91 Havisht their spiritual status are immensely holy beyond our grasping power of mind. Their individual Fravashis work in unison and joined with common group of Fravashis. These 91 Havisht their Ruvan and its Rai are linked with Rai of Zarvan Fravashis groups which is Rai of Dadar Ahura-Mazda himself. The bodies of 91 Havisht are made up of Khathrvat Noor which is beyond our grasping power of mind and their spiritual status is much beyond the other side of Khetvodat and pertaining to them, which is considered as whole complete Ruvan of perfection. Their Fravashi- Uravan and Baod are equally developed and it may seem like a narration from a Myth itself which we may never be prepared to even believe in it, but in truth it is a reality above our 5 worldly sense of perception. … Ref:- Page 126 Part 2 Fravardin Yasht Tavil.

It wont be an exaggression on out of place if we say that the above mentioned 91 names mentioned in Fravardin Yasht their power is immense for they are accompanied by 1) Fravashis of Yazads, 2) the very Fravashis that run the Ushtan Pranvayu Seas or Zareh, and 3) The Fravashis of Gavoi nature prevalent in nature are accompanying these above mentioned 91 Nars and hence will bring whole humanity closer to Frashogard salvation. Hence their status is highly valued and of immense nature. Today we with our Animal Instinct build an opinion for others in a very crude manner. We wont be happy and flattered if we like to conclude about ourself that our mentality is half beastly and more of animal like instinct that follows with it, but if we put our hands on our conscience and we will know from where our beastly instinct comes from. But it has to be noted that the above 91 Nars are themselves Real Nars and Yazats. Hence they have to be given proper respect when their names are prayed whilst reciting Fravardin Yasht from which only benefits will accrue on us fructifying only into "Sawab".

But if at all we consider them like one of us mortal humans but with a little better intelligence and strength even after understanding the above mentioned description of them,then we are answerable in nature for having mockingly degrading them with normal human being status like us, which will only fetch Bad Keshahsh or Karma out of such disrespect.

Reference:- Frashogard Memorial Volume Farvardin yasht ni Tavil Fasli Farvardegan Silver Jubilee "Volume 30, Issue 3-4 January to June 1941" Part 2- Page 123 be continued in Part 2

Sunday, June 19, 2016

There is Education and Education

Nature’s laws are based upon truth existing in this Universe and are not based upon what we think as it is. And the right education should be based upon the existing nature’s laws. The object of Education should be spiritual upliftment and today’s Education is based only on one aim, and that is about earning our livelihood and making income, Commercialism and Economics is the only thing that is concentrated upon. Nothing bad about making a hard earned income out of our livelihood but we can call it enough only when it answers all our needs and not beyond that. Anything above our needs should not be amassed but given in charity for nothing can be taken with us once we leave this corporal world.

Baname Yazad Prayers says it all ……….

Ba Marduman ba sepas-dar kardan na tokhshi darad, che aney darvish oy ane Tavangar ……..
Translation:- Do not only work for amassing wealth. Those who are living in penury or those who have amassed wealth should both be grateful for all that is bestowed upon them by the almighty. Those who are ungrateful and do not show gratitude are destined for hell only.

For it is not happy people who are thankful, it is thankful people who are happy.

There is Education and Education and is like a double edged sword. Who is objecting to a good education for your child nobody should be denied that by all means give your children good education but what about spiritual education we should never forget and neglect that. For one should not expect a Rose tree when we have sown the seeds of other flower. As per our Mazdayasni Deen if we divide it into 16 parts, out of it 14 parts pertains for our spiritual progress and Education and only 2 parts are reserved for our Mundane life.In the name of Education Moral degradation should not be prevalent in our education by giving undue importance to only economic and commercial prosperity.
In our natural human composition of body there are 5 Kuvat or faculties to be taken into consideration. They are 1) Kuvatey Tani 2) Kuvatey Hum kheshi 3) Kuvatey Eklakhi 4) Kuvatey Zamiri 5) Kuvatey Ruhani. The above 5 faculties of human can only be developed if sixth Kuvat 6) Kuvatey Zari or amassing of wealth is not given much importance.
Three laws in nature are behind any worldly operation that can make one prosperous or otherwise. They are:-
1) Mehrub Bit Tabey= Laws of science that work against nature’s machinery
2) Galeb Bit Tabey= Laws of science that over burden the nature’s machinery
3) Maglub Bit Tabey= Laws of Science that run parallel in attunement and in Harmony with nature’s machinery
Based on understanding these three natural laws our Education, and any Institution, Organizations and our functioning should be based upon.
We will inspect all the above three laws and come to conclusion on which of the above law our Education is based upon.
1) Mehrub Bit Tabey:- Mehrub= Going against, and Taebey= Nature. The natural laws that does not exist based upon that an activity or organisation is constructed and operates upon. In short those activities or organization that does not work upon the established laws and tenets as in prescribed by the Prophet of any religion that go against natural law. It should be known that any activity going against nature and its machinery is destined to be destroyed although outwardly it may seem to be working fine in the beginning. The reason behind it is Gehnamino and spiritual backwardness that go along with it always works fine in beginning but all that glitters is not gold and finally Spenamino victory will finally prevail over Gehnamino. Take example from Hormuzd Yasht as below:-
Kat Ashva Mazd vanat Dravantem= Can a Ashvan finally be victorious over Dravant full of daruji.??? The answer to this query is in affirmative. Ashva vanat Drujem, Ashva Vanat Dravantem= An Ashvan of ashoi will finally be victorious over Dravant or daruji.

2) Galeb Bit Tabey:- Galeb=To dominate, and Tabey=Nature. We are living in today’s world where science tries to imitate, dominate and behave as if it has understood Mother nature by trying to decimate Atoms, electrons, Protons and by experiments like Higgs Boson, Atom Accelerator, very large Hadron colliders and making Atom and Hydrogen Bombs that can destroy this earth 100 times and thus wasting in nature by dissecting four elements known as “Anasar”. Nature abhors wastage or “Ishraf” of any kind especially when one is trying to act like God himself. All these experiments which manipulate nature by Art or science are destined to destroy and plunder nature by force. Thus Galeb Bit Tabey is more dangerous than Mehrub Bit Tabey. Just as the burden of Mehrub Bit Tabey can be found in any time frame but in good times it is of lesser intensity than the bad times we are living in of Scientific Age, simillarly Galeb Bit Tabey need not be present in all ages as it can show its presence only in between two ages of good and bad times. When Galeb Bit Tabey surpasses its boundaries nature sets in and corrects it and thus heralds good times in future. But in all ages we can see science that is pro nature( Maglub Bit Tabey which is explained below) and Galeb Bit Tabey that tries dominance over nature the two opposing force of nature diametrically working against each other.

3) Maglub Bit Tabey:- Maglub=to merge with Asere Roshni white forces, and Tabey=Nature. Without opposing Mother Nature and working shoulder to shoulder parallel along with nature as its Co-worker, and working on constructive principle is the real meaning of Maglub Bit Tabey. It’s foundation is based in Harmony with Mother nature and thus is known as “Radih” or being righteous. It is called as Radih because it supports Asha the order on which this whole Universe operates with Spenamino. Thus Maglub Bit Tabey is ever lasting and those operating in tandem with it the end result is always successful and positive thereby strengthening Asere Roshni aiding the white forces of nature.

Now anybody can guess that on which of above category our education is based upon. For today after earning a degree we get a job and are so busy making a living out of life and one forgets to make a life out of a living.
Note:- Let us study the communities of today who are prosperous and look back at our ancestors too for their past lifestyle. Communities like Sikhs, Bohris, Muslims and Jews although they may be in any field of enterprise or service or even be it Entrepreneurship like business, they make it a point in moving along life in their traditional dress and attire not forgetting the religious principles based on their tenets of religion. They never forget fasting, Roza, Namaz, nor do they intake food that is considered as Haram in their religion. Kosher is for Jews or Halal in Muslims is very much prevalent, and daily attendance in their religious places. No matter whatever may be the situation the Sikhs never let go their religious belief of wearing a Turban and a beard. A family that eats and grows together are the ones who are successful. Today we have copied western culture and let go living in joint families, keep our elders in nursing homes, have separate rooms and even separate stoves for cooking, if at all we cook at home. We are worried about our jobs and its earnings only.

Today’s education without understanding it only cramming the lessons is important as far as examinations are concerned, after that we forget what we have learnt. In our academically inclined studies we acquire knowledge but wisdom can be achieved only if we are true to our religion. For Knowledge is knowing what to say but wisdom is knowing when to say. Thus by cramming for examination our vital energy, time, money all goes to waste for it is all forgotten after examinations are over. All this can be classified under first law of Mehrub bit Tabey which goes against nature.

Any thought, words or deeds outwardly although it may seem as good we have to observe and ask to ourselves that in which of the above three described category it can fit in the slot. The answer to our observations can be given in three different ways.

Observations and three methods of Judging things:-

1) With our god given gift of applying our minds we can see directly by the results of our actions. But sometimes the results are not immediately visible in our life time. For example a seed of a Banyan tree will take long time to grow which we may not see it in full grown capacity in our life time, same goes to our actions which may take some time to fructify. So that method wont serve our purpose all the time.

2) We can observe from our ancestors their way or lifestyle and judge how happy they were in their life time by being obedient to the customs and traditions followed and as given to us by our Prophet Vakhshurey Vakshuran Ramz-Go Ahurana Asho Spitaman Zarathustra Saheb. Thus we can with our observation come to conclusion whether our ancestors who have clung to age old customs were happy or we today who have one by one let go our time tested customs and traditions are really happy.

3) The third and the last method is a full proof method where we can judge whether our actions are conducive and rightfully excepted and in harmony with Nature. This method of observation is known as “Mahiyat”= Right Judgement.By following Ashoi Tarikats we can judge for ourselves by using our high keen sense of Mahiyat developed by following Ashoi all things in right perspective and in which of the above three categories our actions or deeds belong to. For our mode of Ratiocination or reasoning by our senses can come in another three categories described as under:- A) Vujub Bil Gayer B) Imkan Dar Nafs C) Mahiyat.
A) Vujub Bil Gayer:- is the sense of thoughts in which no reasoning is of his own but merely by observing from others which is also known as “herd mentality” and his thoughts are inclined to that thinking merely because other people do think and say so. Gayer=Something belonging to others and not his own. Such a manner of thinking is present in 95 % of humanity and those are lazy people who refuse to think on their own.
B) Imkan Dar Nafs:- is the sense of thought in which a person after hearing from others their reasoning adds reasoning of his own and thus arrives at half-baked conclusion based
on his own assumed philosophy. This type of thinking many people think in that manner which will not give correct results. He thus tries to influence his way of thinking on others by superimposing his belief on others as if it is the truth existing in nature. Such kind of thinking is prevalent in other 5 % of humanity.

The above two manners of thinking and judging at things are arrived at in absence of any Ashoi Tarikats followed by them. In such a confusing state of affairs how can we come to a much needed logical right answer. For who will decide when Doctors disagree ?? when they themselves are unaware of the three above mentioned laws. In such a case Mahiyat comes to our rescue.

C) Mahiyat:- is the highest and correct way of thinking/reasoning in which you can never go wrong in your Judgement and looking at things in a total unbiased way. But it is very difficult to find such a person who thinks in such a manner by following Ashoi Tarikats. Hard to find even 1 person out of 10,000 persons who looks at all things in right perspective and is known as Mahiyat. By following Ashoi Tarikats one can take notice of his true inner voice of his own conscience by developing his own Ahu and thus becomes aware of what is right in nature and what should one abstain from. Only such a person can be called as Mahiyat and has true capacity of Right Judgement, which can never be wrong for he can see through the nature with his inner eye. Thus two persons having Mahiyat powers can never have two different answers for same question. A person having Mahiyat will analyse a question by taking into use 9 rules of higher analytical grammar as under:-
a) Kum (Quantity)
b) Kef (Quality)
c) Azafey (Ascending order)
d) Aen (Body, Draft)
e) Vajeh (Composition)
f) Melk (Essence)
g) Mata (Dominating power of time and right time in nature for any work)
h) Fael (Kriya or inner working)
i) Enfal (Result of the performed Kriya)

In such a way for judging a question and answering it in form of Mahiyat the above analysis is required to arrive at the right conclusion and right answer for it, and he will know immediately what is right or wrong and against Asere Roshni.

All things in nature is made up of as per law of Jooft and Jooz which is explained below in Note form. Similarly Knowledge can also be classified under law of Jooft. The knowledge is as under:- 1) Ilme Sruto 2) Ilme Ataee. Ilme Sruto:- one can achieve by hearing a speech or by reading a book where as Ilme Ataee:- it can be achieved by practicing Ashoi Tarikats as shown by our Paigambar Saheb and by developing Ashoi an inspired Self Knowledge when one can never go wrong that comes out of one’s heart. Thus in ancient times knowledge was imparted by the Master to his disciple from Heart to Heart that is Seena Dar Seena and not by reading books. “Ilme dar Seena dar seena, Neh dar safina” = Real knowledge can be imparted by Guru shishya way, all other way of acquiring knowledge by books is impractical.

“Chati etli sachi, Potha etla thotha” The knowledge imparted through heart is the real knowledge or wisdom that can never be forgotten and bookish knowledge is not true knowledge.

Till one practises Ashoi tarikats the nature is not receptive to our queries or our need to know him. For as long as our passions comes in between our thirst for knowledge will be incomplete and one requires to have control over one’s passions. “Dil Kushad, Dil Azad; Dil azad, Dil Kushad.” The nature is embedded in our heart chakra but till we recognize our original nature lying dormant in our hearts we cannot experience or feel mother nature which is within us and no need to search outside. Ahum Mashim= Avesta word for natural ability within our inert heart to recognize and open up and make it “Kushad”. Till our Heart becomes pure and free = Dil Azad, by freeing from shackles of passion our heart does not recognize nature and Humata, Hukhata, Huvarashta of Yazads existing in nature.

Below reference of Note:- A manual of Khshnoom by P. Tavadia Page 411
Note of Jooz and Jooft Law:- The former is law of Polarity(Jooz) that is produce effect by opposition, and the latter is law of Duality(Jooft) that is producing effect by Co-operation. Both can give results, which may either be of Spenamino which means co-operating with nature in expediting the divine plan of Ahunavar. Or the result may be of Asere Tariki the issue leading to darkness under Gehnamino, the destructive or retarding principle that is temporarily retarding the divine plan. The two sleeves of our Sudreh remind us of these two laws prevalent in nature and we have to follow the path of light.



Reference:- Mazdayasni Zarathosti Daen Mujab Zarathosti Tarabyat ni Asal Rudhi – by Ustad Saheb Behramshah Navroji Shroff

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Reformists need to change and not the Orthodox

If Change is the constant factor in all times to come then reformists need to change for the good and not the Orthodox for the worst. Change for being better and not for degrading oneself to lower carnal desires. Reform is not a bad word after all, but those who want to reform religion in their ignorance wants to do away all that is sacred in the name of reform without even understanding what they want to discard is the kernel cream of religion and outwardly as a show want to hold onto only the past glory achieved by their forebears who achieved glory by being loyal to the cream and kernel of the religion and its long followed practices of rituals and tarikats known as “Daregyao Upyanao”= meaning long standing rules and regulations observed since ages which cannot be refuted or basic fundamentals of our religion. Today’s Parsees feel they are proud in being a Parsee which demands respect from other communities but they fail miserably to understand that very Parsi Panu for which our forebears were known for. First and foremost rule is they brush aside the very basic rule of Boonak Pasbani or preservation of seed. If we intermarry and cross breed can we ever preserve our Parsi Panu ??. We only cling to our past glory of eating good food like Dhan Saak, Patrani ni Macchi, Berry Pulav, Chicken Mutton Biryani, Kaju na Saus ni Machhi, Jardaloo ma Ghosh, Bhakra, Malido, Kor ni Saree and spacious houses our ancestors used to live in, our so very famous Baugs and colonies which other communities envy and feel how lucky we are. Pride is an antithesis to anything sacred and it is shortcoming of our character rather than a noble characteristic trait of being a Parsi. We should not be proud but be humble to God’s glory for he being merciful has allowed us to be born in such a great religion for our past good deeds. Nature does not forget anything and he being Just and merciful has rewarded us amply be giving us birth in such a noble religion for which we should be ever grateful and not be proud and look down upon other religions as being inferior to us. God in being just and merciful has showered upon our ancestors his countless blessing and we want to discard and let go those blessings in the name of being modern. All these ignorance by modern so called reformists is based on today’s Science who are atheists and who are blissfully unaware that God exists everywhere and thus is called as Omnipotent/Omniscient.

“The present day education has broken the usage of these old customs damning them as superstitious with the result that the community which never had produced a single prostitute during their exile of 12 centuries in India is showing contrary; a community which was honest to the hilt is degenerated, which was industrious is becoming lazy. The present day civilization is material hence it knows nothing about these spiritual things. The civilized of the present day call themselves rational. But the first rule of rationalism is broken by them that one should never pronounce an opinion about which he is ignorant.” ….. Reference:- Sequel to Essential of Zoroastrianism by Dr.F S Chiniwala, page 13

Kindly go through undermentioned thoughts by Late Jehangirji Chiniwala and what he had to say about Science and their so called pride in understanding nature with their rational thinking:-


Science forgets God and his existence – By Late Jehangirji S Chiniwala

So called reformists of new modern thinking have come out with a thinking based upon their own understanding that we in today’s modern technological advanced world we should do away with old out dated way of life which they label it as mere superstition and thus are appealing to faithful followers of our community who still practice what their forebears used to follow in the past. The modern so called reformists at the top of their voice are being fervently vocal to their wrong ideology of being pragmatic and practical and changing with the modern times keeping themselves apace to modern technology of science and thus demand change to old way of religion as practiced in the past. They want to spear head their thinking with one title of “Change and Reform” needed in our religion Some of the so called Reformists want to thrust upon other faithful followers their own way of reformed religion compatible to today’s fast paced life that they would like to follow and practice as per their own faulty thinking. Such modern thinking reformists in their wishful thinking or false conception known as “Dhakharo” even fail to grasp the Basics of our religion, nor do they even care to try and understand what lies in nature and its resources that has been instrumental in building up this time tested and irrefutable customs and long standing traditions that cannot be sacrificed in any times to come in future. The wishful thinking of such so called Reformists think that all that was being practiced in past cannot be done in today’s modern age as it is impractical, hence we should be pragmatic and change with the times by being shoulder to shoulder with the modern times.

Zarathusti deen like all other great religions is being given to us as per the will of God himself known as Divine Ahunavar. It is God made and not human made like many so called modern thinking Pragmatics would like to think their way contrary to the truth existing in nature. That is their false conception that has lead them to such an illogical conclusion. Our religion or for that matter any religion cannot be understood by our worldly logic and five senses. Something more is needed to understand it and that is known as faith.

In last century in Europe there was an exchange of religious ideas between top Scientists and Christian Priests. Scientists argued with the Christian Clergy that whatever that can be seen or experienced by us can be believed and not anything contrary to that. We the scientists do not take for granted the presence or existence of God (Dadar Ahura Mazda, Ameshaspands, and Yazads) as you all take it for granted.

The reply that Christian Clergy gave to the Scientists is worth taking a note of it. The Christian Clergy replied that we may be believing in God and his existence God (Dadar Ahura Mazda, Ameshaspands, and Yazads), but have you ever thought of what you believe in and take it for granted with your muscular lump of brain and its five worldly senses that go along with it, is that you are capable of understanding all the mysteries of nature hidden in bosoms of this world. This is your faulty thinking that has led to such an illogical conclusion for such false pride or illogical conclusion cannot be summed up even by your pet cat at home who also does possess such lump of muscular brain as all humans do have it.

Reference:- Dini Avaz Volume 1 Issue No. 4 June- July 1976 Page 6

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Afrasiyab the Turanian

Afarsiyab was by Dharma belonging to Asere Roshni or white side of nature but by Karma he belong to Asere Tariki or dark side of nature. How can that be possible ??

That we have to understand first:-

Paigambar Saheb mission on Earth:-

Parsee Avaz 13.09.1959
Paigambar Saheb’s mission on this earth was to destroy the Dev’s and the havoc created by them on this earth which was so far kept in check by the “Poryotakesh Nar” and Nar Asho Abeds of Iran but now it had become too hot for them to handle the situation which seemed to go out of control. “Geush Urva” the soul of the earth cried out in pain for the saviour and thus it was time for Paigambar Saheb to descend on this earth. His other mission in the end was to destroy the heavy elemental clouds formed out of Dev’s misdeeds known as “Tur-Bara-Tur” which if unchecked and not destroyed had the potential to destroy this very earth from its existence. Yet another mission was to bind the fiend “Azidahak” on Mt. Demavand. Nature works on as per basic laws which are bonded by divine plan of “Ahunavarya” and that law is known as “Mazda-daat” law on which “Mazdiyansni Deen” is based upon in which all other deen that will come in future are accommodated within. This law of Mazdadat is the first and the primeval law and is also known as “Par-daat” or “Pesh-Daat”. And the Nar Asho doing selfless service under this law of Pardat or Peshdaat were considered as “Pardaat Dahyupat”. The Peshdadyan Dynasty was amongst the first and foremost dynasty that were dedicated in eradicating Devs and their Devyasni to tolerable level as much as they can within their limits. Such “Pardaat Dahyupat Nar” were very advanced souls whose first four Chakras allegorically known as “Mount Ushideren” or their crowning glory were so developed and advanced right from their birth as they had already attained their own salvation but had come down for different purpose. Hence they were born with “Kavem Kharenoh” and “Farreh Yazadi” Khoreh right from their birth.

Aryans, Un- Aryans and Turanians:-

As per divine science disclosed by Ilme Khshnoom we come to know that right from “Gayomard” times till Peshdad Dynasty Padshahs who descended they all had “Kavem Kharenoh” within them. The “Kavem Kharenoh” is khoreh belonging to Dadar Ahura-Mazda himself. This Kavem Kharenoh was possessed and lasted till all the “Zuh” or “Zav” Padshahs. Later on as time passed by changes were found and now from “Kaykobad” times though they also did possess Kavem Kharenoh but slightly of lower sheen and shine and that was known as “Kayan Khoreh”. Thus after Peshdad Dynasty, Kayan Dynasty superseded it.
Poet Firdausi’s narration in his Shahnamah is representation of exact facts during the times of Peshdad and Kayan Dynasty and is a valuable source of ancient Iranian history for us. Such was the greatness and nobility of Peshdad Vansh Dynasty that they had their jurisdiction to “Airi” as well as “Un-Airi” civilizations and ruled both with justice. Later on Aryan foothold on Un Aryan countries began to weaken because they began tilting to devs side and thus they were known as Turanians. Afrasiyab was a Turanian Padshah who did big Amal and took help of “Tur-e-Frangas” powers of dark forces of nature and with its help won the loyalty of Devs only to be sent for their slaughter in hands of Irani Padshahs Pelvans. Such was his way of working though in favour of Devs but in reality his inner will was for the dev’s destruction and eradicating them from surface of the earth. Thus Afrasiyab had a big job at his hand and he was made for that purpose only and that is for sending the Devs to their imminent destruction by them facing Invincible Pehlavan like Rustom and other Asho Nar.

Demand and Supply:-
In nature there was an urgent need or demand for destruction of Devs Juggernaut and keeping it into check till Paigambar Saheb arrives and Afrasiyab supplied the Devs to imminent destruction by sending them one by one to Pehelvan like Rustom and other Poryotakesh Nar of Iran. Thus Afrasiyab was serving white side of nature although apparently it seemed otherwise.
Jehan Pehelvan Rustom:-
Thus on one side were Turanians with Afrasiyab as its general and other side was Rustom of Iran lineage who was invincible for he had protection of “Seen Amru” Abed saheb. On right side of Rustom was protection of Sherevar Ameshaspand, on his left side was victorious Behram Yazad and thus he could never be defeated by anybody, and Dami Upman Yazad protection over his head by which Rustom Pehelvan can never be deceived by deceit of Dev or Pari and its evil magic spell spun like a web. He with his “Rakhsh” horse made a formidable champion of Iran which no Dev however powerful he may be can be of any match to him. Rustom was protected by talismanic leather Armour shield called as “BubreBayan” which was consecrated by King Jamshed himself in past and kept in safe place to be used later by Rustom Pehelvan.
“Seen-Amru Abed” guided Rustam to Alburz Mountains for bringing down Kai-Kobad who belonged to Faredun Padshah blood line or lineage and who possessed Kayan Khoreh also known Fareh Yazaty Khoreh. Kaikobad was thus made Dahyupat monarch of Iran hence forth.

Jehan Pehelvan Rustam with his invincible Babre Bayan armour and his Horse Raksh

Right from the beginning when this earth changed from Garodeman to Drujodeman when Devs and their devyasni created mayhem and destruction on this earth there was constant battle with Spenamino and Gehnamino and Turanians who were once brothers of Iran had a change of heart and thus they came on side of Devs and obeyed them. Thus the constant battle with Turanians and Iranians.
When face to face battle was about to begin with Afrasiyab on one side as Turanian general and Rustom who had to yet prove of his capability to lead Iran faced each other. Afrasiyab considered Rustam as a novice and underestimated his ability and thus brushed him off as a mere youngster.

Rustam and Afrasiyab Face off in battle

Rustam had been warned beforehand about Afrasiyab by “Zalezar” and he gives advice to Rustam to be careful of him in Shahnamah as below:-

Shavad Kuhe Ahan chu Darya e Aab
Agar Beshnavad naam e Afrasiyab

By merely hearing the name of Afrasiyab a mountain of steel will start shivering due to fright and melt into a sea of water.

Rustam with Kaviyani Zanda in hand and a huge army of Iranian accompanied by battle hardened knights like Pehlvan Mehrab, Nodar and Goshtohem equally distributed on his right and left side, and other seasoned warriors like Karan and Keshavan in centre as middle order accompanied by Dahyupat Kaikobad and Zalezar Pehelvan with war cry and battle drums straight away went into enemy within aiming for Afrasiyab himself. Rustam with his bare hands in one heave lifted Afrasiyab from his waist from horse and tried to drag him to Kaikobad Padshah. Afrasiyab realized that he was not dealing with an ordinary warrior but his Turanian army outnumbered Rustam and thus Afrasiyab manged to free himself from the vice like grip of Rustam Pehlvan.

Rustam Lifting Afrasiyab from his waist who was saddled on horse

Rustam with his Kaviyani Zanda and his battle hardened warriors with Kaikokabad Padshah watching the battle scene with Turanians

Afrasiyab thanked his stars for being alive. He knew now he had to manage and keep himself alive and away from Rustam Pehelvan for he had other plan of sending Devs to Rustam and Iran and thus was ready for truce with Iran.

Now to know more about “Azi-Dahak” let us go back in Time Machine and have a peep in pre Rustam Era much before him when this earth was considered as heaven or “Garodeman” and Ahriman had not entered this earth:-

Reference:- Nikhiz Volume 1 Page 457

When this earth belonged to Garodeman of Aeryanem Vaej, Iran was spread on whole of earth. The scenario changed during the reign of evil King Zohak and this earth became Drujodeman. Before Zohak’s period Ahriman would enter on this earth like a thief but did not succeed in his evil intentions for he had no place to dwell on this Earth as whole earth belonged to Iranvaej, but Zohak with his evil intentions was able to turn Earth Chakras and thus allowed rule of Dev to succeed. Thus there was two types of rule on this earth 1) Drujo Deman 2) Aivi thrishwa of Garodeman. Shah Faredoon was only able to temporarily set check on it. This is amply and illustrated by Mythological description in Shah-Namah by Firdausi Tusi as Zohak set as prisoner on Mt. Demavand who is on verge of escape at dawn by sucking the iron shackles in which he was bound but at crack of dawn by crowing of Murg of sarosh Yazad he is bounded again. Thus Shah Faredoon puts his constant check on Zohak and his evil way.

The above Mithra is entwined in “Afrin Haft Ameshahspand” para 8 in our Afringan prayers complied by Rad Dasturan Dastur Adarbad Marespand and is as below:-

Avjayar damey Ahuramazda, va avashinad damey Ahriman …………Hamazor Aurvand koh, Hamazor Raevand Koh, Hamazor Meh-Parseen Koh, Hamazor Daemavand, Ke draavand Bivrasp Andar Aoy Basta Aestad…………..

Translation:- May there be increase manifold in the creations of AhuraMazda, may there be reduction manifold of the creations of Ahriman, may we attune to Mountains of AhuraMazda where Ashoi is practised and so is full of tranquillity over there. May we attune Hamazor to the mountains of Aurvand, Raevand , Meh-Parseen Koh, and Demavand Koh where that evil Ahriman with strength of ten thousand steeds is bonded in Demavand Mountains. Ten denotes perfection, but that was perfection in evil magic.

Above Reference:- Pazend Prayers Series No. 1 Page 30-32 By Late Ervad Phiroze S.Masani

More about Shah Faredoon and Azidahak:-

Reference:- Parsee Avaz 13.09.1959
To understand about Azidahak and its prevalence in this universe is very difficult for us to grasp. This physical earth is made up of 4 elements. The purpose of existence of this Universe is to alchemize and make these 4 elements very subtle first, then it has to be converted first into “Gav-Avo-Mand” and lastly converted to pure Light or “Noor”. “Azi Dahak” tries to prevents this alchemization process of turning 4 elements to Noor. That’s his job because he is agent of Ahriman. His main aim is to further fan these passions lying dormant in our physical body into unholy activity thus preventing alchemizing process in humanity of converting 4 elements to Noor. Thus Azi-Dahak is co worker of Satan due to which ten vices are born. Number Ten denotes perfection, but unfortunately it is perfection of vices. Diagonally opposite force of “Thretaun” which belongs to white forces of “Spenamino” in nature opposing this evil “Azi-Dahak” force. Zohak Padshah was unfortunately the worshipper of these Azi-Dahak force in nature. Shah Faredoon possessed this “Thretaun” force of Spenamino within him.

From our extant Avesta prayers it can be proved that Shah Faredoon used to invoke this “Thretaun” forces of Spenamino with the help of Amal invoking blessing of Avan Yazad and Gosh Yazad. Shah Faredoon, his ancestory and importance of his “Kuniyat” is noted down in our din as blessings of white side of nature, where this Padshah has by amal of Asishvangahu invoked and created a link “Paivand” of Asha in this Kuniyat.

In Ram Yasht there is a mention of Kavirintem Drujitano which is highest form of Azi Dahak force and King Zohak made use of this dark forces by invoking spells of Agha Mantra which was visible in form of evil bird flying in the sky. Shah Faredun with his mighty powers was able to capture this Kavirintem Drujitano but such an act of his took heavy toll on Shah Faredun which cost him loss of his eye sight…………. Ref:- Parsee Avaz 13.9.1958

Note:- The actions of ordinary humans done is known as “Kerdar” which meets us at Chinvat pool after our death. Whereas gigantic actions and deeds of padshahs and Poryotakesh Nar that aids and helps white side of Nature throughout long stretch of time are known as “Kuniyat.” Thus even today from this Kuniyat built by Shah Faredoon which is ever present in “Mino Gaas” built by Paigambar Saheb which helps the white side of nature in their ever tussle against dark forces in nature. This Kuniyat Built by Shah Faredoon is known as “Afsun-e-Shah Faredoon” which we pray in form of Nirang as an Amal of Manthra, because the victory giving Kuniyat of Shah Faredoon Talesam is ever present in “Mino Gaas” built by Paigambar Saheb.

Afsun-e- Shah Faredun:-
Today we have with us prayers of Afsun-e- Shah Faredun which is very effective because it receives its powers from already built Kuniyat of Shah Faredoon ever present in Mino Gaas of Paigambar Saheb. Shah Faredun fathers name is “Athavyan” as can be found in our Avesta prayers. As per Ilme Khshnoom the other name of “Athavyan” ( Avesta) which can be found in Shah Namah of Firdausi Tusi is known as “Aatbin” who was son of Jamshed. So lineage goes like this- Jamshed his son - Atbin or Athavyan( Av.) - his son Faredun. The spiritual status of Athavyan as a Naar was immense, and he managed to create huge kerdar ( Not Kuniyat) of Gaav which had Keherp of Faresta within. The names of kerdar of Athavyan of varied intensity is given below:- 1) RamakGav e Athavyan 2) Jifargav e Athavyan 3) Spetgav e Athavyan 4) Rayagav e Athavyan 5) Borgav e Athavyan 6) Saokgav e Athavyan 7) Purgav e Athavyan 8) Kerdargav e Athavyan 9) Nayok Gav e Athavyan. Such was the immense strength of Gav possesed by Athavyan but who was ultimately killed by the hands of Zohak. Faredun who was the youngest son of Athavyan was reared in Alburz ranges of high mountains who will later with help of “Kaveh Ahangar” defeat and kill Zohak.

More about Aryans, Un- Aryans and Turanians:-

Cont’d From Nikhiz Vol. 1 Page 457 onwards:-

The reigns of Shah Faredoon’s sovereignty was handed over and divided with three of his sons namely Eruch, Salem, and Tur. The Devs when they were unable to get strong hold on this Earth they played dirty as is their true Characteristic trait and tempted two of his sons namely Salem and Tur on their side by teaching them Adha Manthra and powers associated with it thus converted them on their side. Thus 2/3rd of this earth became of Drujo-Deman and 1/3rd which was before of Aar- Mithra of white side ( Aar= Straight) were now belonging to Turya-Mithra. The Devs managed in their game plan to divide and spoiled the Manashni of humans. Grave discord set in amongst human kind. Thus what was before constant tussle between Aryans and Un-Aryans now changed over and now in the un-Aryan group those Aryans who had now been converted on side of Devs became known as “Turya-Aryans” or “Turanians” who now fought against Aryans who were once their own brothers. The Turanians began succeeding because the revolt was from within. Nine Herculean attempts were made in their tussle between the two groups of Aryans and Turanians. In the first instance Eruch one of sons of Shah Faredoon was slaughtered by treachery so Fardoon was grieving loss of his favourite Son Eruch. That was victory for Devs, and Sovereignty of Aryans were weakened, and Devyasni proliferated rapidly after Eruch’s death, which needed to be put in check. This was done by “Minocheher” which turned the battles in favour of Aryans. But in the third attempt Devs again through Turanians managed to have a upper hand. That was the time when Afrasiyab was around. PoryoTakesh Naar of “Sam-e-Savar” Khandan with great difficulties managed to keep Devs under check. Even Afrasiyab himself was inwardly afraid of growing influence of Devs being victorious at that time.

The Lineage of Poryotakesh Nar right from Gayomard the first man on this earth, Peshdadiyan Dynasty and Kayan Dynasty till before Paigambar Saheb descended on this earth for his mission can be seen from the Afrin e Haft Ameshapand prayer (Para 14) from Afringan prayers:-

Anoshe ravan Baad, Ravan e radan, Dasturan, Mobedan, Hervadan,………………. Anoshe Ravan baad, Ruvan e Gayomard, va Hushang, va Temurasp, va Jamshid, Fredun, va Minocher Bami, va hujobeh Tahmaspan, Kai-kobad, Kai-Kaoos, Kai-Shyavux, Kai-Khushru, Kai-Lohrasp, Kai-Vistasp

With help of Kai-Vistasp Padshah Paigambar saheb spread deen by repairing Mazdayasni deen and called it as Mazdayasni Zarathusti deen

Ref:- Pazend Series No 1 By Ervad Phiroze S. Masani Page 34 to 36

Afrasiyab took sweet Revenge on the Devs:-

Now Afrasiyab realized the folly of two sons of Faredoon Tur and Salem who changed sides in favour of Devs and remained in constant Mithra that the Sovereignty of the Devs do not increase any further and wished defeat in their every nefarious deeds. The Turanians who considered Devs as their new Masters created such Havoc with Agha manthra, Black Magic evil spell, concocted Deceit that Afrasiyab found difficult to face them and defeat them. Nor did the Iranians have any full proof plan to negate Devs in their own game plan. Hence Afrasiyab realized the futility in openly siding with the Iranians against the juggernaut of Devs. He decided to have his own “sweet revenge” against Devs by posing as a well-wisher of Devs and Turanians. That was his real purpose for which he was born and nature had made him for that only. Just as Satan can be subjugated by Ghenamino because after all Ghena is a Mino meaning servant serving Dadar Ahura Mazda doing the dirty work of exhuming evil dev and their dirty intentions out of hiding in their Dens. That is tempt the Devs into committing sins by posing as their friend but in reality helping white side of nature of bringing the devs out in the open and their nefarious deeds to consequences. In the same way Afrasiyab with the help of “Tur e Frangas” powers to tempt the evil devs into crossing its limits of evil deeds and thus making it as a spent force and making it impotent and side by side bringing them to consequence of divine justice befalling upon them. All this happens because of law of Limit and Justice operating in nature. Once the evil crosses its limits justice sets in and prevents it going any further.

“Ture e Frangas” powers that Afrasiyab used in aiding and abetting the Sephli Arvahis entities or aliens who spinning web of deceit and their black magic created havoc on earth and thus came out of hiding from their safe hideouts. Thus they were exposed to “Roshan Zamir” of Abeds who thus decimated Devs asunder to pieces. Thus this earth works on Principal of “Skerenyao” liked a screw thread which appears to go inside but in reality the screw is coming out. Thus spreading order out of Chaos, because after all dark forces of evil however strong it may be but is always a shade smaller than white forces. Thus Afarsiyab sacrifice his own progress and himself becomes an active member of the devs and being party to their crimes committed seeming to appear as true friend of the Dev, but in reality he was helping Spena by giving him chance of being a task master for the devs, thus converting Satan and his evil to “Gaavyodad”. All this happens in full acknowledgement through Zarathustra and “Thworestar” Yazad as medium or through their “Marefat”. But Afrasiyab made two grave mistakes due to the fact that he was associated and hand in glove with the Devs, even in reality he was opposing them. That mistake was he killed by treachery Nar Asho Agreras, and Shyavax Nar Asho. Ref:- Parsee Avaz 30.08.1959

Kaikhushru Padshah of Kyan Khoreh executing Afrasiyab on his killing Nar Asho Shiyavux - Shah Namah

Reference(below):- Nikhiz Volume 1 Page 101

Note for Payu Thworestar Yazad:-
“On every day different Yazad functions on this earth working in different way and that is purpose of us saying Roj Nek nam Roj pak naam in all our prayers and they work for alchemizing the Dravao through Payu and Thworestar. A human who is tempted by Angramino sins and thus he receives judgement and is condemned for his Sins This way his druj gets converted to Gav and he moves towards Spenti. Thus Ruvan’s Spenti is developed by Yazat known as Thworeshstar, and Payu checks and prevents the Ruvan in degrading himself from Spenti earned. Thus all Yazats working every day in different way have common objective serving as “PayuThworeshtar” Yazad, and this is known as Humata- Hukhata- Havarshta of Yazata, having Keherp filled with Rai.”

Thus Afrasiyab sacrifices his own progress and becomes party to crimes of Dev, and thus gives opportunity to Spena to convert Druj to spenti by converting Satan to Gavyodad. Afrasiyab becomes so involved with the Devs by his support that he became himself became a Magician so proficient in black Art himself. Although he covered himself up never allowing his true intentions to be known to Dev. But day and Night Afrasiyab inner thoughts or Batein Mithra were inclined towards Roshni, and contemplating how to destroy Devs and their barbaric ways. Hence even offsprings of Afrasiyab were of very high Buniyad or seed having Yazadic characteristic traits of Son Grandeur than his father in all his skills or “Baap karta Beto savayo”. Afrasiyab being related to Iran Monarch Kekhushroo Padshah having Kayan Khoreh. Hence Afrasiyab by Dharma belonged to Asere Roshni but by Karma belonged to Asere Tariki or darkness. By making Devs so self-confident in their evil plan that they came out in open and got caught offgaurd thus Devs getting exposed before Poryotakesh Rathestar Naar of Iran, so were decimated and hunted down one by one.

The secret of imminent success in favour of Poryotakesh Nar was the surprise element and the right moment in nature for the attack against Devs which gave them a upper edge towards their destruction. Thus reasonable balance was maintained and even if they were unable to subjugate the Devs completely surely they were not allowed to proliferate any further.

Thus after victory of Minocheher against Devs, Iran made a hasty retreat twice and they seemed to be losing the grip in their battle against Devs. But fourth time victory was in favour of iran thanks to battle hardened warrior leader by the name of “Auzoebey”. Iran became once again victorious against Devs, and Afrasiyab had to back off.

The fifth time again the devs were victorious or so it seemed and Afrasiyab had a upper hand against Iran. Only to be subjugated sixth time against Kersasp Phelevan but not before death of their valient Rathestar “Nozer”.The Devs and their Turanians supporters were at the top of world feeling with their Sorcery and black Magic spreading everywhere. But Iran not lagging behind refused to accepting defeat. At that time the Poryotakesh Nar regrouped and this time Abeds came to the rescue of Iran and thus Rathestars Nar received a divine boost in their strength against every cunning tricks adopted by Devs. Abeds like “Seemurg” and “Hom” as is described in Shah namah epic came to the rescue of Poryotakesh Naar. At that time “Kaiykobad” Padshah of Kyan Khoreh ascended the throne of Iran , But again the Devs seemed to have an upper hand against Iran. This scale of balance seemed to tilt in favour of Iran when “Kaikaoos” of Kyan Khoreh became the Monarch. During the third Monarch “Kaikhushroo”having kyan Khoreh again the balnce titled in favour of Devs and thus was the time of Paigambar Saheb to descend. It was Kaikhushroo Padshah saheb who was allotted the benevolent powers necessary as tools “ Auzar” for Farshokereti.

Reference(below):- Pg 458 Nikhiz Vol 1

Note for Auzar:-
“When ever Devyasni increases to intolerable limits on earth, Kaikhushru Padshah Saheb is authorized by Paigambar Saheb to keep Devyasni under check with his special powers known as “Auzar“ = tools. These Auzar can be in any manner be it Monetary wealth in gold hiden in Talesmanic place to fight Devs or required Khastar that is hidden in Talesam is made available by Kaikhushroo Padshah saheb to fight Devyasni to be used in right time in nature. Special manpower divinely connected are needed for the protection of Talesam and Kaikhushroo Padshah Saheb is in charge during such difficult times. In all this battles with Iran and Turanians Afrasiyab was very much involved in his special task of bringing the devs into open only to be systematically killed by Rathestar Nar. Note:- In very near future during times of Shah Behram Varjawand Kaikhushroo Padshah will play his part, that is why his name is said in Tandarosti prayers.”
Reference:- Nikhiz Volume 1 Page 561 onwards

Paigambar Saheb who is also known as “Ahura na Zarathustra” descended on this Earth to spread message or “Paigam” of AhuraMazda and thereby making him happy. The “Tevishi”= wish of Ahura pertains to “Khsnothra AhuraheMazda”. And to set that Tevishi in motion “Kaam Anjam”, Paigambar Saheb had to descend on this earth so that he can keep a check on augmenting powers of Ahriman and the Devs along with humans known as Turanians aiding and abetting them. “Khoda Paak Iran” with Rathestar Poryotakesh Nar were performing this duty upto now but they too seemed to be not very effective in curtailing Devs and their ever growing mayhem they created on this earth. The confusion of the Devs had to be cleared and certain Balance or “Putman” had to be achieved and too much of excess and too much of deficieny had to be brought to balance. For that purpose no less than a soul or calibre of Zarathustra having Yazatic powers who can be also called as Neem Yazad had to show up, after the heart rendering appeal by Geush Urva or Earth’s soul to do something about it.

Zarathustra was co-worker or “Nayab” of “Bahman Ameshaspand” in Nisti which is not immortal like Hasti but is destined for destruction after its purpose is served for which Nisti was established. Thus Bahmand Ameshaspand is the Tevishi of Ahura in Hasti that attunes itself to “Khsnothra AhuraheMazda” vibration Mithra of Ahura. The main function of Bahman Ameshaspand is to live and let live which is Gospandi Mithra, so that Ahura is Happy “Khsnothra AhuraheMazda” and this happiness can spread everywhere in Nisti. Hence Zarathustra is called as Nayab of Bahman Ameshaspand. The spiritual progress of complete humanity can be achieved only through selfless service which is impersonated by “Gavyodad” the Godha of Kaikaoos Padshah having Kayan Khoreh. Ahriman is nothing else but an obstruction in developing Gav in a human being. Every human being does poses within himself Gaav powers which are untapped by us and lying latent within. But Ahriman with his weapon of “Kherdastard” places one veil after another towards Gaav powers dormant in human beings. When “Kherdastard” powers of Ahriman works than a human being commits Sin which he repents later. That is real meaning of Gavyodad Godha of Kai Kaoos Padshah having Kayan Khoreh.

A true nature of Selfless and Selfish person:-
Difference between Selfless Gaav or Gavyodad and Selfish “nature of Dev that can only lead to “Azangha”= Misery, is that we out of ignorance begin to attract Ushtan of other Ruvan instead of our own Ushtan hoping that we will gain fast by the addition of that other person’s Ushtan our path and approach towards Noor and progress fast to Frashokereti. This ignorance forces us to snatch things away from others for our own progress using short cut method.

Note:- This selfish nature of varying degree can be found in all humans in our daily chores we do every day. We all do see how we move in jam packed Traffic where even an inch of space is used and snatched from others for the benefit of the person in hope of reaching his destination faster. Our destination is Frashogard and not reaching our office for earning more income. Same case can be found in trains arriving at station and how we make a beeline for snatching a window seat.

The “Mashya” of evil mentality are under this dark spell of ignorance.The Evil powers of “Ture-Frangas” although side with Ahriman but in reality in the end Satan powers will get exhausted and dissolve. That is what is meant by “Skerenyao” effect meaning out of Chaos order will set in like a principle that governs moving of screw as explained above. Just like “Yim” and “Ghenamino” work in pair similarly Ture-Frangas( evil magician of demonolatry skills) and Satan which has been fed by Ture Frangas are two ends of same pole.

Reference:- Khordeh Avesta Ba Khshnoom By Dr Saheb Fararoze Chiniwala see Footnote on Page 107, & also pg. 386

Note for Mashya:-1) (Avesta) humans with ordinary knowledge on path of Frashogard 2) Insan/human however of goodness he may claim to have but yet if bereft of Asha force within him can also be called as Mashya 3) Humans who succumb to passions at the nick of time who are selfish and of materialistic kind can also be included in Mashya category.Hence there is a vast difference between Nar Ashwan and an ordinary Mashya like us.

Reference:- Nikhiz Volume 1 Page 434

Note for Yim:-

“There are three kind of Yim:- 1) The first Yim is that Yazatic powers which we try to attune the Fravashi of “Yim Shaeta” of Ahura the impersonal God which is like a sea of calm blackness which we cannot even imagine. That Yim does its own work of spreading Roshni in this Universe by working along with Ghenamino in pair and thus by reaching the ignorant soul to their inevitable consequence or “Anjam” using Law of Akem Akai.

2) The second Yim is that of Jamshed padshah himself as a Nar whose Ruvan pertains and belongs to this powers of “Yim Kshaeta” ever existent in Universe. This second Yim has been entrusted the constructive work to be done for the next Zarvaneh Daregho Khadat cycle of 81,000 years building a safe haven for those pairs of humans and animals bearing seeds of holiness that has to be rescued from last deluge and which has to be preserved for the next coming Zarvaneh Dareghkhadateh (Z.D.K). Thus this safe haven built by Jamshed is known as “Yimkard Var” or “Mainyavim Gaetha”which is also dwelling place of deceased ruvans which undergoes further training by holy masters in their quest for Frashokereti.

3) The third Yim belongs to Soshyosh Nar who descends at the time of floods or world Deluge that occurs at the end of every 81,000 years cycle of Zarvaneh Daregho khadateh and as is mentioned in other religious books as in Bible before deluge brings the best pair of humans and animals in pair “Noah’s Arch” to safety of high end mountain also known as “Yimkard Var” the Var belonging to Jamshed Padshah or “Varjamkard”.”

Now we continue after Skerenyao effect as explained above before small Note. The Khoreh of Paigambar saheb and Iranian Khoreh and their Ushtan prevents Satan in its path. Thus Ture Frangas co worker of Satan tries to plunder the good Ushtan of Iran and Zarathustra, this is very discreetly written as “Ramz” or coded in Zamyad Yasht.

Tur -e- Frangaz went all the way to Zareh Vourukash another divine protective sea surrounding this Earth and made three attempts to capture the Khoreh of Zarathustra but was unsuccessful, finally he decided to hide in vegetation. Avan Ardivisur Banu Yazad prevents and obstructs all the game plans of Ture Frangas.

All this Ramz are in Avesta prayers of Avan yasht. Avan yazad can grant boon to those who are true to himself and those who does Amal of Avan Yazad for 40 days. The Ramz of Avan Yasht says it all that it can grant wishes but the wish gets fulfilled only if the wish is reasonable lawful and not evil wishes asking for something that can be granted at all. Afrasiyab instead of asking for a boon from Hormuzd Yazad asks for boon from Avan Yazad hence many would consider Afrasiyab as idol worshipper but such is not the case. Afrasiyab demanded Khoreh of Paigambar saheb for his own personal use which Avan yazad could never agree to it for that would lengthen the Frashogard process longer. Hence Afrasiyab’s demands were unlawful and of selfish nature hence he was not granted the boon by Avan Ardavisur Banu.

Afrasiayab asking for boon from Avan Ardavisur Yazad only in vain:-

Reference:- Nikhiz Vol 1 Page 563

Hushang, Jamshed, Kersasp, Kaus Padshah they all performed big Amal of Avan Ardivisur Banoo Yazad and asked for boon from her wishing for 100 horses, 1000 horses, 10,000 small Gospand. That is allegorical machinery of divine Keherp having that much horse power of needed Gav which Avan Yazad obliged them with it for their face off and fight against Devs machinery. Even Hormuzd has been depicted as asking for the boon from Yazad of Abundance and fertility Avan Ardavisur Banu. Dadar AhuraMazda asked for the success of Zarathustra as governed by HIS will pertaining to Hom. Further describing Hom as like Hom Sali used as Barsam, Hormuzd wished success for Hom to be able to entwine around Gav like a Barsam and Hom sali. As per Daena also known as Conscience of Dadar Ahura Mazda where in lies Mithra of Spenti and Hom, that whole machinery Zarathustra be able to shoulder it with success, that was the Murad of Ahura Mazda and that boon was asked by Ahura Mazda from Avan Yazad which was granted.

Although Avan Yazad being Yazat of abundance and fertility will grant the boon only if the demands are lawful. Afrasiyab did Amal of Avan Ardavisur Banu for 40 days but his wish was not granted simply because of his unjust and unreasonable demands which were being driven by Tur e Frangas powers which works opposing Spenti forces and aspiring to rule the Nisti world with one Murad of destruction of it, which Avan Yazad does not grant his unreasonable demands. Afrasiyab’s wish was to control and plunder Khoreh of Paigambar saheb and khoreh of Iran and its Rathestar and thus make Ture Frangas victorious which was an impossible dream, dreamt by Afrasiyab.

Spenamino and Gehnamino continuous battle:-

There is an ongoing continuous battle in “Macro-Cosmic world” between Spenamino and Gehnamino which will last till Frashogard is reached when all evil will be transmuted to Gaav. “As above so Below”. Similarly we too in our tiny Microcosmic world in our body are at war within. Sometimes we listen to good intuition and some times we brush it off and lean towards evil thoughts and thus commit sin. But to listen to our voice of conscience we have to make ourselves available to have a ear to listen to our prick of conscience. And that is where our Deen gives us hope and Tarikats step in. The purpose of observing Tarikats of Ashoi is to sharpen our ability to hear prick of conscience and act accordingly. That is why Sudreh Kusti has been given to us as Bakhtar or shield. The Kusti is worn on our waist near navel which is 12th Chakra of Adar Froba Atash which is exhalted. But above that is 11th Chakra of intestines which is seat of our likes and dislikes, which is seat of all illness. Immediately below our 12th Chakra of Navel is the 13th Chakra of our genitals which is seat of Satan temptations. So a balance has to be achieved and constant battle going on in our body we have to fight our own battle even with failure we have to get up and walk towards our march to Farshokereti where our salvation lies.

“Nar Asho Frajand Jayad, Key Aeran darad, naam Barad, Dushman Janad, va dud afrojad, va Darud. Atha Jamyat yath afrinami”

May Nar Asho offsprings be born that can protect Iran for ever, and vanquish the enemies of Iran and may its lineage increase many times that will herald peace. May my wishes fructify into reality. Amin

Ref:- Pazand Series No 1 by Ervad Phiroze S. Masani Page 24-25 from “Afrin ba name Bujorgan” in our Afringan Prayers.